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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, January to March 2017


Award winning Eyespace to launch pioneering Fluidflex Hinge Technology at Optrafair.
Keep track of your customer satisfaction with Ocuco's new patient SMS Survey Model.
As the clocks are about to change, STEPPER Springs Forward with Lightness and Colour.
KLiiK denmark Spring 2017 Collection.
zOOm on the rOund frame at OkO by OkO’s. and you have the CAC25.
Orasis, announce advancements and enhancements ready for Optrafair 2017.
EVATIK announce Spring 2017 Collection.
Shapes with Generous Proportions & Fine Craftsmanship from Rye&Lye.
OCUCO Rolls out Zeiss Electronic Ordering Link.
The New X-Ide Collection - Sophisticated Construction, Striking Shapes.
New To The UK – The Bolon Brand set to re-energise Independents.
New EBLOCK Collections: Acetate and Metal for a perfect fusion of style.
BUDRI EYEWEAR launch a limited edition in exceptional marble.
Red Rose by OGI Introduces New High-Density (HD) Acetate Spectacles.
FYSH UK January 2017 releases.
Miraflex Children’s Frames from Dibble Optical has expanded
MYKITA presents the MYKITA MYLON collection 2017.
NEW 2017 Sports Catalogue from Norville in 2017
The Changing Face of Mature Fashion as designed by Stepper.
New LA MATTA Collection: A Surprising mix of True Grit and Seduction.
OKIA Celebrates the New Year launching of “LACE BRUSH”,
WESTGROUPE introduces new KLiiK Denmark merchandising program.
Introducing our 2017 INVU collection at Norville.
Simply Sartorial Stepper!
BARBERINI EYEWEAR: 2017 New Collection Preview from Venice.
SC405, The first Ski Goggles designed by WOODONE
Mykita presents: "ALL THE WILD THINGS"
CONTEMPORARY CLASSICISM from RYE&LYE The Spring/Summer 2017 preview.
Orasis Practice Management Software, Cloud or on-premise provides great user experience.

Award winning Eyespace to launch pioneering Fluidflex Hinge Technology at Optrafair.

March 2017

Jensen by EyespaceShowcasing at Optrafair 2017, the cutting-edge design is composed of precision engineered, concertinaed titanium that creates a super-lightweight, highly flexible hinge, revolutionising the look and feel of technical eyewear.

Fusing fashion and form within Jensen Black’s FLUIDFLEX capsule collection, JNB 400 embodies the ultimate in contemporary design, effortlessly combining premium materials and of-the-moment retro styling.

JNB C1The perfect material choice for sports enthusiasts looking for stylish eyewear, the TR90 eyefront is super-lightweight, sweat resistant, incredibly durable and extremely comfortable against the skin.

Formed with a fashionable round-eye shape and keyhole bridge, for a fashion-forward look, the minimalist aesthetic fluently combines with the nextgeneration FLUIDFLEX hinge to deliver high-impact style and robust practicality; the standout choice for discerning men.

Jenson C2 by EyespaceAvailable in size 49-19-140, JNB 400 is offered in two modern matt colour choices that deliver tailored design to independent optical practices around the UK: C1 is masculine
ash-grey with gun satin stainless steel temples and co-

JNB 400 C1 (right) ordinating tips. A contemporary take on heritage eyewear,

C2 (left above) is a rich tortoiseshell eyefront with satin black stainless steel temples and matt onyx tips.

Keep track of your customer satisfaction with Ocuco's new patient SMS Survey Model.

March 2017

Know what your patients are thinking?

Ocuco Px SMSHonest customer satisfaction data with Ocuco’s New Patient SMS Survey module.

Share patient testimonials to attract more business.
Measure, set goals and monitor results to motivate staff to provide patients with the best service.

Customer surveys are everywhere these days, eye care industry too, and with good reason. Knowing your patients better and hearing their views on your services and products will allow your practice to grow and excel in customer care. Meaningful data gathered in an efficient manner to create effective business strategies is key.

Ocuco has enhanced the Acuitas and Focus 2 PMS with a new SMS Survey module. A short two click survey sent directly to mobiles allows patients to rate their experience. Survey SMS are configurable and once set up can be automated to trigger on various stages of the patient’s interactions with the practice.

The SMS Survey module provides management with clear visibility of the customer’s experiences where results are graphically displayed, and optional comments are easily reviewed. Analysis provides a deeper understanding of trends and allows management to focus their efforts exactly where improvements are needed, rather than relying on speculation.

“Our users wanted to reach out to customers and ask them their opinions so they could share the good news and focus on the gaps. Without customer feedback, you don’t have the data to inform your business and marketing decisions. – Fergus Murphy, Ocuco Sales Manager.

Ocuco will be showcasing this new module at Optrafair 2017, stand F50. Visit the stand to see it in action for yourself or visit

Ocuco are sponsors of your free Opchat News and are featued in the Supplier's Guide.

As the clocks are about to change, STEPPER Springs Forward with Lightness and Colour.

March 2017

Stepper Spring 2017

As the evenings are getting lighter; so are the frames from STEPPER.

‘For unrivalled lightness and durability in a full rimmed frame that doesn’t require in-line glazing, STEPPER has a suite of answers,’ comments Peter Reeve, Managing Director STEPPER UK Ltd.

New this spring from STEPPER is the SI-30087 in a feather light TX5 and Titanium combination. Both materials have significant weight and strength advantages over their acetate plastic and monel metal alternatives.

Lighter and brighter; this model comes in a choice of two colours. The pretty ‘Rose’ colourway has a translucent, soft-pink front with contrasting matt silver sides. This is available alongside a timeless ‘Shell’ alternative with a tortoiseshell front with matt gold sides. Both colourways feature double Swarovski stones to enhance the appeal of this attractive frame.

Contemporary yet still classic with ‘easy-to-wear’ styling, they give any frame display a fresh, fashionable look.

‘All this weighing in at just 7.8g and offering hypoallergenic properties will make the SI-30087 a popular choice this spring,’ concludes Peter.

KLiiK denmark Spring 2017 Collection.

March 2017

Inspired by Scandinavian design and key fashion influences, KLiiK denmark translates the boldness of Northern European design into 6 new styles for Spring 2017.

Klik K 578Subtle patterns are combined with crystal clear materials and the same intriguing color combinations seen on the latest fashion runways, creating easy to wear styles with a unique, edgy look.

For the ladies, 4 new styles featuring fun textures and superb colors are released this spring.

Feel free to express your camouflage passion with the new KLiiK denmark models K-578 (left) and K-579!

Stainless steel frame K-578 exhibits a very thin silhouette and an abstract micro camo inspired print, laser etched on the front and the temples, that provides depth and texture. This full-rim style is available in eye-catching color combinations of Brown Gold, Teal Silver, Black Emerald and Red Ink.

Klik K 579Model K-579 (right) is also constructed from stainless steel and showcases a camo inspired print on the end pieces and the temples. This semi-rimless frame is offered in stunning hues of Brown Demi, Raspberry Demi, Aqua Demi and Black Demi.

Klik K 580Capitalizing on the growing popularity of mixed material frames, K-580 is fun, flirty and innovative. The rich two-tone color blocking on the acetate front is achieved by a new patented process that raises the second layer of acetate to the forefront for a clean, interesting look.

The glossy two-tone stainless steel temples are colorful and unique and complement the modified square silhouette. K-580 is available in playful hues of Indigo Violet, Burgundy Blue, Teal Berry and Black Crystal.

Klik K 583


For a more quiet and gentle look, model K-583 (right) features a digitally printed colorful pattern along the edges that is inspired by the calming, crepuscular rays of twilight. K-583 is available in refined matte color combinations reflecting the key color trends of the season: Black, Brown, Mulberry and Cobalt.

The new KLiiK Denmark collection is rounded out by 1 men’s frame and 1 unisex frame.

Klik K 582
Made with Mazzucchelli acetate, both K-582 and K-581 feature thin stainless steel temples with a decorative laser engraved pattern reminiscent of 90’s styling that create a refined design element.

K-582 (left) is a modern men’s frame with a masculine rectangular eye shape and is available in Black, Blue Smoke and Matte Brown Smoke.

Klik K 581


K-581 (right) is a unisex frame with a rounded square shape offset by a small keyhole bridge, for a modern vintage appeal. Available colors are understated and neutral and include, besides Crystal which is a popular acetate color trend for eyewear in 2017, Matte Black and Tortoise.

zOOm on the rOund frame at OkO by OkO’s. and you have the CAC25.

March 2017
"OKO says they the CAC25 are retrO lOOking, fashiOn, and sO timeless".

CAC25 C!

Back on the pole position and revitalized thanks to its retrO, vintage and elegant lOOk, the rOund frame remains the most timeless of designs.

What is more natural for an eyewear designer that to have in collection one or several round models? Isn’t it the closest shape of the eye?

Wasn't it the first presented and sold frame in the very first existing opticians?

Today, in 2017, they’ve never been so popular!

CAC25 C!With this CAC25 model (C1 above) – acetate frame stainless steel-armed – from brand OKO by OKO Paris, we get a clean, pure and elegant design always keeping the design and distinctive touch of the brand.

(C3 right)

For her or for him. This frame will delight the followers of designer frames which have character and style. Designer style , yes, but affordable for all!

What makes the CAC collection so different? What is its added value?

CAC25 C!Ultra-thin and ultra-light, this CAC collection – acetate frames stainless-steel armed - creates a surprise reaction on closer examination. First with the exterior made of acetate, whose plates are exclusively chosen for the OKO by OKO house – then with the skull of the frame manufacturer, visible in transparency made of stainless steel with crossing rivets giving it a mono-bloc character frame.

(C4 left)

This laminating process has allowed OKO to engineer an ultra-thin acetate piece and also to use unexpected colors to get a high quality finish – and above all an ultra-thin result that previously could only be obtained with injected molded frames.

OKO by OKO never stops to surprise through its creations which are always more innovative, through its designs and always more crazy through its colour combinations.

(CAC25 C2 featured on home page)

Orasis, announce advancements and enhancements ready for Optrafair 2017.

March 2017

OrasisChris Smith, software developer for Orasis, spoke of the recent upgrades which will be launched at Optrafair 2017.

In the main, there have been further enhancements to the KPI Dashboard and the clinical records.

He believes the advancements to the system which include: improvements to the recall system, security features, low-cost text-messaging, taking multiple tenders on the same payment transaction and scanning which is embedded for those who require a completely paperless system.

These enhancements will bring so many benefits to the practitioner’s business. Smith said: “We understand how busy it is in practice and we know our software will save you time and look more modern in the eyes of your clients.” 

Orasis help us provide your Free Opchat News by marketing on the PHN site. Read more about the newly advanced IT product on their PHN page in the Supplier's Guide and find out what they and others are demonstrating at Optrafair 2017 on our preview pages.

EVATIK announce Spring 2017 Collection.

March 2017

Modern, clean and refined: EVATIK launches 4 new styles for Spring 2017 that perfectly encapsulate the essence of the popular brand for the fashion savvy man.

Evatik 9142The latest eyewear and fashion trends are mixed with innovative design elements, top quality materials and contemporary colour combinations in order to create the understated yet sophisticated style that is uniquely EVATIK.

For the professional who likes to stand out with style, model E-9142 has an oversized square shape and dropped bridge that are sure to appeal to those looking to make a fashion statement. This handmade acetate frame is available in three classic and versatile color variations: Matte Black, Demi Amber and Tortoise.

Evatik 9143A honeycomb laser etched pattern on the end pieces and temples provides model E-9143 with a clean, up to-the-minute look. The larger eye size and rectangular eye shape of this stainless steel frame are perfectly balanced for larger face shapes, while the 150mm temple length is designed to accommodate those looking for longer temples. Featuring two-prong OBE UNOFLEX spring hinges for added comfort and durability, E-9143 is a perfect combination of elegance and futuristic design and is available in Khaki Grey, Black Brown and Navy Gun.

Evatik 9144With a large square shape and longer temples to accommodate larger head sizes, style E-9144 features a laser engraved linear pattern on the end piece and temples that adds texture and a splash of color to the metallic frame. E-9144 is available in dashing hues of Black Red, Brown Blue and Grey Olive.

Evatik 9145


Featuring a vintage round eye shape - the most popular eyewear trend for 2017 – and a mixed material composition, model E-9145 takes us back to the popular 90’s styling. Adjustable nose pads ensure added comfort and stability for wearers with a shallower nose bridge and higher cheek bones. E-9145 is offered in Black, Matte Black Grey and Tortoise Black.

Shapes with Generous Proportions & Fine Craftsmanship from Rye&Lye.

March 2017

MagnaniStunning acetates and metal details for Rye&Lye’s latest collection of eyewear at Mido 2017, with out-of-the-ordinary and attention-grabbing styles that are veritable masterpieces of Italian craftsmanship.

All Rye&Lye frames mix past and future with the sophisticated allure of their retrò shapes and use of innovative materials and leading-edge technologies, making these eyeglasses design objects true and proper, to be worn like works of art.

The 60s-inspired geometrical shapes are the absolute show stealers of the collection; in the Magnani frame for women, the front piece with its wide, rounded Sophia by Rye& Lyesilhouette is framed by a gold-colored metal structure that enhances the style, creating an elegant movement on the temples too.

The Lollobrigida frame, in decorated acetate, with metal bridge, adjustable arms, and a cat’s eye shape takes us back in time to that unmistakable 1960’s movie star look.

A careful eye for detail and ongoing research into aesthetics make Rye&Lye eyewear a symbol of exquisitely crafted production and excellence.

OCUCO Rolls out Zeiss Electronic Ordering Link.

March 2017

Advanced EDI ordering from your PMS direct to Zeiss Labs. Convenient, Accurate and Fast.

Fergus Murphy

Ocuco has announced the rollout of its new Zeiss Electronic Ordering Link for their Acuitas and Focus 2 PMS users.

The link allows users to electronically order Zeiss lenses and treatments directly from their PMS, without having to access external systems such as 'Zeiss Logon'. The system also automatically retrieves order status updates from Zeiss Labs.

The Zeiss electronic lens and treatments catalogue will be loaded into the PMS with updates provided by Ocuco twice annually.

“With the Zeiss Electronic Ordering Link in place, our users will be able to dramatically speed up their ordering processes and reduce the scope for errors with same dispense records in their PMS and Zeiss system.” - Fergus Murphy, Ocuco Sales Manager.

Ocuco will be showcasing the Zeiss Electronic Ordering Link, along with their new SMS Patient Survey engine and other updated features to their PMS systems, Acuitas, Focus and See20/20 at Optrafair 2017, stand F50.

Ocuco are spnsors of your free independent news online resource "Opchat News". Visit their pages here.

The New X-Ide Collection - Sophisticated Construction, Striking Shapes.

March 2017

X-ideTasteful geometrics are the featured forms in the new collection by X-Ide. Elegant yet fanciful frames, skillfully crafted as true works of art for everyday wear.

Precious stones lend their names to all the styles, as timeless as the shapes chosen for the X-Ide eyewear, the essence of modernity and style.

Through flawless attention to detail and skillful craftsmanship, the brand brings back the tailored touch to its collections, pouring its passion and ongoing research into the innovative use of materials and the creation of eyewear styles that are always fresh and unique.

Butterfly-shaped Ambra, made of acetate milled on two levels to create an interplay of colors that highlights its proportions, is for the woman who wants to look her best, all day, every day. And the slightly rounded diva shape of Giada is the ideal solution to frame the gaze and make it even more captivating, thanks to the hint of glamour lent by the application of a rhinestone embellishment on the temples.

X-ideFor men, Zaffiro expresses an intellectual and, at the same time, cosmopolitan air. With its double bridge and slightly retro look, it goes everywhere. Its four-color palette ranges from the more classic black and tortoise-shell to red and blue for the more whimsical-creative types.

X-Ide’s unisex frame, Topazio, brings an easy-going attitude to the classic round shape, more than ever in step with the times, thanks to the metal double-bridge, making it the perfect pair for professionals and fashionistas always on the lookout for the statement-making detail.

Entirely made in Italy, all X-ide frames are the product of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail.

New To The UK – The Bolon Brand set to re-energise Independents.

March 2017

Anna Hathaway

Essilor has launched its own premium frame brand into the UK independent market for the first time, with an exclusive range of 86 sunwear and ophthalmic models to be shown at Optrafair 2017 and a marketing campaign with Hollywood star Anne Hathaway (left) and American supermodel Hailey Baldwin (below).

The company said its Bolon Eyewear brand will re-energise the independent market, generate strong footfall, new impulse sales and push younger, fashion-focused, online shoppers into independents.

A revamped consumer Bolon brand website – - will list UK independent stockists on its store locator page and enjoy social media link-building support from brand advocates and product influencers.

“Catwalk Queen” Hailey Baldwin who has 8.4 m Facebook followers, is the new 2017 face of Bolon and newest brand ambassador to endorse the new range, to reach younger consumers through advertising and a new digital content strategy, including a brand movie and visuals produced in Los Angeles.


Anne Hatthaway

From Spring, brand ambassador and Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway will appear in a range of in-store POS materials, window visuals, frame display units, brochures and out-of-home advertising packages designed for independents.


Bolon frames are designed in Italy and manufactured using the highest quality materials including Italian Mazzucchelli acetate, to be highly fashionable, light and resistant.

Essilor is offering 86 frames, 75 of which are suitable for prescription lenses. Stockists can offer a full solution without needing to hold stock or send in frames and an easier service, with a turnaround of two days for frame only orders or seven days for ophthalmic lenses.

Head of Marketing Jonathan Cohen said: “We are bringing a new, emerging brand to UK independents. It will have instant recognition through both A-lister Anne Hathaway and now Hailey Baldwin who epitomises youth, fashion, style and confidence for millions of young people.

“”They symbolise perfectly what Bolon stands for, saying ‘be real, be unique, that’s my style’. They give consumers a compelling reason to find their local independent, be it for prescription eyewear or for protective sunglasses bought during a quick lunch break.

“The quality of the frame materials is equal to that found in Dior or Gucci brands, making it a premium, high end product but at an affordable, above-mid-range price.

“Independents can now also offer premium, stylish sunglasses to many more customers at a great price.

“The brand concept of My Style, My Bolon is about individuality. Bolon regards eyewear as a form of individual expression and style, and seeks to inspire men and women by giving a unique, modern and fashionable look, designed for every single style.”

Bolon by EssilorBolon is a leading brand in Asia, where it enjoys a 30 per cent market share and 85% brand recognition levels. It joined the Essilor Group in 2013.
Anne Hathaway pictured modelling the Bolon product
Bolon Eyewear was launched into Europe at MIDO 2017 by rising American supermodel Hailey Baldwin, its newest brand ambassador, to dozens of international buyers.

The eyewear fashionista unveiled her new brand movie and explained why she had chosen to lend her unique glamour and femininity to endorse the brand.

The 20-year old called the “Catwalk Queen” is a style icon for eyewear and has fashion bloggers capturing her changing styles. She has 8.4m followers on Facebook and Instagram and she famously dated Canadian heart-throb Justin Bieber.

Modelling one of her favourite products at MIDO, Bolon aviator frames with clear lenses, Baldwin said the brand fitted her street style: “Bolon is a great brand and the team behind it is amazing. I really enjoy wearing the glasses. I’m a big glasses girl, always wearing eyewear. I’m really happy with this campaign”.


Discussing Bolon’s wide product range, she said: “The movie reflects much of my life, especially the dance stuff. No one day is the same. One day I’m a dancer, the next a model and it is fun to incorporate different glasses into my world”.

Bolon “It is important to be able to create your own style and your own look. It’s all about breaking barriers.

“The aviators are a favourite look for me. The shape is good for my face. I wear the clear lenses a lot. The Bolon fit is good. I have a small nose but these stay in place.”

The new brand movie is part of a new digital content marketing strategy. It shows Hailey modelling different products, performing ballet and showing different aspects of her personality from ‘fashionista’ to ‘diva’.

Essilor Vice President of Sun Essilor Division Francesco Leccisi said: “Our goal is to go beyond the limit in Europe. Hailey Baldwin is the best celebrity in the world for this. She is chic, elegant, young, energetic and passionate. She reaches the youth market”.

The stand at MIDO showed the vast Bolon range which is marketed around individual expression and style, with looks for every single style under the brand concept of ‘My Style, My Bolon’.

Essilor has selected 86 sunwear and ophthalmic models for the UK market, to be launched in the UK at Optrafair 2017.

New EBLOCK Collections: Acetate and Metal for a perfect fusion of style.

March 2017

E Block

The optical brand “with block” expands its range and investment on the Made in Italy acetate of the Company Mazzucchelli. More, comes to life in the BE-Original collection.

Craftsmanship, heritage, innovation: these are the fundamental and distinctive values of the E-BLOCK brand that was able to influence the tradition with innovative technologies.

Through, shape refinement, the importance of the materials and expressive effectiveness of colours blend in a unique technology that express the mood of EBLOCK frames.

The collections are the result of a very important history of experience and deep knowledge in the frames world, mixed with creative talent.

E BlockThe new models rediscover acetate, a semi-finished plastic material with enormous ductility and a great expressive capacity that enable the designers obtain a frame with resistant qualities and at the same time very light, without sacrificing the design and the colour.

The esteemed plates of MAZZUCCHELLI, Made in Italy, renew and widen the collections Original and B-side with new unique and recognisable models, as well as the Easy Block, icon of the brand, aesthetical and distinctive element of all the E-Block collections.

Design and retrò inspired shapes, but with a modern slant: thin and soft with refined colours that want to blend with the complexion of one's face.

E BlockNew processing, also in the grained plates, that show shiny, dull and scratched surfaces.

Unique characteristics that make frames strongly sculptural, giving a high quality to the handmade work.

Ten brand new models were launched at Opti 2017 in Munich that use the B-Side, Side and Original family, giving life to the new Be-Original line.

All the frames of the brand, very light and resistant, are honed with millimetre accuracy, inspired by a modern geometry that unites glamour and technology.

Each E-Block is a fashion accessory, unique and elegant.

BUDRI EYEWEAR launch a limited edition in exceptional marble.

March 2017

Fifteen exclusive pieces from a unique marble quarry

BudriBudri, Italian excellence, world-famous for its exquisite marble craftsmanship, after the Paris debut with its eyewear, presents an extraordinary collection, with new designs and outstanding colour variants.

Due to the complexity arising from the material itself, making eyewear in marble demands constant research and experimentation, not necessary with other materials. The types of marble selected by Budri are obtained from quarries situated in different parts of the world. Therefore, processing a new material means dealing with its specific unknown, unpredictable characteristics. To handle these challenges, the Budri eyewear lab employs skilled chemists, engineers and geologists, who study each stone's porosity, strength, absorbency and reactions.

Each frame is produced from a large slab of marble or a solid block, depending on the stone's conformation. Carefully selected and analysed with the aid of a sophisticated scanning system, the stone is then eroded to obtain a convex parallelepiped, from which the initial shape is extruded in a specific sequences of processes. A special fibre, patented and engineered by Budri, gives the front and temples greater strength and lighter weight.

On average, it takes 25 hours of processing to obtain a finished, polished, ready-to-wear frame with all the magical, sensory beauty of a living fragment of a nearby or distant mountain: a gem that will choose who is to wear it.

Rain forestThe concept of uniqueness - which underlies the amazing collection - is clearly expressed by the unusual, precious marbles exclusively like new Palladio “aviator” (above left) model produced in two exclusive colour versions, “Denim” (lower left) and “Rain Forest”.

Nature first surprises us with a bright blue marble that derives from a crystalline metamorphic rock. It is obtained from only one quarry in the world, in Turkey, now in extinction . The part of the mountain still left today yields a material with a strong predominance of a sandy colour with white and cognac vein patterning. The isolated, increasingly rare oases of cloudy crystalline bright blue vary in shade from light blue to deep indigo, forming a watercolour picture in stunning hues.

The marble takes tre name from its bright blue parts' strong resemblance to Stonewashed Denim fabric, with brush-strokes of bright blue fading into pastel blue streaks, as if the stone's colour had been washed away by water. Due to the rarity of the blue parts of this material, and to conserve its precious status, this model will be produced in a limited edition of just 15 pieces.

Rain Forest (above right)- the second variant of the Palladio model - recalls the typical luxuriant, bright green colours of tropical forests. The material, obtained from the Udaipur quarry in India, features a range of stunning greens running from olive and forest green through to acid green, with pronounced brown veins covering the surface like tree roots or fossilised branches. Tactile and thrilling to the touch, this stone brings its wearer into contact with untamed nature. Nowadays this beautiful, elegant material is also widely used in contemporary architecture.

The expressive, sculpted Canova model achieves an original character through the use of Serrancolin Versailles, a luxury marble quarried near the towns of Serrancolin, Ilhet and Beyrede-Jumet, high in the Pyrenees. This magnificent, elegant, prestigious stone has a cream-light brown-grey background colour and dramatic brick red, ochre yellow and olive green veins. The dappling of the bright colours across the plain background resembles the effects seen in French Impressionist paintings.

Blue JeansAt the time of the Roman Empire, this stone was quarried for the production of massive columns. Between April 1686 and September 1689, four gigantic blocks of Serrancolin were delivered to Paris for use in the construction of Louis XIV's royal palace at Versailles. From then onward, King Louis XIV awarded the quarries the title of “carrières royales” (royal quarries) and the marble became known as Serrancolin Versailles. In 1887 Serrancolin Versailles was used to make thirty monolithic columns for the Palais Garnier (Paris Opera House) and to decorate sumptuous rooms in the Château d’Écouen.

The collection, consisting of five models, includes different surface finishes: “Brillante” for glossy marble, “Seta” for the matt version or “Tempo” for a tactile allure - combined with small hardware in three shades: matt black, gold and silver.


Budri choses for its exclusive Marble Eyewear Collection the brand ZEISS the world's leading manufacturer of precision optics that combine technical expertise and innovative ideas into exceptional visual experiences.

Budri with Zeiss aim at providing the purest solution, setting stringent quality standards which even exceed the international requirements and guarantee a high level of scratch resistance as an anti-reflection coating as well. ZEISS lenses are certified, optically perfect and in compliance with international standards, even considering production tolerances.

The Budri Eyewear collection achieves a status above fashions and trends, expressing a tradition of fine hand-workmanship combined with technical innovation, to highlight the qualities of a noble, exquisite stone.

Red Rose by OGI Introduces New High-Density (HD) Acetate Spectacles.

February 2017

At the forthcoming Vision Expo East (VEE) 2017 show, Red Rose will release the Bianchi and the Milan, both of which provide superior strength and style in an ultra-lightweight construction of high-density (HD) acetate.

This new material allows for a slender profile and even more resilience. Representing a step forward in optical design, the Bianchi and Milan take minimalism, Red Rose’s guiding philosophy, to the next level.


Red Rose HD by OGIThe Bianchi is a vintage-inspired cat-eye frame that has been masterfully handcrafted in Italy from high-density acetate—meaning that it’s slimmer and stronger than eyewear made from other acetates.

This original model from the beloved Red Rose collection also features stainless steel temples, with a double bar construction, in accent colors that complement four feminine frame front color options.

Unique trim décor provides the Bianchi with luxury detailing, while OBE screws offer a level of durability that is simply unmatched in minimalist eyewear.


Red Rose HD by OGIRenewing a classic style, the Milan unites the iconic round frame spectacle with modern high-density acetate from Italy—so it offers superior strength at a fraction of the weight of other acetates.

The keyhole bridge is a badge of intellect, while stainless steel temples feature a double bar construction, reducing weight and imbuing this smart pair with unique luxury appeal.

Adjustable temple tips, embossed with Red Rose’s iconic emblem, ensure a perfect fit all day long.

The Milan is available in four colorations, from bold Azure Ripple and Crimson to classic Tortoise and Black.

FYSH UK January 2017 releases.

February 2017

Fashion, colors and details: FYSH UK launches 4 new styles for the winter season.

FYSHThey uniquely combine the latest European eyewear trends with the hottest key fashion influences. Innovative design elements are mixed together to produce interesting, fresh outcomes in the most current shapes.

Each model is created using top quality materials and state-of-the-art technology and is available in unique color combinations.

FYSHStainless steel model F-3568 (above) has a sultry, exotic look thanks to the cat-eye shape and the tropical print that winds its way across the front and the temples. This intriguing pattern is mixed with a high gloss epoxy lacquer that ensures a smooth, ultra-shiny finish. Available in sophisticated colorways of Emerald, Sage Gold, Purple and Cherry, model F-3568 will liven up any look.

Constructed with high gloss handcrafted acetate, model F-3569 (R) is the newest optical addition to the popular Links collection and features a soft curvature on the temples that adds an interesting and feminine design element.

The brow line of this modified square shape frame is embellished with a delicate metal inlay inspired by fine jewelry. Available in a deep rich translucent color palette - Black, Sierra Brown, Sierra Blue and Sierra Red - this style is fun and whimsical.



With a soft cat eye shape that flatters most face shapes, F-3570 (L) is made of high gloss acetate and features a translucent lace pattern on the front and the temples that creates an extremely feminine and refined look. This new flirtatious style is available in enticing color combinations such as Black Lace, Turquoise Lace, Apricot Lace and Fuchsia Lace.


F-3571 is the ideal choice for the woman who likes to dare: an edgy cat eye shape with an emphasized brow line is combined with triple coloring on the front and temples to make a bold fashion statement.

The high gloss finish gives surface interest to this gleaming color blocked stainless steel frame. Style F-3571 is available in punchy hues of Brown Emerald, Magenta Navy and Black Grey.

Miraflex Children’s Frames from Dibble Optical has expanded

February 2017

The highly acclaimed Miraflex range of children’s frames has been extended to include another new collection; Flexible & Fashion.

When it comes to children’s eyewear, Miraflex has been the leading choice amongst pediatric eye hospitals, opticians and parents.

These highly appealing acetate frames have been optimised for children and teenagers, making them an ideal addition to the Miraflex family.

They are designed specifically for children’s unique facial cranial measurements with an anatomically designed nose bridge.

All the Flexible & Fashion frames are manufactured using high quality acetate materials with flexible temples. A great variety of colours and shapes make these contemporary frames suitable for a wide range of ages.

MYKITA presents the MYKITA MYLON collection 2017.

February 2017

Mykita Mylonun-TechMYKITA presents the MYKITA MYLON collection 2017 in a campaign that puts the product in the spotlight.

The series of stylised and close range product shots with an undeniable sci-fi look emphasises the composition of material, construction and surface that has come to define the high-tech collection.


February 2017

Essilor Sun-Tech
“No ordinary sunwear” is Essilor® Sun Solution™’s motto, calling for a new brand entirely dedicated to hi-tech innovative sun lenses for “no ordinary people” who want to break away from the norm.

Essilor Sun


Essilor® Sun Solution™ has therefore created a new E-SUN™ brand and a portfolio of five new sun-technologies to communicate its "No Ordinary" expertise to its business clients as well as to the final wearer:

1. E-SUN™ RX, optimal correction in the sun

2. E-SUN™ POLARFUN™, polarized lenses, the ultimate protection from glare

3. E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™, vibrant color vision in the sun

4. E-SUN™ VARIA™, state-of-the-art in photochromic sun lenses

5. E-SUN™ MAGICOAT™, special coatings to protect and enhance the beauty of sun lenses


“Nothing we do is ordinary."

"Our sun technologies, our seasonal color collections at the forefront of fashion, our special sunwear concepts thanks to tailor-made partnerships: day-in and day-out our new solutions strive to break the existing codes and reinvent the magic of sunglasses in Fashion and Sport”. Christophe Mayet, VP Marketing at Essilor® Sun Solution™ Division.

NEW 2017 Sports Catalogue from Norville in 2017

February 2017

Norville Sports catalogue
Norville announce their new 2017 Rx sport catalogue.

With every sport catered for, this comprehensive collection offers enthusiasts, the very latest in sports eyewear technology, value for money, stylish designs, a huge choice of colours and, of course clear vision and eye protection.

From, swimming goggles and football specs to cycling shields and ski goggles.

Visit the Norville website to download the new catalogue or request a hard copy.

This edition features a central pull-out Rx pricing so the main edition could be used for client viewing.



February 2017

Blackfin meets acetate.

A new material teamed with the deluxe hallmark of the brand is the defining feature of a collection of spectacle frames that bring together style and innovation.


Top-class workmanship is on show in four new models made entirely of titanium but with cellulose acetate eye-rims.

A clever combination that enriches the stylistic codes of the brand in which research and design are brought to life in original creative form.
BlackfinThe feminine allure of models Glen Cove BF791 (L) and Searose BF792 (R), the former oval in shape, the latter more angular, emanates from the elongated top rim and the charm of the dual materials used for the frames is enhanced by the contrasting colours of the temples and eye-rims, such as mocha/pale pink and dark grey/green (Glen Cove) or mocha/beige and grey-green/coral (Searose).

Bremen BF793 (below) is the model for men. The classic rectangular shape acquires new personality from the play of the different materials that enhances the appeal of this frame in more sober colours such as gunmetal, dark tortoiseshell, grey or opaque blue.

Cutler BF794 completes the range. (below R).
This revisiting of the iBlackfinconic panto shape interpreted in the Blackfin key comes in five colours: gunmetal/black or dark tortoiseshell, titanium/red, navy blue/opaque blue, dark grey/orange.

From now on, the name PLUS will be used by Blackfin to describe all our products in which our deluxe hallmark titanium is combined with other materials to add even more choice to our range.

Blackfin Lamina PLUS is not only a titanium frame combined with acetate eye-rims, rather it represents the ultimate innovation, making it totally different from any of its competitors on the market.

BlackfinIts amazing quality and original design set it apart. Warm, top-quality acetate, worked by hand is used for the eye-rims in the form of the ultra-thin rings recalling the classic volumes of the brand.

These are easy to extract thanks to the Sharklock™ locking system awarded the Silmo d’Or prize. It has amazingly comfortable super-flexible temples with patented Swordfish™ temple tips whose break-off guides make it possible to shorten the temples in three simple moves. What’s more, in contrast to any other frame, prescription lenses are easy to fit without the need to remove the rings, making the job quicker and simpler and making it possible to use lenses of standard materials.

Blackfin Lamina PLUS therefore is the perfect representation of chapter three in the Blackfin story, a new cultural and organisational level in which product, communications and marketing are ever more integrated in an organic process that seals the positioning of the brand on the international eyewear scene.

Blackfin eyewear is entirely conceived, designed and produced in Italy by Blackfin. If the Made-in-Italy concept is a fixed point, neomadeinitaly is our strong point. Our heritage of the past and our respect for the beauty that surrounds us, guide our code of ethics.

All Blackfin eyewear is made of the purest titanium in the world using a production process that for us is a true ritual.

The Changing Face of Mature Fashion as designed by Stepper.

February 2017

There is a real change in the ‘mature’ frame market. Stepper, a long time stalwart of the older frame wearer, is seeing measurable and rapid movement in buyer choice.

‘A noticeable change began last year,’ comments Peter Reeve, Managing Director Stepper (UK) Limited. ‘The changing buying patterns have continued and accelerated, so it’s no longer a ‘blip’ but a definite trend.’

Stepper put this down to an increasingly fashion and image aware ageing population combined with a greater choice of styles and material options being presented to them.

‘We launched our Thin & Light TX5 (plastic) frames mid-2016, which gave all the features and benefits of our traditional offering but with far more modern styling and contemporary colourings,’ adds Peter. ‘At first it was a toe in the water to see how these styles would fare in the UK, now we realise there is considerable demand for this type of product.’

The SI-20047 is a typical example of this shifting trend. With a super thin rimmed plastic (TX5) front featuring a retro style ‘keyhole’ bridge and larger, rounded eye shape with Beta-Titanium sides with fine pattern detailing, it isn’t the Stepper you would have recognised five years ago.

‘It’s fashionable without being high fashion’ continues Peter. ‘Stepper comfort, fit, durability and hypoallergenic properties, valued by the older wearer, can all be found in our new styles.’

The SI-20047 maintains the brand’s ‘feels great all day’ qualities by featuring an intrinsic Stepper plastic bridge and a weight of only 6g.

To meet demand, the colour choice has just been expanded to include ‘Smoke’. This is in addition to the existing ‘Shell’ and ‘Graphite’ options and comes in 49.17 and 51.18 eye sizes.

‘In light of this shift in buying patterns, it is essential to ensure you have the right mix of products to meet the style aspirations of the, affluent and growing, mature customer market,’ concludes Peter.

New LA MATTA Collection: A Surprising mix of True Grit and Seduction.

February 2017

Area98 presents its new La Matta collection, the unmistakable brand designed for the modern and sensual woman who likes to stand out from the crowd whilst expressing her personality with determination and elegance.

La MattaAnimal patterns - zebra, leopard, tiger, peacock or python, reproduced both in natural tones or with more unusual colours - are combined with very feminine shapes creating frames designed to seduce. All this complemented by the use of exclusive acetates and precious goldsmith-inspired embellishment, which transform each model into a real treasure.

The new collection offers larger and more-rounded forms with a more pronounced thickness at the top of the frames that are thinner and lighter at the bottom. As can be seen, for example, in the LM3195 model (L), with its large cat eye acetate frame with matching temples embellished with small metal gems in the hinges.

La Matta


Exotic inspiration for the LM3198 (R) and LM3199 (L) models, in which the coloured metal decoration of the temples - a rough nugget applied with a special seam effect process - becomes the protagonist.

The first design, slightly squared in the lower part, is made entirely of acetate, while the second, with softer lines, combines acetate temples and a coordinated bicolour metal front.

La Matta

La Matta

The small coloured gems look like vintage jewellery embedded into the gold or silver metal profiles adorning the temples of the LM3201 (R) model.


The decoration captures the attention and creates continuity picking up on the tones of the front and temples, both in animal-patterned acetate, which are also available in a glitter version.

OKIA Celebrates the New Year launching of “LACE BRUSH”,

January 2017

A sparkling masterpiece of high technology

OKIA Lace BrushOKIA, the Hong Kong-based eyewear company recognized worldwide for its patented HDA® Technology, welcomes the new year with the extraordinary “Lace Brush” collection, an authentic explosion of lights and shining details.

Inspired by the magic atmosphere and colours of the celebration season, “Lace Brush” plays with precious hues of gold, silver and black and, thanks to the application of the 3D Block technique, combines them with different solid materials that are laminated inside the acetate.

Wonderful patterns realized through the HDA® Technology harmoniously blend with small pieces of black fabric and gold threads inside a transparent acetate base, creating classy frames that are sure to light up any look.

The 3D blocks can be positioned in different parts of the frames to match any kind of eye shape: their incredible design can be featured in regular-shaped frames as well as in unconventional ones, with an always impressive outcome. Moreover, the CSB (Crazy Sparkling Beauty) technique - that mixes acetate with silver powder – can be applied on the new frames to produce an even more sparkling effect and to enhance the three-dimensional feeling with a really sensational result.

Always committed to research and innovation, OKIA keeps on surprising its customers with creations that do not have any equal in terms of originality and creativity. An unexpected masterpiece of elegance and state-of-the-art technology, every “Lace Brush” frame exhibits a festive shimmering look that makes it the perfect accessory for the holiday seasons and beyond.

WESTGROUPE introduces new KLiiK Denmark merchandising program.

January 2017

Klik DenmarkWestGroupe announce the launch of all new merchandising and point of sale material for the KLiiK denmark brand.

The KLiiK denmark merchandising material mirrors the minimalist design of the eyewear brand.

Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian design aesthetic, the new merchandising material features solid contours and clean lines in KLiiK denmark’s signature red color.

The 3-piece collection includes a name plate, a 5-piece display and a mirror. Constructed from high density cardboard layered with plexi, the new displays are lightweight yet durable and eco-friendly.

“Showcasing our product in a more eco-friendly way was at the forefront of our mind throughout the design process for the new merchandising material,” says Beverly Suliteanu, WestGroupe Vice President of Product Development.

“We also took into consideration the valuable feedback we get from our customers as to what is important to them when it comes to merchandising materials. The resulting collection of displays is not only beautiful, but speaks to the true essence of the KLiiK denmark brand.”

Introducing our 2017 INVU collection at Norville.

January 2017

INVU from NorvilleWhilst retaining the best sellers in the range, this season contains over 25 new models encompassing the very latest trends, at impulse purchase prices.

Every frame is supplied with UV400 ultra-polarised lenses resulting in quality glare-free vision.

Model: T2712- C shown (Size: A 52mm B 21mm Temple 145mm)
Colour: Milky Teal, Gradient Green (also in Black/Silver, Gradient Blue)

The multi-layer construction of INVU ultra polarised lenses makes the lens virtually unbreakable. They can therefore be safely used for all sports and outdoor activities.

The UV protection layer of the lens completely blocks all UV rays up to 400 nanometres while allowing useful light to pass through the eye.

Some models are glazeable to RX. The Rx lenses will be supplied in CR39, Resin 1.60 and 1.67, Nupolar Polarized Single Vision, Grey/Brown/Green, 15% LTF UV400, dependent on the nearest match to the dummy lens, fitted into the plano sunglasses option. Additional coatings, including mirror, are available.

A number of Active wrap frames can also be supplied to Rx. These lenses incorporate 8 Base manufacturing and MEI 5 axis glazing.

Simply Sartorial Stepper!

January 2017

Stepper 20042Where are men’s eyewear fashion trends heading? Stepper’s response to this question is to take classic elements from the past, apply technology and hi-tech materials to deliver innovative and stylish eyewear that can be worn by any man.

The SI-20042 takes an archetypal plastic front and, using the latest developments in polymer materials and injection moulding processes, produces a super-thin profile rim.

‘Most men are looking for reliable, robust and understated frames that do the job with the minimum of fuss,’ Peter Reeve, Managing Director of Stepper (UK) Limited comments. ‘They want to look good, but don’t want to look as if they’ve tried too hard to achieve this.’

Therefore the simple sartorial look of the front, with inbuilt anatomical Stepper bridge, is joined to ultra-light and flexible Beta-Titanium sides.

These sides feature subtle ‘leather’ etching detail. The use of Beta-Titanium allows for great flexibility and slim profile without compromising strength.

With a ‘forget it’s on’ weight of just 5g to enhance the 3D comfort of this contemporary ‘men’s’ frame, the quality of materials and manufacture are evident in the touch.

Tailor the colour to suit your style with a choice of ‘Sherry’, ‘Smoke’ and ‘Blue’ fronts embellished with toning Beta-Titanium sides.

‘If you’re looking for a contemporary men’s sartorial frame, we believe the SI—20042 has it all,’ concludes Peter.

BARBERINI EYEWEAR: 2017 New Collection Preview from Venice.

January 2017

BR 1608 from BarberininIt's the eve of a new era: Barberini Eyewear’s collection has been enriched with new shades inspired by the reflections of the sky.

The complete preview will at Opti Munich 2017 with the addition of a special edition of the Voyager model, which will be the protagonist of the new collection that will be presented at Mido later in the year.

Created as always in Platinum Glass ™ and provided with Rare Earth Elements and UV400 protection, it is presented to the public with Leather Cord and leather trim in a “total black” version.

This absolute protagonist with its chrome polarized lens, provides perfect vision and Well-seeing without compromise.

SC405, The first Ski Goggles designed by WOODONE

January 2017

Woodone Ski goggles

WooDone – the brand of eyewear made of wood that takes its inspiration from the breathtaking Dolomite mountain scenery – expands its product line with the launch of SC405, ski goggles whose innovative design and frameless technology are the first step toward a future version made of wood that will be available at the end of 2017.

The SC405 goggles, available starting in January 2017, come with two interchangeable lenses that make them dazzle under any weather conditions.

The horizontal cutout, in the upper part of the lens, creates a ventilation system for greater comfort, while the special anti-fog treatment prevents condensation caused by the difference between head/facial temperature and external temperature.

The goggles mold perfectly to the face thanks to soft foam padding and an adjustable elastic strap featuring the WooDone logo.

Compatible with all hard ear snowboard and ski helmets, the SC405 goggles have mirrored lenses in two different colors -- Fumo Arcobaleno and Fumo Grigio.

WooDone ski goggles are the ideal accessory for those who want the best in technology and functionality while still rocking a winning look on the slopes.

Mykita presents: "ALL THE WILD THINGS"

January 2016



MYKITA presents the new collection via a series of personal portraits featuring a line up of mixed characters photographed by long-time collaborator and friend of the MYKITA HAUS, artist Mark Borthwick.

In his ninth campaign for MYKITA Mark Borthwick places his living subjects front and centre, making a departure from the landscape and travel-tinged theme of previous years.

Photographed in L.A., the character-driven campaign lives through the compelling individuals scouted locally for the photo shoot, including friends and family of MYKITA and Borthwick.

Some quirky creatures of the animal kingdom also found their way into the photos and fit right into the unaffected style of the motley troupe.

You can view the campaign by clicking here

CONTEMPORARY CLASSICISM from RYE&LYE The Spring/Summer 2017 preview.

January 2017

Rye and LyeThe combination of luxury materials and sophisticated design are the underlying assets of Elvida and Medea, two women’s SS17 eyewear styles by Rye&Lye whose namesakes are heroines of classic literature.

ELVIDA is a slim, elegant metal frame. The slightly elongated front is accented by unique acetate inserts that follow the line of the top rim.

The MEDEA style features glitter-effect acetate rims that create a singular interplay of colors in clever contrast to the metal structure.

Entirely made in Italy, Rye&Lye prescription eyewear collections are known for their superb choice of materials and custom-tailored craftsmanship that inspire the creation of styles that reveal sophisticated personality.


January 2017

BEN 36 from OKO by OKOFaithful to its identity, to its signature and to its name, a name with strong values of differentiation, innovation, comfort and quality – OKO by OKO presents the BEN collection, the half-rimmed stainless steel frame BEN 36 which will put you upside down !

More than just a way of life, it is this brand DNA that we find in this model BEN36 of the BEN line – emphasized by an assertive, fun and metallic styling.

Exit the seen and reviewed shapes … It’s time for creation and innovation.

The side-pieces thus open-worked and cut as a « gate » register this frame in a strong and assumed design and temper following the example of a half-rimmed frame beautifying the look and the face thus cleared and opened.

OKO by OKO – eyewear designer for all since 1999. #gooddesignforgoodpeople

Orasis Practice Management Software, Cloud or on-premise provides great user experience.

January 2017

Orasis Screen


Orasis supplies and supports practice management systems for forward-thinking practices.

Linus Mason, director, said, “I’m proud of how Orasis software has evolved and improved over the past 22 years, I’ve had input from practitioners over the years that has enabled us to write the software to be user-friendly.”


Orasis uses the latest Microsoft technologies to ensure a reliable system which aims to deliver fast performance and a stable environment that can be either cloud-based or on-premise.

Orasis TabletChris Smith, software developer for Orasis, said the recent upgrades have improved the users experience. He believes the advancements to the system which include: improvements to the recall system, security features, low-cost text-messaging, clinical records, on-line booking and scanning that is embedded for those who require a completely paperless system, will bring so many benefits to the practitioner’s business.

Smith said: “Orasis will help improve efficiency, standardise processes and enable your practice to communicate better and deliver a first-class service to your patients.”

Orasis also launched a complete management system for eyecare plans which runs alongside its existing contact lens and DD scheme. This will ensure the practice manage their regular income stream.

You can download the ORASIS brochure by clicking here

Orasis help us provide your free Opchat News by sponsoring us. Visit their page on the site and link to them for further information here

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