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Opchat Magazine New products and services pagesNew Products and Services, July to September 2017


FYSH UK Fall 2017 Collection
Vinyl Factory announces new designs for SILMO 2017
Essilor’s Road Pilot range combines comfort and safety.
Camouflage Is the Inspiration of the latest Hda® Collection By Okia.
Emerging Trends: Minimalism Reimagined by Red Rose from Ogi.
NEW Dana Buchman frames from Norville.
Beauty and Innovation in Balance with a new Stepper Frame
MYKITA "LESSRIM", A Sense of Transparency.
La Matta: New Advertising Campaign For 2017
The New Progear Sprinter sports range from Norville.
New blink® triple action eye drops bring relief to sufferers of dry-feeling eyes.
Special edition BLACKFIN collection for the blue marlin in Ibiza
Beautiful Innovation comes from Stepper.
January Jones Wearing MYKITA
NXT® sun lenses- NEVER COMPROMISE from Essilor.
Grafton Optical announce new rental scheme for E-Eye - the revolutionary IRPL® therapy for Dry Eye
OKIA introduces STARGAZER inspired Eyewear.
Basebox capsule collection from Eyespace
KOMONO A/W 2017 Core and Crafted Sunglass Collections.
Ogi Kids Sets Cool Summer Trends.

FYSH UK Fall 2017 Collection

September 2017

Drawing inspiration from the latest fashion runway trends, the FYSH UK collection for Fall 2017 is full of eye-catching styles that are as unique and original as the women who wear them.

Intricate natural, animal and abstract patterns are elevated by bright colors and raised effects that provide depth and dimension to the design, bringing the frames’ decorations to life in a truly dramatic way. The clever mix of top quality materials and state-of-the-art technology makes these styles the perfect accessory for today’s confident, modern woman.

F 3586

FYSH UK F-3586 will definitely light up any look with its shimmery abstract print transferred flawlessly onto the brow line. This whimsical pattern updates the traditional square shape of this frame, appealing to women who are looking for a throwback design with a modern twist. F-3586 is available in a color palette of Midnight Blue, Purple, Raspberry and Black Storm.



Take a walk on the wild side with semi rimless FYSH UK model F-3587, that exhibits a subtle and contemporary Cheetah inspired print on the front and the temples. A metal inlay is lasered along the edges of this square shaped frame, creating an interesting design element that adds depth to the print. Available colors are deep and rich and include Purple Demi, Cobalt Demi, Teal Demi and Red Demi.

F 3588

FYSH UK model F-3588 stands out for its unique modified square shape with a dropped bridge that expresses a new direction of fashionable shapes for the FYSH UK collection.

The romantic paisley openwork pattern showcased on the end piece and temples provide a refined bohemian look, while the complimentary contrasting color combinations capture many of the color trends for the next season. F-3588 is available in Black Gold, Cobalt Purple, Brown Silver and Raspberry Coder.


The centerpiece of the FYSH UK Fall collection is model F-3590, a sexy square shaped acetate frame proposed in four unique color patterns that are inspired by the shimmer and shine of metallic fibers.

The metallic brow is coupled with a crystal bottom providing for a futuristic, gradient effect that will definitely turn heads with its fashion forward look. With shining hues popular in both fashion and eyewear - Crystal Gold, Crystal White, Crystal Rose and Black -

F-3590 is sure to brighten up the eyes thanks to its mix of quiet luxury and techno edge.

Vinyl Factory announces new designs for SILMO 2017

September 2017

How to translate seduction into Optical Frames?

Imbrugliaby VF

You will find Imbruglia, the new design from Vinyl Factory answers the question with materaials that look like gems.

Follow that with Barlow, sunglasses filled with power and strength.

Smoked glass lenses with a stainless steel bar topping shows off the designing flare of Vinyl Factory.

See their info on our SILMO preview pages for this years show.

Essilor’s Road Pilot range combines comfort and safety.

September 2017

Essilor PilotEssilor Ltd is helping its independent partners capture market share in the emerging ophthalmic driving lens category with its new Road Pilot lens.

The branded driving lens combines two new technologies for the first time, in coating and design, to enhance confidence, comfort and driving performance, particularly during night-time, lower light and challenging weather conditions.


It is offered exclusively with a new Crizal Drive anti-reflective coating which reduces distracting glare from dashboard, modern headlights, street lights, traffic lights and set surfaces with up to 90% less reflections than a simple hard coat, to maximise clear vision.

It is available within unique single vision and Varilux forms, each tailored to deliver exceptional performance through design and coating. It can be enhanced with Transitions XTRActive which adapts to varying light conditions, so opticians can offer the ‘ultimate, 24-7’ driving lens giving clear vision from dawn to dusk to night-time.

Commercial director Randeep Gill said: “Driving without decent glare protection is risky and stressful. Statistics show night-time driving is when most accidents happen, is when 17 million UK drivers struggle to see, when 31% of UK motorists refuse to drive and 43% report blurred vision.

“This can be recommended for safety, comfort and confidence but also improved driving given impaired vision means slower reaction times behind the wheel. It’s giving the patient something new and filling a real need.”

The Crizal Drive coating is exclusive to the Road Pilot range and gives opticians another reason to explain the brand which set the standard for non-glare lenses 25 years ago.

Essilor PilotThe launch offers a reason to dispense Transitions XTRActive, its darkest photochromic lenses which is unique in activating instantly when the driver is exposed to visible light behind the windscreen, to cut sun glare and give comfort in the brightest light.

“It is a 24/7 solution for Britain’s 35 million motorists, and a new but big niche market,” said Gill. “The consumer multi-pair proposition is compelling as the Varilux lens is designed to be kept in the car where it is needed, and needed by law in France, Spain and Switzerland.

“Consumers can keep Road Pilot Transitions XTRActive in their car and keep their first pair for everyday use. Multi-pair sales are increasing in the UK, and our partners are outperforming the market average here as we train their staff on how to recommend to patients their best visual solution.”

Sales training on how to present the new product in multi-pair options will be offered under a new CET accredited training programme called Keys to Road Pilot.

The product is offered with a two year anti-scratch guarantee for the Crizal lenses, the “Love em or Leave em” guarantee on the Transitions XTRActive element of the lens and the usual Varilux non-adaptation guarantee for a suitable replacement

The Crizal brand will be reinforced through Essilor’s sponsorship of the Channel 4 weather forecast during September and October.

Camouflage Is the Inspiration of the latest Hda® Collection By Okia.

September 2017

Okia RefreshUniqueness and boldness: these are the keywords of the new “Camouflage Refresh” collection developed by OKIA.

Perfect for those people who love to push the boundaries of ordinary style, this amazing collection capitalizes on the timeless camouflage trend and gives it a modern, unconventional twist thanks to the creativity of the OKIA design team.

Camouflage prints, originally meant for military troops to confuse the enemy, are more and more popular not only among men but also in women’s fashion, where they are proposed in natural tones or with more unusual and dazzling colors.

OKIA revisits the classic camouflage pattern to produce a more refined and innovative outcome: lines become softer and colors blend harmoniously just like in a painting, while the design details feature a surprising high definition and 3-dimensional effect thanks to the HDA® Technology.

Moreover, the CSB (Crazy Sparkling Beauty) technique enriches the camouflage decoration with twinkling gold or silver foil that lights up the eyes gently whilst at the same time conferring dynamism to the frame.

Offered in a rich, warm color palette including olive green and crimson, “Camouflage Refresh” is a must-have for the next fall season.

Emerging Trends: Minimalism Reimagined by Red Rose from Ogi.

September 2017

Building upon a rich heritage of minimalistic design, Red Rose is teeming with excitement to announce the arrival of its Fall 2017 lineup.

This collection showcases a whole host of new styles that utilize revolutionary high-density acetate and industrial-quality stainless steel. Headlined by the Carrara and Diamante, these models blend classic silhouettes with contemporary colorways, and achieve a sleek and simple aesthetic with subtle details and original components.

Reimagining optical solutions for the modern minimalist, Red Rose’s Fall 2017 collection introduces timeless eyewear that responds to an emerging desire for considered design with a pared down look.

The Carrara

CarraraThis fiercely feminine cat-eye frame features a softly-upswept silhouette handmade from translucent high-density acetate—an ultra-lightweight material with extreme durability. The Carrara’s pastel colorway incorporates some of the season’s coolest hues, including Aloe Green and Rose Dust.

Stainless steel temples with a crosshatched pattern add visible texture, while adjustable tips—wrapped in acetate and capped with the iconic Red Rose emblem—elevate the comfort and style of this contemporized vintage-style frame.

The Diamante

DiamonteThe latest P3 frame introduced by Red Rose, the Diamante was masterfully designed with simplicity in mind. Carefully handcrafted from sturdy high-density acetate, this scholarly style has a keyhole bridge—a definitive mark of intellect—and a round silhouette with a defined, squared-off edge.

The textured stainless steel temples are attached with minimalistic rolling hinges that feature a screwless construction. This must-have model comes in a sophisticated colorway, too, led by Adriatic Teal and Crystal.

Red Rose banners, counter cards, logo blocks, and mirrors are available upon request.

NEW Dana Buchman frames from Norville.

September 2017

D Buchman FramesNew to Norville are these two Dana Buchman frames Glennora and Susette, chic designs, especially suitable for mature ladies with contemporary styling and generous lens depths.

Each frame comes in three colour selections.

One of the new models include Glennora a full rim metal frame, in Berry Gold, Black Gold and Midnight available in 50/17 and 53/17 eyesizes.(Shown here)

Each frame comes with its very own cream-coloured, crocodile pattern case. Perfect for your autumn/winter look.
Model : Glennora ( Berry Gold) Eye size: A: 50 Bridge: 17 Temple: 130 A: 52 Bridge: 17 Temple: 135

Beauty and Innovation in Balance with a new Stepper Frame

September 2017

Stepper SI 30113The SI-30113 has only been available in the UK for a very short time but is rapidly proving a favourite. From a design point, the frame’s appeal is clear yet the frame’s appeal goes far deeper than looks alone.

‘At first glance this frame has an instant attraction’, comments Peter Reeve, Managing Director STEPPER (UK) Ltd. ‘The SI-30113 brings together three winning elements.

Firstly the frame is on-trend with its ultra-thin plastic profile. Secondly the shape is fashionably large, but not over large, making it suitable to most faces. And thirdly STEPPER have added a pretty detail on the temple that appeals to those who want a modern frame that isn’t too plain and has some embellishment.

Great styling belies the technical innovation required to deliver this with quality and durability. Look close and the proven STEPPER mix of TX5 and Beta Titanium begin to revel themselves.

A TX5 front allows the frame to curve around the facial contours, resting with a feather-light touch on the bridge. Super slim Beta Titanium sides provide great strength combined with flexibility.

‘STEPPER select the best materials to deliver the job demanded of each frame part. Add to all this a weight of just 6.2g, suitability for most lens types and SI-30113’s hypoallergenic properties, and the frame is a clear winner,’ concludes Peter.

The SI-30113 is available in Rose Shell, Shell and Plum with complementary temple detailing.

MYKITA "LESSRIM", A Sense of Transparency.

September 2017

Mykita Lessrim MYKITA presents its most discreet and minimalistic eyewear collection to date. MYKITA LESSRIM is based on a barely visible construction creating ultra-light eyewear that blends seamlessly into the facial features.

MYKITA reinterprets the traditional rimless concept with the help of latest advancements in polishing technology. Ultra-fine rims hold the lenses without the need for perforation giving them a floating appearance.

The 0.5 millimetre wide stainless steel rim lies flush in the groove of the lens perimeter leaving a hint of a silver outline.

Pure shapes meet with subtle metallic colourways and understated functional detailing for a reduced, virtually translucent aesthetic. The tapered stainless steel temples feature an elongated acetate temple end to optimise the weight balance of the glasses.

A functional coating on the nose pads keeps the frame in place. This reduced material concept amounts to outstanding
lightness and comfort.

Launching as an eight-piece collection, MYKITA LESSRIM features seven optical models and one sun glass frame.

The range of archetypal shapes includes the classic panto EITO, rectangular models NOBU and KAITO, and the round KAYO. With its high mono bridge, MASAO presents a new spin
on a traditional masculine style. RYO is a double-bridge panto, and YOKO a larger round – both are available as an optical or sunglass frame. Sunglasses AIMI, a subtle butterfly shape, rounds off the selection.

La Matta: New Advertising Campaign For 2017

September 2017

La Matta LM3220 C2
“Animal Instinct” is the mantra behind the new advertising campaign by La Matta, the unmistakeable Area98 brand which has always stood out from the crown on account of its knack for combining excess with style.

The advertising campaign features an adult, modern, sensual woman whose femininity explodes in the images, accompanied by natural detailing such as ostrich and peacock feathers, which reflect the animal inspiration behind a collection of eyewear designed for those who want to give their personality a clear voice.

Colour is the unquestionable protagonist of the models in the collection: brilliant, intense shades merge with fine decorations inspired by the art of goldsmithing on the temples, illuminating the gaze of the La Matta woman and lending it a hint of bold sophistication.

La Matta is targeting the kind of eclectic, exuberant personality expressed in the new shots, which use patterning, shading and detailing to capture the very essence of feminine seduction.


The New Progear Sprinter sports range from Norville.

August 2017

Sprinter from NorvilleInspired by pro cycling team jerseys, the new two-tone Progear Sprinter sports range is both eye catching and offers comfort even after long wear.

They feature:

• Ready-to-wear plano polycarbonate lens. Remarkable cosmetic with contrasting Revo-mirror combination

• Rimless nylon shield lens offers wide field of protection

• Fully adjustable end tip with metal core covered with anti-slip, non-allergnic rubber for maximum snug fit

• Sides and bridge piece can be detached and refitted onto different lens carrier unit

• Sprinter provides a unique solution for Rx lens wearers. Grooved Trivex Rx lenses replacing the plano central lens as fitted to the unit (Rx range +3.00DS with cylinders to 3.00DC).

• Ultra lightweight

With the input from professional sportsmen and optical experts, Progear is precision-tuned to maximize clarity under different sports environments.

The Sprinter is available in six colour combinations.

New blink® triple action eye drops bring relief to sufferers of dry-feeling eyes.

August 2017

Blue Marlin from Blackfin
An estimated 68% of us suffer from some form of eye irritation such as dry-feeling, tired or itchy eyes.*

Now there is a new eye drop available to help bring lasting relief, new blink® Triple Action eye drops from Johnson & Johnson Vision.

Air conditioning, central heating and hours sitting in front of a computer screen with a reduced blink rate can play havoc with the eyes.

Hormonal changes are also a factor in a problem which many people rarely mention to their Eye Care Professional.

Help is available with these intensive eye drops which combine two soothing moisturisers with protective liposomes and Vitamin E.

Unlike some other eye drops new blink® Triple Action eye drops support all three layers of the eyes’ tear-film – helping soothing away feelings of dryness and irritation, boosting the eyes moisture levels and then helping to lock-in this moisture for greater protection.

Together this triple action formula helps to supplement and stabilise the tear-film.

Convenient to use and suitable for contact lens wearers, the drops can be used at any time throughout the day.

*Johnson & Johnson Vision commissioned survey of 1000 consumers, 2014

Special edition BLACKFIN collection for the blue marlin in Ibiza

August 2017

Blue Marlin from BlackfinBlackfin, the brand of titanium eyewear entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, has created a special edition capsule collection for the Blue Marlin Beach Club in Ibiza.

This famous venue, home to the most glamorous nightlife on the island, wanted to add to the range of exclusive products on offer to its guests and therefore, naturally turned to Blackfin as the top-of-the-range eyewear brand.

Blackfin will now have its own corner in the club selling a special edition of some of the best-selling sunglass models. Gold Beach BF784, Montego Bay BF774, San Diego BF766 and the unmistakeable SLOT BF801, star of the 2017 advertising campaign, will be personalised with the Blue Marlin logo laser-printed on the inside of the temple and on the lens. What’s more, for the summer season, all the staff of the club will be wearing Blackfin eyewear as they work under the hot Ibiza sun.

The Spanish island’s international clientele head to the Blue Marlin for an exclusive, sophisticated atmosphere in which every element, from the beach to the restaurant and the events offered for guests’ entertainment is specially selected to ensure a unique holiday experience full of fun.

This prestigious partnership confirms Blackfin as the ideal product for those in search of original, top quality, trend-setting eyewear.

Opened in 2004, the Blue Marlin is the smartest location on Ibiza. Styling at its very best made it an immediate success and the trendiest place on the island.

Guests can bask in the sun on the beach in luxurious loungers, sip a cocktail at the bar, eat at the restaurant, relax in the lounge space and listen to and dance to the rhythms of music mixes created by DJs from all over the world. Blue Marlin Ibiza is today a world-famous brand with branches on the Ibiza Marina, in Los Cabos Mexico and in Dubai.

Beautiful Innovation comes from Stepper.

July 2017

SI-30092 by StepperThe initial appeal of the STEPPER SI-30092 lies in its simple contemporary design. Embellishment free styling derives its attractiveness from understated lines with the frame’s detail delivered through clever material selection and colouration.

The super-comfortable TX5 front is given a graduated finish in a choice of rich colours; from a deep ‘Raspberry’, ‘Ocean’ or ‘Burgundy’ at the top, to clear at the bottom. The graduated front concept is more often associated with classic frames, yet here it is applied, with aesthetic success, to a totally on-trend shape.

The flexible Beta-Titanium sides negate the need for spring hinges, keeping weight to a minimum and allowing for the most elegant, ultra slim temple profiles. A tactile matte finish is applied here, adding a subtle visual twist and giving a ‘nice-to-touch’ characteristic.

“This a great example of the effective combination of TX5 and Titanium that highlights the STEPPER brand’s technical prowess,” states Peter Reeve, Managing Director STEPPER UK. “Delivering real and valuable benefits to the wearer through design, materials and processes has always driven STEPPER’s innovation.”

Enhancing its appeal are that both TX5 and Titanium materials have hypoallergenic properties which add appeal for those for whom some materials can prove problematic.

The SI-30092 (pictures) has a choice of 52 or 54 eye sizes and hits the scales at just 6.1g.

January Jones Wearing MYKITA

July 2017

Channelling that Fifties glamour – Mad Men star January Jones does casual screen siren chic for the Fourth of July holidays.

Decades Range.

NXT® sun lenses- NEVER COMPROMISE from Essilor.

July 2017

NXT by Essilor
Essilor® Sun Solution™ presents its cutting-edge material for sun lenses, with no compromise

What do professional cyclists, free riders, fashion designers who give free rein to their creativity and advanced aerospace material users have in common? They never compromise!

They demand performance and reliable materials: with excellent quality and maximum resistance. Including materials which guarantee optimal vision in different situations. And NXT® material is the one capable of meeting all these requirements.

No compromise in vision because NXT® material – Essilor’s dedicated polymer for sunwear - combines the optimal optical clarity of a mineral lens with the lightweight qualities and impact resistance of an organic lens. And there is more: an NXT® sun lens does not rule out any type of edging or mounting letting creativity flow!

NXT EssilorLenses available in the Essilor® Sun Solution™ NXT® portfolio are divided into the following ranges (also available in Rx):

NXT® embedded: built-in tint control

NXT® Varia™: photo-sensor control

NXT® Polarized: ultimate glare control

NXT® Polarized Varia™: photo-sensor and glare control

NXT by Essilor

NXT® embedded: in all NXT® sun lenses the dyes are embedded directly in the polymer mass. This ensures ultimate color precision, uniformity in color, even with prescription lenses (semi-finished), and increased durability of the color which won’t fade over time.

NXT® Varia™: photochromic molecules are embedded directly in the polymer mass. There are two key benefits: optimal photochromic control and perfect adaptation to specific environments. Thanks to the distinctive molecular structure of these lenses combined with their production technology, NXT® Varia™ sun lenses are also available in two versions:

1) Varia™ Driving: active even from behind the car windshield, for drivers

2) Varia™ Winter Sports: active even at low temperatures, for winter sports enthusiasts

NXT EssilorNXT® Polarized: polarized film enclosed between two layers of NXT® material promotes ideal clarity of vision and better efficiency against blinding reflective glare

NXT® Polarized Varia™: optimal photochromic control and maximum protection against blinding glare. In short, all the NXT® technologies in one lens!

NXT® technology allows Essilor® Sun Solution™ to offer its clients an excellent quality sun lens which employs advanced technology to guarantee an optical performance with no compromise!

Take a look at Essilor's new video demonstrating these lenses here

Grafton Optical announce new rental scheme for E-Eye - the revolutionary IRPL® therapy for Dry Eye

July 2017

E-Eye from GraftonExclusively available in the UK and Ireland through Grafton Optical, E-Eye uses patented IRPL® (Intense Regulated Pulsed Light) technology specifically designed for the treatment of Dry Eye due to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

As well as being available for purchase, Grafton Optical are now introducing an E-Eye rental scheme throughout the UK and Ireland. For further information and pricing please contact Grafton Optical on

E-Eye uses a unique patented Intense Regulated Pulsed Light (IRPL®) technology to help regenerate the function of the Meibomian glands and improve the quality of their secretions.

This new type of polychromatic pulsed light produces perfected calibrated and homogenously sequenced light pulses which stimulate the parasympathetic nerves. This in turn encourages the Meibomian glands to restore their natural lipid flow, reducing tear evaporation and preventing the eyes from becoming dry.

E-Eye Head In most cases, Dry Eye symptoms will significantly improve after 3 sessions, carried out over 45 days (Day 0/ Day 15/ Day 45). For 60% of patients results can last up to 3 years.

• Painless, non-invasive and affordable

• Fast results – sessions are completed in a matter of minutes

• Clinical studies with a 90% satisfaction rate on the first 2 sessions

• 95.7% of patients recommend the treatment

• 55% of patients don’t use eye drops anymore

• 82.6% of patients have symptom improvements

Brian Bowles, Managing Director of Grafton Optical says “We have seen huge interest and success with the E-Eye since its launch in the UK last year. It offers huge benefits not only to patients suffering from MGD related Dry Eye but also to practices wishing to increase their income.”

E-Eye is 100% developed and made in France by ESW Vision, the world’s largest IPL device manufacturer.

PHN kindly thanks Grafton for their Sponsorship, sponsors allow the free publication of this independent news source to over 7500 professionals in.Optics.

Find their contact details in our suppliers guide and visit their pages.

OKIA introduces STARGAZER inspired Eyewear.

July 2017

Stargazer 1OKIA, the Hong Kong-based eyewear company recognized worldwide for its HDA® Technology, launches “Stargazer”, a new eyewear collection that will definitely appeal to any astronomy aficionados.

(Stargazer 1 Right)

Stargazer 2Drawing inspiration from the amazing view that the sky showcases every night with its sparkling stars and magic lights, the new frames proposed by OKIA feature surprising astronomical details - a mixture of globes, constellations and bright accents - all over the temples. (Stargazer 2 left)

Glittering stars are exhibited within the acetate through the application of the patented HDA® Technology, which ensures an unmatched high definition and three-dimensional outcome.

Stargazer 3Moreover, thanks to the CSB (Crazy Sparkling Beauty) technique, twinkling gold or silver foil enriches the decoration highlighting its glitter effect and making the frame extremely sophisticated. (Stargazer 3 Right)

Stargazer 4


Finally, as a result of the silk screen technique and in order to further enhance the overall look&feel, each pattern can be proposed in different colors, including translucent colors.

With its innovative and strong astrology-inspired detailing, “Stargazer” is perfect for those looking for a bold and unique accessory. These new OKIA frames will remind you to always take time to be a stargazer and thank the stars. (Stargazer 4 left)


July 2017

Sci Fi Fest from MykitaTwo futuristic sun shields with fresh neon contouring join the HYBRID range.

Playing the central role is a small, multi-functional MYLON part that showcases MYKITA’s expertise in combining handcraft and high-tech.

Primarily a nose piece, it also holds the lens in place, gives the frame tension and delivers the distinctive HYBRID aesthetic as a styling element.

A rounded bottom profile gives ALOE a refined fashion look, while the expansive front on YARROW makes a strong statement.

Material: MYLON, stainless steel

Basebox capsule collection from Eyespace

July 2017

A new basebox capsule collection from multi-award winning eyewear manufacturer, Eyespace, exudes retro cool through vintage styling and a 90s influenced stone wash finish

Comprising four unique retro eyeshapes in lightweight stainless steel, this on-trend collection is finished using a distressed stone wash effect for a raw industrial look that pushes the style boundaries.

The fashion-forward essence of Basebox has been infused within the collection, with texture, shape and deep tonal colours uniting through Great British Design to create must-have models for the fashion-faithful.

BB 6619 C2BB6619 is a highly-wearable men’s model featuring a stone washed stainless steel eyefront and temples.

Available in size 54-17-140, C1 is a distressed navy with muted dark blue matt acetate tips. C2 (left) comprises a gun BB6621 C2 patina eyefront and corresponding brushed tips.

In size 49-19-135,

BB 6621  C1BB6621
is a bang-on-trend round eye model, updated for a new generation with a cuttingedge stone wash finish.

The distressed look is elevated by stamped square pin detail to the temples. C1 (left) is a cool black with tortoiseshell tips.



BB 6621 C2

C2 is purple with complementary matt tips. (right)

KOMONO A/W 2017 Core and Crafted Sunglass Collections.

July 2017

KOMONO, the Belgian watch and eyewear brand known globally for its unique perspective on design details and quality production, has introduced its Core and Crafted sunglasses collections for Autumn/Winter 2017.

For its FW17 collection, KOMONO explored the extraordinary landscape of Iceland, the land of fire and ice where volcanoes erupt under glaciers, rugged terrain shelters tranquil rivers, and crystal-clear ice rests on shores of black sand.

A land of mystery and powerful beauty, Iceland is a country brimming with captivating contrasts that reflect nature's fascinating paradoxes. These mysteries have inspired the Fall/Winter 2017 Core sunglasses collection.

Featuring mountainesque color palettes as well as fire and ice color contrasts, this collection showcases a modern design sensibility and awe-inspiring aesthetic, reflecting Iceland’s solitary landscapes. These vistas are the perfect setting for premiering KOMONO’s new eco-conscious NEUTRØ Series.

The NEUTRØ Series

The epitome of stylish sustainability, the new NEUTRØ Series combines carbon neutral technology with eco-friendly, durable and well-designed materials to offer a new spin on four classic KOMONO styles: Francis, Vivien, Harper and Devon. Each style features flexible, shock-resistant frames and gradient bio lenses, ensuring optimal comfort. The collection is available in two colors: Sand and Black.

The Finley and the Hollis

Komono Finlay

Light to the touch but heavy in style, the four-piece Finley & Hollis capsule series features stainless steel frames and temples finished in two sophisticated colors: Black Matte and Silver Boutique. Divided into two styles - double-bridge frames and classic retro - the Finley and the Hollis reflect modern and contemporary design at its finest.

The Memphis Metal Series

Vivien Neutro SandClassic meets contrast in the Memphis Metal Series, featuring dramatic red and blue matte finishing with yellow gradient lenses. The Memphis Metal Series takes inspiration from the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech. Owned by designer Yves Saint Laurent, the Jardin Majorelle is a lush botanic oasis whose vivid colors and striking architecture are rendered across three distinct styles – Clement, Vivien and Francis. The Memphis (right)
Metal Series is a nod to aesthetic versatility and bold design.

The Rose Quartz Series

Komono PhoenixBorrowing from its namesake stone, the Rose Quartz collection evokes love, feminine strength and fertility. A warm translucent pink frame is complemented by a cool translucent turquoise temple, bringing harmony and contrast to the Vivien, Lulu and Coco styles, as well as the all new Phoenix model.(left)

The FW17 Crafted collection is a perfect blend of luxury, craftsmanship and design showcased in thirteen impeccably finished pieces of eyewear. This new collection features sunglasses that combine Italian acetate fronts with stainless-steel bridges and temples (The Clovis, The Boris and The Billie) as well as stainless-steel frames with acetate tips stylishly executed in contrasting colors (The Taylor, The Alex and The Monroe).

All styles feature meticulous and refined construction, as well as polarized or CR39 lenses, also available in mirrored colors.

The Scarlet: strictly red.

Komono Scarlet


The all-new Scarlet design is dazzling in the single color that cannot and will not be ignored. From tips to frame, everything about these sunglasses is strictly red. Their unique energy will never fail to add a touch of drama to your look. The Scarlet design is available in two styles: the bold Billie and the iconic Clovis.

The Boris: a confident classic.

The Boris from Komono


Though new to the KOMONO roster, the Boris already looks – and feels – like a classic. Its confident and refined design is a cool compliment to just about any outfit. The Boris is available in two color stories: the iconic Tortoise and the lux Black Gold.

The Billie: a cat-eye for unique design.

Komono Billie

Billie’s feline and feminine curves are a stylish new addition to KOMONO’s minimalist, classic catalogue. These sunglasses are a modern reinterpretation of the retro cat-eye design, and are a perfect way to raise a playful eyebrow to any surprise life throws your way.

The Billie is available in three distinct – and stunning – colorways: saturated Scarlet, luxurious Black Gold, and iconic Tortoise Black.

Racer White Series: stay reckless.

The Boris from KomonoNearly reckless in its intensity, and with highly saturated colors, the Racer White series is only just contained by the minimal curves of the Alex and Taylor styles. Each aspect of these sporty sunglasses goes all out: the frame and temples are stark white, the tips a fiery red, and the lenses deep blue. The Racer White design makes a uniquely colorful – and irresistibly bold – statement.

The Rose Gold Series: gold blush.

Komono Monroe

With its luxurious, rosy glow the Rose Gold series shows just how complex and refined a single color can be.

Using a subtle variation of rose gold hues across the tips, temples, and lenses themselves, this flattering and graceful new color story is available in three classic KOMONO styles: Alex, Monroe, and Taylor.

Ogi Kids Sets Cool Summer Trends.

July 2017

Ogi Kids, a fashion-forward line of children’s eyewear designed for the trendsetters of tomorrow, will be releasing an exciting summer collection headlined by two new standout styles.

The OK329 (Group pictured on PHN Home page) and OGI KidsOK333 (Shown right as group.)


These are youth-sized versions of two of Ogi’s most popular adult optical frames, combine quality materials and innovative-technology for looks that are both stylish and engineered to withstand active lifestyles.

The newest additions to Ogi’s Mommy & Me, Daddy & I collection, these Ogi Kids frames are perfectly suited to precocious and sophisticated children who, like their parents, wish to express themselves with their eyewear.


OK333 shown right.



OGI Kids OK 329

This Ogi Kids optical frame offers next-level fashion for children looking for expressive styling, and parents looking for durability and value.

Modeled after the bestselling 9223 from the Ogi Evolution series, the OK329 has been handcrafted from vibrant two-tone acetate—pairing a pop of color with classic tortoiseshell.

The soft-square silhouette is highly flattering to a variety face shapes, making it a confidence-boosting accessory.

The Flex Uno spring hinges, steel-core temples and adjustable tips enable precision fitting for a snug fit that stays put—whether at school or at play.



OGI Kids

The OK333 is another new member to the Mommy & Me series, which showcases trendsetting eyewear for youngsters who are new to glasses.

This optical frame—modeled after the 4319 by Ogi Eyewear—provides fashion-forward styling in a lightweight and sturdy construction featuring Flex Uno spring hinges.

It has been crafted with the highest standards from resilient stainless steel, and features brilliantly bright acetate accents and temple tips.

Try the OK333 in any of the four outfit-enhancing color options available. See above right for group.


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