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Comparison of Night Driving Performance after Wavefront-Guided and Conventional LASIK for Moderate Myopia

Steve C. Schallhorn, MD, David J. Tanzer, MD, Sandor E. Kaupp, MS, Mitch Brown, OD,
Stephanie E. Malady, BS

Purpose: To compare preoperative and postoperative changes in simulated night driving performance after wavefront-guided (wLASIK) and conventional LASIK (cLASIK) for the treatment of moderate myopia.

Thanks go to Dr. Steve Schallhorn at Optical Express for his permission to publish a recent article from Ophthalmology.

The research reported in the journal is of a study I conducted which clearly demonstrates the advantage of both a wavefront guided procedure (CustomVUe) and a femtosecond (Intralase) flap creation, reports Steve Schallhorn.

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