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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, July to September 2016


Komono introduces optical line, exclusively available at selected opticians.

INSPECS to show new Superdry at SILMO 2016.

You’ve been framed! You have now…. Silhouette returns to its roots with a 2 Full Frame Collections

Fashion statement with Mai–Zee spectacles.

Optoplast Actman Eyewear unveils new designs for Reykjavik Eyes Black Label and Oasis.

NEG welcomes Rendia Rebrand.

New Acetate Release Biz9 Joins The Biz Collection.

Heritage Revival: The Ogi 7161

Logical Luxury from Stepper with the EX-40014.

Vibe reminds all, that Spectacles are not seasonal! In winter as well as in summer they are worn all over the world.

The MYKITA + MAISON MARGIELA collaboration welcomes a new style to the RAW collection.

Four NEW Dana Buchman frames!!!

OPTINET claims to lead the way in e-Transmission of Claims in Scotland.


COCO SONG SUN COLLECTION: The Charm of the Mysterious East.

Mad in Italy, New Capsule Collection Inspired by Futurism.

Komono introduces optical line, exclusively available at selected opticians.

September 2016



Starting Fall 2016, Komono - the Belgian watches and sunglasses brand globally known for its unique combination of fashion details and quality production - introduces a collection of optical frames, exclusively available at selected opticians worldwide.



Komono feels very confident to translate its experience into Komono Opticals. Raf Maes, co-founder of Komono: “We choose to bring Komono Opticals exclusively to opticians. Nobody should compromise on quality and know-how when it comes to eye care. Opticians bring their expertise, Komono brings contemporary styles and superb quality at a competitive price point.”


KomonoKomono Opticals consist of 60 specifically developed products spread over 13 new styles like The Jordan, The Sherman and The Harris.

All styles are made of premium Italian acetate, stainless steel or mixed styles. The collection follows the brands proven vision, and challenges opticians to introduce Komono’s contemporary ‘design thinking’.


The first series of the new Komono Opticals line debuted at the Silmo optical trade show in Paris. The line will be exclusively available in October 2016 and will be followed by a campaign highlighting the importance of the partnership with opticians.


Raf Maes: ”This expansion into Optical frames is a natural evolution for the brand and deepens Komono’s mantra: ‘a perfect balance of timing and vision’.”

INSPECS to show new Superdry at SILMO 2016.

September 2016


The Superdry models are the latest design range to be highlighted on the PHN SILMO Preview pages. We will be there at SILMO this weekend to visit our supporters and to learn from the experiences presented at the show. We will report next week.


You’ve been framed! You have now…. Silhouette returns to its roots with a 2 Full Frame Collections

September 2016

Urban LiteEnjoy Perfect Framework with Silhouette’s Urban LITE Collection

Feel the luxury of light and space this season, with the clever and cosmopolitan Urban LITE collection from premium eyewear brand Silhouette.

Inspired by metropolitan living and urban lifestyles, the Urban LITE collection is the thinnest full-rim plastic eyewear on the market, setting new benchmarks and providing the greatest possible comfort for the wearer. Weighing less than 4.1g, this is a new generation of LiteStyle full-rim eyewear, offering minimalist design with maximum wearing comfort.

Urban LiteThe Urban LITE collection offers freedom and carefree chic style for the wearer, combined with intelligent design and incredible technology. Wearers can enjoy extreme minimalism and resiliency with the high-tech SPX+ plastic, while the screwless snap hinge design offers an ornamental feel to the frame’s aesthetic.

Designer Gerhard Fuchs commented, “The Urban LITE is a blend of technically unique solutions and harmonious Urbanlitedesign – full-rim eyewear that has been reduced to the max, thanks to the characteristics of SPX+”.



Available in men’s, women’s and unisex models in 20 stylish colours, from vibrant Havana to timeless Turquoise – the Urban LITE collection offers a new generation of ultralight and ultra-stylish eyewear for the modern cosmopolite.

Or Make A Clear Statement with Silhouette’s Urban Fusion Collection

Urban Fusion


Step into the future in gorgeous retro style, with the launch of Silhouette’s Urban Fusion collection.


Inspired by 1940s and 1950s design, the Urban Fusion collection uses a strong combination of innovative materials and clean lines to create a sleek, modern interpretation of a vintage design classic. Titanium and SPX+ are used to create matte and metallic effects that capture the eye and the imagination, perfectly partnered with a wealth of chic colourways for both genders. Particular highlights include the soft pastel Mint for women and the slick Black with Gold for men.


Urban FusionUrban Fusion offers two lens shapes each for women and men, shaped perfectly to fit and flatter the individual wearer.


Urban Fusion

The particular design finesse of the collection has been recognised with one of the most significant international design awards: The IF Design Award 2016.

Out of more than 5,000 entries from more than 50 countries, Silhouette Urban Fusion came out a winner, a great achievement for the collection.

The NEW Riboflavin based eye stain from Mainline Instruments.

September 2016

Mainline Droptest

Introducing Droptest. Using Riboflavin as its active ingredient, rather than the Fluorescein used in many other brands, Droptest can dramatically reduce false positives and uncertain results – and won’t leave your patients hot under the collar with irritation.


Droptest. The new accurate, less irritating diagnostic eye stain from Mainline Instruments.


Mainline are sponsors of your free Opchat News, take a look at their page and link from there to their site.

Fashion statement with Mai–Zee spectacles

September 2016

With the London fashion week just round the corner, it’s nice to be aware of the latest fashion trends. Keeping on top of fashion can be difficult, especially when styles change so regularly.

Here at Norville Eyewear we have the right designs for you.

Mai Zee


Our Mai-Zee Ophthalmic frames are perfect everyday frame at an affordable price. Designs are feminine chic with varied choice of models in desirable shapes, including the move to deeper eye shape, easier for screen users. There really is something to suit all tastes with a collection encompassing both classic and contemporary elements.

Like model MZ047 C1 right, Norville presents 11 fashionable new models to its collection.

The new releases are great additions; with a mix of metal and acetate, plus a selected few models include eye-catching embellishments. The colour palette from traditional black incorporates vibrant colours and contrasting two-tones.

Staying trendy has never been so easy and affordable.

Optoplast Actman Eyewear unveils new designs for Reykjavik Eyes Black Label and Oasis.

September 2016

New season frames have just been released by the Optoplast Actman Eyewear Company, exclusively for award-winning titanium eyewear collection, Reykjavik Eyes Black Label and high street fashion brand Oasis.

The 26-piece men’s and women’s optical collection by Reykjavik Eyes Black Label is renowned in Europe for its innovative folding hinge. Without the need for screws, the sleek, small and strong hinge on each design allows for a seamless finish that maintains the core product proposition of ultimate comfort and performance. Each frame is skilfully designed in Iceland and expertly crafted in Italy from the highest quality beta titanium.

Combining bold accent colours, custom end tips, which offer improved comfort and exceptionally lightweight design, all frames are hypoallergenic and available in three colourways. Inspired and named after the Gods of Norse mythology, they represent strength, inspiration and wisdom.


The newest three to the collection, include the unisex Bragi (pictured right). Named after the skaldic god of poetry, like its namesake, Bragi is modest and stylish yet demands an audience.

The round eyes beautifully complement the titanium arms, while accents of colour add vibrancy to the look.


With its striking rectangular shaped lenses and contrasting colourways of matt navy blue with brushed gold, the men’s Hoder (pictured left) is popular with those who prefer understated elegance.

Like the bold goddess of dawn herself, Delling is a vibrant and audacious frame. Pictured here (right), the vivacious plum and refreshing mint make this cat’s eye shaped frame stand out in the crowd.

Two new sassy, fun and contemporary frames join Oasis Eyewear’s now 30-piece optical collection. The fashion forward frames are created with feminine acetates and beautiful metal finishes available in a vibrant range of colours.

Each available in three colourways, the new designs are named after flowers and aimed at fashion-conscious women.


Pictured left is Myrtle, a classic feminine shape with subtle vintage detailing. The tortoiseshell front and tips are mottled with colour to deliver a quirky vibe whilst the metallic gold temples are glamourous and elegant.



Pictured right in vibrant violet is the Nigella. This frame’s modern, rectangular front coupled with the intricate hound tooth pattern on the temple, make for a contemporary, fun twist on a classic ladies’ style.

NEG welcomes Rendia Rebrand.

August 2016

The National Eyecare Group (NEG) has welcomed the rebrand of its patient education software partner, Eyemaginations, to become Rendia.

Rendia rebrandAn industry leader in its field, US-based Rendia designs educational software that blends clinical artwork with interactive technology to help eyecare practitioners (ECPs) and patients understand each other better, and empower patients to make informed health decisions and experience better outcomes.

With its new name, look and website, Rendia has renewed its commitment to helping ECPs deliver the best in patient care with the support of its global partners.

Commenting on the company’s decision to change its name after 17 years, Rendia CEO Smitha Gopal said: “Our new brand is more than just a name change—it is a reflection of our company’s goals, message and culture. Although it is bittersweet to say goodbye to the name Eyemaginations, we simply outgrew it.

“Our new name, Rendia, is derived from the word ‘render’, which means to interpret artistically, to provide or to make. Rendia is inspired by real conversations doctors [ECPs] have with patients every day and better represents both our product and our people,” Gopal added.

The cloud-based suite for the reception area and consulting room (previously known as ECHO by Eyemaginations) includes interactive 3D animations, educational and motivational videos, silent videos (vignettes), digital sketch pads and presentations to ‘take home’. Topics include testing and treatment options, general health messaging, trivia, fun facts and more, which can be used freely on the practice website and social media channels.

“As the exclusive agent for Rendia in the UK, we believe the software offers independent practices a great opportunity to stand out from the competition,” said Phil Mullins, NEG Director of Business Development. “By offering information and education in this unique way, ECPs can engage patients in their ocular health, giving them a fuller understanding of their services and the importance of ocular wellbeing as part of a whole body health regime.”

New Acetate Release Biz9 Joins The Biz Collection.

August 2016

Biz 9 By OKO

Chromatic comminations never stop fascinating the OKO house which plays on visual material effects thanks to the acetate which opens up many opportunities. So consider and investigate these new possibilities.

With this newcomer to the BIZ range,the BIZ9, comes a small innovative achievement, the designer succeeded on putting first and in front the intermediate plate to create an original visual effect – with no cutting or incision, free of epoxy – all in subtlety, with a clean line giving a regular visual effect which gives the impression of a multi-layer treatment.

The specific multi-layer plates enhances the front and intermediate colors subtlely mixed together – giving an exclusive and aesthetically surprising result without being too extravagant.

It points out and underlines the frame with charm and fantasy and makes it a very original frame.


"It's like being backstage but still watching the show from the front!" commentrd David Beddok, Designer OKO PARIS LUNETTERIE.


BIZ 9 model– colour combinations White on Black ; Cristal Red on Anis Green ; Cristal Purple on Blue.

Heritage Revival: The Ogi 7161

August 2016

Ogi Heritage 1945Ogi Eyewear, designer of handmade luxury optical frames, announces the release of its latest men’s style: the 7161.

With a balanced blend of contemporary design and vintage-inspired detailing, the 7161 regenerates the legendary Heritage Collection.


Ogi Heritage col 1944

At the forefront of modern optical design, Ogi constantly releases trendsetting styles that set the most demanding standards in the industry, pushing the parameters of affordable luxury with frames that are unrivaled in quality and value.


Ogi Heritage 19437161, The Main features.

The 7161 Heritage Collection optical frame by Ogi Eyewear is handcrafted from three layers of premium acetate, polished to perfection.

Ogi Heritage col 1942Timeless tortoiseshell temples, fastened to the frame by robust triple-barrel hinges, team up with silver dual-pin detailing to register a certain vintage-inspired quality.

Designed in a soft rectangular shape, the 7161 is available in a range of neutral color options.

Ogi Eyewear counter cards and logo blocks are available upon request.

Logical Luxury from Stepper with the EX-40014.

August 2016

Stepper EX 40014Men’s frame choice can often seem like simply ‘ticking boxes’. However, offering a frame with clear and valuable benefits to the target audience can make the frame selection process more engaging.

Ultimately this process will be more rewarding for the wearer, concluding with a frame purchase that clearly meets their needs.

Combining a modern take on classic styling with the lightweight characteristics of Titanium, the EX-40014 has many features the mature male wearer is looking for.

‘Offering a large eye shape for maximised lens choice and working in harmony with larger facial features, this robust frame scores in so many areas,’ comments Peter Reeve, Managing Director Stepper (UK) Ltd.

‘With hypoallergenic benefits of the Titanium metal that make up this handsome frame, investing in a quality eyewear makes perfect sense to this market segment,’ adds Peter.

The EX-40014 has been added to Stepper’s ‘Exclusive’ collection, which has proven popular with the more discerning wearer who is looking for true intrinsic value in a frame at a higher price point.

Subtle colouration in satin gold, silver or gunmetal on the Titanium parts which, showing great attention to detail, include the nose pads. The use of this high tech metal contributes to a comfortable weight of just 18g, remarkable for such a solid frame.

Stepper’s EX-40014 makes a credible option at the quality price end of the male eyewear market.

Vibe reminds all, that Spectacles are not seasonal! In winter as well as in summer they are worn all over the world.

July 2016

E Blocl B Side from VibeMovie and music stars especially love to wear them: they give an intellectual look, a sophisticated allure and a unique charm.

Here is the Eblock B-SIDE VIBE collection: crystal version spectacles available also in colored transparent acetate, a synonymous of lightness.

The new VIBE models are made with nylon, the starting point of these frames is a sheet from which manufactures cut out lenses for sunglasses.

The frames were developed over time thanks to a well-researched technical project and months of testing.

Vibe e BlockEBlock development team created super light weighted frames that are characterized by new shapes - both sleek and engaging - with a strong and decisive design.

Nonetheless, they are as always recognisable by the presence of the unmistakable block on the side of the temples, the revolutionary locking system Easy Block that makes the process of locking the lenses easy and safe for the optician.

All of the new Vibe models are available, as ever an EBlock tradition, at a very competitive and realistic price.

The MYKITA + MAISON MARGIELA collaboration welcomes a new style to the RAW collection.

July 2016



The characteristic keyhole nose bridge of the RAW collection is taken to the extreme in MMRAW004.

This model has a wide and virtually straight top line and adds further no-nonsense edge to the frame.

Left unpolished, the roughly cut shape shows the traces of the industrial production process, while sophisticated bevelled edges add refinement, making it highly wearable.

Four NEW Dana Buchman frames!!!

July 2016

Buchman's BeezusDana Buchman has launched four new frame designs to the collection.

The designs well suited for the elegant sophisticated women looking to make a statement of individual style.
Very few mature ladies’ brands have such contemporary and updated styling, allowing for a deep B measurement without overwhelming features.

The colours of the new models range from the classic shade black to gunmetal, raspberry, mocha and cherry all with their own unique decorative detailing along the temples.

Each frame comes with its very own cream-coloured, crocodile pattern case.

Image shown is: Model: Beezus
Colour: Raspberry Two sizes :Eyesize: A 51mm B 35mm Bridge: 16 Temple: 130, A 53mm B 37mm Bridge: 16 Temple: 135

The full range is available through Norville Group.

OPTINET claims to lead the way in e-Transmission of Claims in Scotland.

July 2016

Optinet are the first PMS provider to submit GOS1 claims via NHS Scotland’s e-Ophthalmic Payments System.

Optinet, the IT services division of the National Eyecare Group (NEG), has become the first practice management system (PMS) provider in the UK to enable optical practices to successfully submit GOS1 (General Ophthalmic Services) claims via the NHS Scotland e-Ophthalmic Payments System.

Optinet PMS Chris SmithIn developing its FLEX system upgrade, Optinet opted for a fully PMS Integrated Solution so it could offer practices full integration to the e-Ophthalmic Web Service.

The system is now live and being used to submit GOS1 forms and receive real-time validation of GOS submissions.

“The PMS Integrated Solution provides the best user experience for practice staff, as there is no need to switch between the PMS and Ophthalmic Web Form to add additional GOS claim information,” said Chris Smith, Optinet National Sales Manager

The introduction of the e-Ophthalmic Payments System by the Practitioner Services Division of National Services Scotland is set to align optometry with other primary care contractor groups: general medical practitioners, dentists and pharmacists.

“The benefits of e-Ophthalmic Payments to the practitioner are manifold,” continued Smith, “such as better financial control, better data quality, less paper and more automation of reporting. Moreover, the system all but eliminates the need for ‘Return to Contractor’ letters and enables the use of the Community Health Index for positive patient identification. We are extremely proud to be the first PMS provider in the UK to offer our customers this important new upgrade.”


July 2016

Mykita Jiro and LevanteThe MYKITA MYLON collection welcomes two new styles: JIRO & LEVANTE.

Perfectly round complete with protective side-shields, JIRO was inspired by classic welding goggles – enhanced sun protection in a refined steampunk aesthetic.

MYKITA MYLON sunglasses all come with super flat lenses by Zeiss that create a strong, graphic look.

Expansive model LEVANTE makes the most out of these flat lenses with an angle-edged frame front that creates the illusion of paper-thin glasses.

Both frames come with the new MYKITA hinge system featuring a carbon fibre spring – likely the smallest functional carbon fibre part in existence.

COCO SONG SUN COLLECTION: The Charm of the Mysterious East.

The Coco Song eyewear line is enriched with three new sunglasses.

Three frames with a unique style that recount the charm of the Far East by means of precious and very exclusive details.

The large fronts are emphasised by delicate feathers with contrasting colours that pose lightly on the temples seamlessly.

Precious silks, semi precious stones and engraved metal elements represent symbols of ancient dynasties and add a touch of mystique to these frames.

Sherry BlueA dragon sinuously poses on the temples of the LOST STAR model. A symbol of power par excellence, adding a touch of opulence to the eyewear thanks to enamel and semi precious stones. The frame is available in three versions: white/black with black gradient lenses, black/turquoise with yellow mirrored lenses and purple/lilac with smoked lenses.

Wild ThingVery elegant colour contrasts for the SHERRY BLUE (shown left) frame too: a detail on the hinge of an imperial robe is preserved as a royal heirloom. There are also three colour variants of this model - white/black with black gradient lenses, red/blue/yellow with grey gradient lenses, black/orange with smoked lenses.

Finally, the WILD THING model, an enamelled metal seal and semi precious stones inspired by the Orient symbolising longevity, prosperity and health: a precious amulet for the wearer. The original colour palette offered by the frame in black/yellow with black gradient lenses and brown/ivory white with smoked lenses.

Mad in Italy, New Capsule Collection Inspired by Futurism.

July 2016

The glasses of the third millennium are coming. Dynamic design with magical forms and contrasting colours.

Mad in Italy

Create the illusion of movement and dynamism through extravagant combinations of forms and contrasting colors: this is the challenge that led to the birth of the new Mad in Italy Capsule Collection.

The 100% Italian eyeglass brand has drawn inspiration in 2016 from the concepts of Futurism, the artistic movement that exalts dynamism as an expression of vitality and lays the basis for visionary experimentation projected towards modernity.

Mad in Italy has adopted this creative philosophy, adapting it to its own purposes: producing the glasses of the third millennium.


Verza (Mad In Ital)

Dark blue, light blue, green, orange, purple and gray are the colors that alternate with black in the nylon front face, giving the bicolor frames a dynamic appearance.

This effect is also heightened by the texture of the surfaces: the black portions are opaque, while the colored segments are glossy and mirrored.

This revisitation of color as an integral part of form gives life to a visual interplay that is different for each of the six models in the collection, with varied forms of the front faces such as the design created by alternating colors.

The models of the new Capsule Collection draw on aspects of the "best sellers" of the Mad in Italy Up collection, taking their original names from the plant world: Orzo, Porro, Rucola, Sedano, Verza and Zucca.

Thanks to the colors, the use of lines and the contrast between opaque and mirrored surfaces, the glasses make your face more dynamic, preserving simplicity while avoiding a heavy look.

Porro Mad in ItalyCompleting the lively optical effect is the no-slip tip on the temples, made in rubber with colors matching the frame.

With this new line, Mad in Italy confirms its interest in innovation, the result of constant technical experimentation and the search for cutting edge materials.

The extreme lightness obtained ensures the fundamental practicality of a daily accessory.

The characteristic that distinguishes Mad in Italy is the desire to reconcile comfort with sophisticated design, that for everyone, like the brand's payoff states, must express the madness of being oneself.


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