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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, April to June 2017


Norville reviews its Carbon Footprint with the Free Form Green Collection.
ZOOBUG: The Baby and Toddler Collection.
Autograph InTouch™ with AsWorn Technology™.
Independent Optician Safeguarding.
WECO C.6 – The Master in Lab Efficiency.
ESSILOR launch contemporary Lens Colours.
Retro is back with a multi-coloured bang this summer holidays, thanks to a super-cool Rock Star promotion that launches in june
FYSH UK announces May 2017 releases.
Mykita present Mykita Studio Collection a RADICAL REDUCTION.
New Comfortear® LacrisolveTM 180 Absorbable Punctum Plugs from Altacor
4 NEW Mai-Zee frames from Norville.
Shamir announces new Close-Up™ Technology.
Grafton Optical announce the launch of the D-EYE™ ImageSelect™ App upgrade.
Introducing 4 NEW Duck & Cover frames to its collection!
Grafton Optical announce exclusive UK partnership with Visionix on the revolutionary new Eye Refract

Norville reviews its Carbon Footprint with the Free Form Green Collection.

June 2017

Free form form Norville
Introducing the FREE FORM Green collection defines the ultimate green concept in eyewear.

Products made from recyclable or biodegradable materials may not be truly environment friendly.

However, the Green collection is environmentally responsible in every step from its origination, because it consumes the least material, requires the fewest production steps, is the first eyewear designed to minimize carbon footprint and releases no toxic materials during production. Exciting new designs in metal, nylon supra, full rim and acetate.

Alyson Magee introduces FOUNDATIONS, a considered eyewear collection.

June 2017

Alyson MageeIntroducing ‘Foundations’, the launch campaign and look book from eyewear industry veteran Alyson Magee. Seven years on from her debut line - licensed by Alain Mikli - and after more than three decades designing for the world’s best known luxury brands, Magee returns to the helm of her eponymous line with a new, refined collection.

Designed for a discerning wearer, ‘Foundations’ is a highly considered collection of sun and optical frames for men and women, in keeping with Alyson’s signature style; skilled craftsmanship and architecturally inspired silhouettes.

Alyson MageeMagee creates a perfect tension between aesthetics and engineering in her frames, a theme reflected in the ‘Foundations’ look book by capturing interrupted tranquillity; an almost jarring light treatment juxtaposes the manicured styling and structural direction throughout. This is also translated across the collection with the punctuation of classic square and circular shapes with vibrant colour, refined by her focus on micro details and tempered with complex constructions that push conventional boundaries. This is manifested in the 4-dimensional profile of the AM3001 and AM7001 as well as her precise engineering of negative space in the AM7003.


Hailing from Northern Ireland and now residing in Paris, Magee’s latest offering is an ode to a lifetime in eyewear driven by intrigue and exploration. This, pillared by her postgraduate studies in the fundamentals of jewellery design at the Royal College of Art, has honed an unequivocal eye for detail that defines her intellectual approach to eyewear development. This unique viewpoint permeates into every sculpted frame.

Magee says, “It was about taking it back to the start, challenging the status quo and sharing designs that are unique. I really think these frames can form the basis of any discerning eyewear enthusiast’s collection.”

The Alyson Magee collection is available internationally at optical stores and select fashion boutiques from 21st June.

ZOOBUG: The Baby and Toddler Collection.

June 2017

Award-winning innovation, modern design and a true sense of style

Zoobug Toddler CollectionCreated by an ophthalmologist and launched in 2006, Zoobug London has developed specialist ophthalmic and sunglass collections for 0-12 years. Kids require frames that offer good vision with a comfortable fit and Zoobug has continued to offer unique solutions adapted to very small but developing facial features, in safe, durable materials that are hypoallergenic and soft and kind to the skin.


For SS17, a new line of sunglasses for infants and toddlers delivers UV protection, comfort - whether the infant is moving or sitting in a stroller - and style, in colourful designs that look cool and modern.

Features for infants include:

German made hypoallergenic silicone nose pads: providing support and comfort for small noses; ZOOBUG’s unique built-up design prevents long lashes touching the lenses and offers extra support for the head in different positions

Surgical grade silicone curl tips: non-toxic and moldable;
 helps keep frame on;
ideal for babies lying in strollers

Flexible high-quality German hinges -
strong and durable

Award-winning design:
Zoobug’s inset metal logo; handmade acetate; trendsetting styles

Polarised lenses
with 100% UV protection; shatterproof; correctly sized to provide complete coverage of the child’s eyes.


Zoobug’s three optical collections, available at opticians and children’s eye hospitals worldwide, provide an extensive choice of easy-to-wear designs that are flattering and technical in their details and features.

One-piece Rubber Flex Active Range

Special features unique to the Zoobug rubber frames include innovative flex hinges and versatile earlocks which make it possible to adjust the end tips of the frame to sit correctly behind the child’s ear.

The frames have a one-piece construction and are free from metal parts. They can be used with an elastic headband to help keep them in place - ideal for the smaller wearers. The state-of-the-art material has been carefully studied to ensure it keeps its form and sufficient stiffness so lenses don’t pop out when handled by the child.

With a soft pleasant finish, the rubber material is also hypoallergenic. Kids tend to be attracted to it immediately when trying on new glasses owing to the soft feel and colourful designs.

TR90 Everyday Range

Lightweight frames with excellent flexibility, ZOOBUG’s Everday range of glasses are made from TR90 – a state-of-the-art eyewear material that withstands movement while being very light and pleasurable to wear. Zoobug has developed two sizes of frame in the range especially for little ones:

- model ZB1008 for 0-2 years
- model ZB1009 for 2-3 years.

These styles have soft curl tips and the length of the temples on both models can be adjusted by the optician for a unique fit for each child. They can be fitted with a built-up silicone nose pad which will support babies’ underdeveloped nose.

Fashion Range (from 3 years)

Perfect for toddlers and the older kids, the ZOOBUG acetate range starts at 3 years, and includes stylish handmade acetate designs with statement shapes. The special features include the German flex hinge and an optional plug-in silicone nose pad for a small nose fit.

Autograph InTouch™ with AsWorn Technology™.

June 2017

Shamir IntouchKeeping pace with changing lifestyles that generate new needs, Shamir UK Ltd. has launched Autograph InTouch with As-Worn™ technology.

A multi-purpose progressive lens, Shamir Autograph InTouch AW addresses the new needs and challenges to the eyes experienced by progressive lens wearers who are on-the-go, and regular users of the intermediate and near zones, for example digital device users.

This innovative lens ensures easy close-up focus on small text in the 40cm-70cm range needed for viewing today's handheld technology, without losing sharp focus on immediate and distant surroundings. Designed with wide viewing areas that are quickly accessible, and optimised to the wearer's head-eye-hand position, Shamir Autograph InTouch is a multi-purpose progressive lens designed to meet the needs of today's consumers, in touch with modern technologies.

This new individualised lens ensures quick appearance and up to 25% more addition power in the 40cm-70cm range when compared with other progressive lenses on the market.

In addition, it offers both a reading area and an intermediate viewing area that are up to 22% broader. Add to this the soft design of the lens providing an easy transition between lens zones, and the result is a lens that ensures optimal viewing comfort for every visual range and every activity.

Building on the success of the exclusive personalised Shamir Autograph™ range of lenses the new line of Shamir Autograph InTouch AW is optimised to the wearer's head-eye-hand position when using a handheld device.

The lens is also individualised according to prescription and frame choice, ensuring maximum performance at Shamir’s well known supreme value.

Shamir are proud sponsors of the PHN published Opchat News, please visit our webiste through our PHN page.

Independent Optician Safeguarding.

June 2017

CareerCheckCareerCheck launch their one-stop pre-employment and background screening service for independent opticians.

Our screening protocols provide a set of background checks designed to safeguard independent opticians from the risks associated with recruitment.

By providing a set menu we are able to offer the advantages of cost savings normally enjoyed by larger chains

We will provide:

• Confirmation of GOC registration

• Validation of qualifications and/or attendance on an appropriate training course

• Employment references covering past three years

• Personal/professional references if full employment history not available

• Enhanced Criminal Record Check

The cost per candidate £98.99 (excluding VAT).

Price includes all direct charges from Disclosure & Barring Service, academic institutions and professional bodies.

Register now to join and get more information just email your name and business address to CareerCheck.

Registration is free and you will be sent details of our easy online process and please take a moment to visit our website.



June 2017

OV4253Vintage style, modern appeal. This is the concept of the new OLIVIERO CONTINI frames, one of Area98’s historic brands which proposes an eyewear collection that offers timeless elegance, with sober and clean lines for him and touches of diamante and fine details for her.

The men's frames have square or rounded shapes and are distinguished by a carefully calibrated mix of materials. Alongside proposals that combine titanium fronts with acetate temples - like the OV4253(left) and OV4254 models - we can also find acetate frames in which metal elements are applied to the fronts or create details on the temples that are full of charm and personality, like the OV4250 model.

The palette of colours is inspired by the past, with the use of classics such as grey, black, blue and havana, perfect for the modern businessman, being enriched with an elegant and soberly intellectual spirit.

The ladies, on the other hand, will be able to show off a delicate touch of glam, such as a jewel detail on the temples or a delicate diamante.

OV4245 c 1

As can be seen in the rounded, acetate OV4245 model (right), which lights up the eyes thanks to the rhinestone decorations applied at the hinges, and in the middle of the temples. In the cat-eye OV4246 model, also in acetate, there are refined metal elements which are used to create a play of light: a singular gold or silver metal profile that winds along the ends of the rim unfurling sinuously to the temples, capturing the attention whilst at the same time conferring dynamism to the model.

WECO C.6 – The Master in Lab Efficiency.

June 2017

Autoflow Bloqueur WECO C6Auto Blocking is the only possibility to ensure consistent accuracy in industrial finishing. It reduces the risk of waste by manual intervention drastically. Weco, having a long-term experience in the field of industrial Automatic Blocking, has developed the next generation of its product range in industrial equipment.

Beside using same proven technologies as Wavefront Measurement Technology and lens display it offers an up-to-date touchscreen interface and easy lens access.

It is the fastest manual loading blocker in the market with a productivity of up to 60 Jobs/Hr.

The automatism makes life very easy. After calling the job with the barcode reader just place the lens on the tray and put the block into the adapter, then start the process and when finished take out the lens.

Easy Access to the Jobs

Get all Job relevant data from your VCA Host with the barcode reader.

Quick Loading

With an ergonomic loading and unloading system the lens can be placed and taken easily out of the Blocker.

Most Accurate Centering

With perfect Optics and a High-Resolution imaging camera, it is easy to recognize the laser engravings. With an intuitive System very quickly it is possible to adjust the centration to the most accurate markings on progressive lenses.

Wavefront based Lens inspection

Single Vision, Bifocal and Progressive Lenses are measured by the Wavefront Sensor, based on Shack Hartmann Principle. Progressive Lens Powers are measured in the points which are given by the host.

Automatic Blocking

When the measured lens power is within tolerances and shape fits into the lens contour, the C.6 industrial.line will block the lens correctly in position and axis. The whole blocking process will take only a few seconds.

Customizable Tolerance Database

Adjust the power tolerances for the different lens powers according to your Demands. The C.6 industrial.line is being delivered with a pre-programmed Database according to the ANSI Standards.

Contact Norville for further details.

ESSILOR launch contemporary Lens Colours.

May 2017

Essilor Amethyst tint

Essilor is expanding its Transitions adaptive lenses range with a collection of style-driven colours designed to appeal to a younger audience.

The new Style Colours include amethyst (l), sapphire (r), emerald (below l)and amber (below r)which join the existing functional palette of iconic colours - grey, brown and graphite green – and adapt from clear to dark when exposed to UV light.

Essilor Sapphire

Style Colours introduces a contemporary element to purchasing prescription eyewear, where colours can be selected to either match or complement the chosen frame in line with each patient’s individual style.

Head of marketing, Jonathan Cohen said, “The new collection has been deigned to attract younger consumers to Transitions by offering a unique way for patients to express themselves and enjoy light more comfortably in lenses.

Essilor Emerald tint


“Transitions have traditionally been popular amongst an older demographic but by offering a selection of appealing colours, we believe younger patients will be more motivated to opt for adaptive lenses to help protect their eyes against harmful UV rays.”

Essilor Amber

Now available in the UK, Style Colours is supported by promotional materials including sample products for display, POS, a consumer brochure and poster.


The launch is supported by a new TV advertising campaign featuring models wearing the new collection and enjoying the benefits of the range adapting from clear to dark.

This runs alongside the existing Channel 4 News weather sponsorship which features a series of eye catching short videos at the start and end of the programme.

Retro is back with a multi-coloured bang this summer holidays, thanks to a super-cool Rock Star promotion that launches in june.

May 2017

Rock starby EyespaceColour is everything when it comes to young Rock Stars and multi-award-winning frame manufacturer, Eyespace is offering the complementary 10-in-1 pens as a fun gift with purchase. With a nostalgic nod to the parents of now, the colour-popping pens are set to introduce youngsters to the iconic stationery item that their mums and dads grew up with.

Nicky Clement, Marketing Manager at Eyespace, commented, "In every aspect of our lives nostalgia has gained full momentum - from social media to celebrity style we’re seeing the return of icons of our youth and those of the generations before us. With love being shown to the ‘80s and ‘90s right now, we stepped back in time to find something that resonated from our youth and that kids today hadn’t seen before.

Rock Star is known for its contemporary twists on retro styling, trend-led prints and bold use of colour and these are all present in the pen; everyone that has seen it has loved the innovative interpretation of the brand personality and how it allows young glasses wearers to engage with Rock Star in a fun way.

Rock Star by Eyespace

There’s definitely going to be some stationery envy at schools across the country come September!”

Filled with energy, Rock Star delivers the hottest mini-celeb looks while inspiring individual style and self-confidence.

Developed for kids aged 5-15, this contemporary range pops with personality through fashion-forward design and fun pattern and colour fusions; cool retro tortoiseshells, HD-prints, superhero-style emblems and on-trend mirrored lenses come together in a collection of 56 optical frames and 4 hotter-than-summer sunglasses, that each have their finger on the fashion pulse.

Each model is designed and developed in the UK from a blank canvas, allowing perfect fit and all-day comfort.


May 2017

Essilor has re-invented near vision at arm’s length and developed the first progressive lens to match the maximum volume of vision that wearers need in the modern world with its revolutionary new Varilux X series design.

X Series by VariluxIt will roll the new product out in the UK in May 2017 along with a new personalisation tools to create the “ultimate vision experience”.

It said that the new lens will change the lives of millions of presbyopes by helping them regain visual agility and spontaneity with very little of the frustrating head movement to “find the sweet spot”.

While earlier designs of progressive lenses were based on a single distance for near vision, at 40cm, and in one viewing direction only, this new lens can handle multiple near distances in a 40-70 cm arm’s length sphere, giving extended vision.

It will offer a 75 per cent match with wearers’ visual needs within arm’s length, the highest match ever achieved by a progressive lens, compared with the 59 per cent match average from alternative premium progressive designs.

Head of marketing Jonathan Cohen said: “We will liberate Generation X presbyopes who are multi-tasking all day in an accelerated and online world and always feel rushed. Progressive lenses should not slow them down. They expect visual fluidity yet even the latest technology continues to force them to move to find the right vision zone.”

Essilor has also launched a new, exclusive measuring protocol to optimise the new lens at near vision with a new system for opticians to measure a patient’s individual Near Vision Behaviour (NVB). This traps both static posture and dynamic movement of eyes and documents during reading.

Unlike previous varifocal lens personalisation tools which are more oriented to distance vision than near vision, it captures natural posture more accurately, by measuring the wearer seated, reading comfortably, just using an iPad and a brand new clip.

Near Vision Behaviour captures “four in one” measures to optimise the shape and position of vision volume, including a wearer’s gaze lowering, distance, lateral offset and visual behaviour.

X Series by VariluxEssilor has also reinvented its full in-store measurement solution, Visioffice, to offer a complete in-store experience that combines fitting, physiological and behavioural measures to build a complete vision diagnostic for patients.

Wearer studies from Essilor showed that when patients tested new glasses after being measured, 100 per cent preferred them to the previous pair, compared to 84 per cent who tested the same lens without being measured. It also showed that up to 89 per cent of wearers who experienced personalisation said it had a strong impact on lens performance.

“There is not one type of near distance but multiple near distances that are important to wearers and this allows them to seamlessly capture every detail within arms’ reach and beyond with the best vision volume match”, said Cohen.

X Series by Varilux“Everyone has different behaviour so it is worth personalising the shape and the position of the volume of clear vision delivered by the lens. This gives the best match between the volume needed and the volume that the lens offers. It is quick, easy and intuitive, gives the patient a complete vision diagnostic and an enjoyable 360˚experience.”

“We have combined a revolutionary new lens which wearers have rigorously -tested and approved with the powers of personalisation and a stronger in store experience. The lenses and new Near Vision Behaviour measure can deliver accelerated fluidity and adaptation in a traditionally challenging area, and make it easier to explain the benefits of premium lenses.”


Innovative research
X Series by VariluxCohen said the new solution had been built on the most comprehensive and innovative wearer study of any lens on the market, using new methodologies to test that the new concept presented a real step-change. Research drew on five wearer trials across Europe involving over 300 wearers, multi-disciplinary teams of physiology specialists, designers and sociologists and has been endorsed by the Paris Vision Institute.

It studied presbyopes world-wide in their daily lives, through selfie videos and a thorough study of online testimonials.

Essilor’s experimental lab, Movis, generated measurable data to develop design parameters. By placing sensors on lens wearers and using infrared cameras, it captured moving positions in real time and in 3D. Modelling these movements generated data to run extensive studies of people wearing the new lenses while using stairs, repairing small objects and multitasking.

House laboratory trials tested wearers in a realistic home environment, to recreate wearer behaviour and test near vision performance. Wearers scored their satisfaction levels from 95 and 100 per cent after reading lying down, watching movies on tablets while texting, doing beauty tasks, completing precise tasks and looking at a dashboard.

New technologies and software
Varilux X series has 15 pending patents and has combined three technologies: Synchroneyes, Nanoptix and the brand new Xtend. Cohen said it has revolutionised the concept of lens design through new lens calculation software. Its new Xtend technology shapes a specific zone within the arms’ length vision zone. Previously each Nanoptix element was optimised to manage one target for one gaze direction. With this lens, Nanoptix elements are cross optimised by clusters of seven to manage multiple targets for one gaze direction.

FYSH UK announces May 2017 releases.

May 2017

Natural inspiration is the focus for the pre-summer FYSH UK launch.

By combining sultry nature inspired patterns and colors with innovative design elements, the new FYSH UK collection produces interesting, fresh outcomes in the most current shapes.

F 3579The perfect mix of key fashion influences, top quality materials and state-of-the-art technology creates a unique style, perfect for the confident woman who is not afraid to express her authentic spirit.

A unique color blocking technique gives F-3579 its intriguing appeal.

The soft cat-eye is brought to life with a solid band of color that is layered upon a wispy, brush stroke pattern providing a unique depth to the design. This style is available in classic hues of Black Grey and Brown Sand, for a pure natural look, or in more bright tones such as Cobalt Turquoise and Purple Violet, for those looking for a bolder fashion statement.

F 3580F-3581 is fierce and flirty with a shimmery crocodile print highlighting the 70’s inspired softly rounded cat-eye.

The exotic print extends across the brow bar and gently drapes onto the temple giving the frame a soft yet sexy vibe. Coupled with vivid color options - Purple, Cobalt, Black and Raspberry - this hot motif creates a fiercely feminine and on-trend look.


F 3581Constructed from high gloss, handmade acetate, model F-3580 exhibits a translucent smoky pattern for a truly dramatic outcome.

The squared cat-eye shape is centered with a stainless steel endpiece, adding an interesting design element to this eye-catching style. Available in rich, whimsical tones of Cobalt Haze, Purple Haze, Burgundy Haze and Brown Haze, F-3580 is the perfect style for any season.

FYSH UK is produced by WestGroupe

Mykita present Mykita Studio Collection a RADICAL REDUCTION.

May 2017

Mykita Studio Presenting the first optical models in the MYKITA STUDIO collection. Radical in their reduced material concept, the STUDIO 5 models are slender stainless steel frames with a thick powder coating.

In sunny powder pastels or a dark mineral patina, the pure shapes assume the mood of their respective colourway.

Perfectly flush temple ends appear as though dipped in liquid acetate, revealing MYKITA’s passion for product detail.

Model: STUDIO 5.1 & & STUDIO 5.4 (Shown right)
From the Collection: MYKITA STUDIO
Material: Stainless steel, Colours: Champagne Gold, Silver, Black, Rose, Pale Blue, Dusty Rust, Granite Grey
These models will be instore from June/July 2017.

New Comfortear® LacrisolveTM 180 Absorbable Punctum Plugs.

May 2017

AltacorAltacor are pleased to announce the addition of Comfortear® LacrisolveTM 180 Absorbable Punctum Plugs to its dry eye product portfolio.

LacrisolveTM plugs provide predictable occlusion therapy lasting up to 180 days, almost double the duration of most other absorbable plugs. The new plugs are intended to temporarily treat the symptoms of dry eye disease (including postsurgery), contact lens intolerance secondary to dry eye, and to increase efficacy of ocular medications and lubricants.

Comfortear from Altacor

Made from an innovative polymer material called polydioxanone, the plugs are designed with precision and made for comfort.

They are available in two sizes: 0.4mm and 0.5mm. The implants are supplied sterile with two plugs provided per pack.

Aimed at both specialist opticians with an interest in dry eye and consultant ophthalmologists in hospitals, Comfortear Lacrisolve 180 Plugs are an ideal addition to a healthcare professionals tool kit for when patients need more than drops to treat dry eye.

Product is available to order direct from Altacor.

The plugs are effective in the horizontal canaliculi, are comfortable after proper placement and will not fall out of the punctum. Punctal dilation and topical anesthesia are not typically required for the insertion of the plugs.

Please contact Altacor to arrange a product demonstration.

Order Details

Product (size and order code)

Comfortear Lacrisolve 180 Plug 0.4mm USP2847
Comfortear Lacrisolve 180 Plug 0.5mm USP2840

4 NEW Mai-Zee frames from Norville.

May 2017

Norville Introduces, 4 new trendy Mai-Zee frames to its collection.

Norville Mai-ZeeThis collection offers brilliant everyday frames at an affordable price; designs are feminine chic with a varied choice of models in desirable shapes, including round, cat and Quadra shapes drawn a little deeper to catch current trends.

There really is something to suit all tastes with a collection encompassing both classic and contemporary elements.

The new releases are great additions, with a mix of metal and acetates.

The colour palette incorporates traditional black, vibrant pink and contrasting marbling tones.

One of these new models, MZ059 C1 is also available in Plum marble.

Model Shown: MZ059, Colour : Green marble, Size : A: 49 Bridge: 19 Temple: 135

Shamir announces new Close-Up™ Technology.

April 2017

Close Up by ShamirThe daily activity of looking at a digital screen and dealing with up close tasks has become increasingly popular in the modern-day world, meaning the eyes are frequently converging.

A physiological trait that varies from person to person, convergence is particularly significant with progressive lenses. The amount of convergence required and achieved, influences near visual performance during close work tasks.

Today’s lens designs are "universally optimized" for near viewing, with an average inset value, which is fine in most cases. However, when it comes to any irregularities, near vision may be unfocused or narrow. The personalization that Shamir’s Close Up™ provides is an optimal solution for everyone.

Shamir’s Close-Up technology adjusts the reading zone inset of every lens to the individual patient’s convergence during near viewing. Adjustments are made in 0.1 mm steps within a range of 0 - 5 mm. In other words, the lens is custom-adjusted to the individuals near PD, relative to their far PD.

This advanced lens design technology creates lenses that meet individual differences, from physiological traits such as distance between pupils, length of arms, or convergence/divergence disorders, to life style, type of work, hobbies, and so on.

The result is a highly personalized lens that meets today’s visual performance demands, whether average or irregular, for near and intermediate viewing.

Support is provided by Shamir for your free Opchat News services along with other industry leaders. Take a look at the Shamir page and link to their website today.


Grafton Optical announce the launch of the D-EYE™ ImageSelect™ App upgrade.

April 2017


Exclusively available in the UK through Grafton Optical, the innovative D-EYE™ Portable Eye and Retinal Imaging System easily attaches to your smartphone, creating an ophthalmic camera for vision care screening and evaluation.

ImageSelect ™ is an enhanced application upgrade of the D-EYE 2.0 Apple smartphone based digital ophthalmoscope. The upgrade adds new and essential features to simplify clinician based ophthalmoscopy screenings. A free upgrade for all current users is available from the Apple iTunes Store. To watch videos on the D-EYE and the new App release, please click here.

Duck & Cover DC045

The ImageSelect™ upgrade allows the examiner to convert high definition videos into single images, edit, store and immediately share with other specialists for further patient assessment.

• Select specific frames from 30 second recorded videos and save as individual images to the patient record

• Pre-set and post edit photo settings to adjust or enhance images

• Share and save patient exams externally from the smartphone with other medical specialists via the new LAN share and PDF report features

D-EYE and the D-EYE 2.0 Application can be used with the iPhone 5, 5S, SE, 6, 6S, 6+, and 6S+ with the introduction of the iPhone 7 in early May 2017.


Support for Opchat News is provided by Grafton Optical (see their pages) and from other leading Optical Suppliers.

Introducing 4 NEW Duck & Cover frames to its collection!

April 2017

Norville is exceptionally pleased to present 4 (available in 2 colours) new frames, from the Duck and Cover Eyewear season Spring/Summer 2017.

Commitment to urban design, inspired by this young London-based team, keeps Duck and Cover as the favourite option for young people.

Keeping it real, our Eyewear is not fussy, but truly reflects the look, feel and trend of the brand.
Norville are really proud of this collection and would be delighted to have the opportunity to present the range.

Duck & Cover DC045Our new models include a fashionable key-hole design model DC045 C2 in Tort, also available in Black.

Model : DC045
Colours : Tort & Brown
Eyesizes : A:48 Bridge: 21 Temple 140

Grafton Optical announce exclusive UK partnership with Visionix on the revolutionary new Eye Refract.

April 2017

Grafton Optical has announced their exclusive partnership with Visionix to supply the revolutionary new Eye Refract within the UK and Ireland.

Eye Refract Available now, the Eye Refract is the perfect instrument for eyecare professionals wishing to achieve a highly accurate refraction in a quarter of the time of traditional methods.

Eye Refract features a dual Aberrometer that utilises a unique and innovative technology which couples an automatic refraction measurement and a simultaneous iterative lens adjustment. This instrument has revolutionised the practice of refraction offering quick, accurate, and reliable measurements. Eye Refract allows eye care professionals to optimise time spent with patients by offering a highly customised experience with an exceptional prescription. The instrument brings the average time of a standard refraction down from 8-10 minutes, to 2 minutes.

Eye Refract features two Shack-Hartmann sensors running simultaneously to provide real time binocular refraction. These sensors combined with the phoropter head allow Eye Refract to automatically correct visual defects.

Watch the Eye Refract video here.


• Perfect visual acuity in less than one minute - less dedicated time for refraction, more time to interact with patients

• Accurate and reliable prescriptions offer maximum patient comfort in less time

• Monocular measurement in a binocular environment offers a more precise and comfortable prescription based on individual visual behaviour

• Real time lens adjustment based on patient brain reactions

• Distance and near vision measurement

• Fully automatic eye tracking and auto-focusing

• Based on patented Wavefront Technology developed by Visionix®

• Controlled by a Wi-Fi enabled tablet remote which allows the operator freedom of movement

• True addition which takes into account real distance results in unmatched comfort for patients

• Easy-to-use refractive instrument featuring highly repeatable results independent of operator, patient, or methods used

Grafton Optical are sponsors of the PHN Opchat News and you can view their page here.


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