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Essilor® Sun Solution™ No Ordinary story
AOP launches Stub it out encouraging smokers to stop putting their sight at risk
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Essilor® Sun Solution™ No Ordinary story

July 2019

The new no-ordinary story from ESSILOR® SUN SOLUTION™

Essilor Big Story
The students Anne and Marie-Eve decided to travel across Latin America for six months by bike to support business creation through solidarity financing

Essilor® Sun Solution™, the Essilor Group division dedicated to plano sun lenses, is ready to announce the new No Ordinary story "6.000 KM for microfinance".

This is a “No ordinary” sport experience but with a special message related to human rights: Anne and Marie-Eve are two French students who decidedto devote their gap year to travel 6.000 km from Colombia to Argentina and meet Micro-Credit organizations and project owners in order to support local poor people to access business creation through solidarity financing.

The Story

Traveling across Latin America by bike and supporting business creation through solidarity financing?

This is the challenge accepted by Anne and Marie-Eve, both of whom have devoted their gap year to this project. Solidarity financing consists of providing access to credit to those excluded from the usual and formal financial services. It’s credit based on trust because Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) do not require a bank guarantee. This credit is granted to people who want to start their own business; MFIs then offer to assist and train them.

For six months, Anne and Marie-Eve traveled more than 6,000 km by bicycle between Colombia and Argentina.
They went to meet microfinance institutions and micro-entrepreneurs to promote this very effective financing solution. Thanks to this means of transport, they were able to meet typical local communities, share, discover the world and learn about themselves and others.

This project took place in four stages: identifying local institutions specialized in microfinance; supporting entrepreneurship by providing financial support; meeting with institutions and entrepreneurs and, finally, sharing their stories.

A real challenge for these two go-getters! Discover their No Ordinary story.

Check the pictures and watch the video about this extraordinary story:
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AOP launches Stub it out encouraging smokers to stop putting their sight at risk

July 2019

Stub It out
The Association of Optometrists (AOP) is today warning that millions of smokers in the UK are putting themselves at increased risk of blindness or sight impairment by continuing with the habit.

This comes as almost all (96%) optometrists surveyed as part of the AOP’s annual Voice of Optometry panel say they examine a patient every month who has eye disease that they believe is the result of smoking.

Despite this concern among the AOP’s optometrist members, only a fifth (18%) of the general population recognise the connection between smoking and poor eye health. This is compared to 76% who link cancer and smoking; 66% who link it with heart disease and 64% who recognise the connection between bronchitis and smoking.

It’s feared that those putting their sight at risk through smoking is also a much larger issue, as one in five (21%) of the public admitted they had not had a sight test in the last two years – with almost half (40%) explaining they did not feel the need to go because their vision seemed fine.

The AOP is reminding people that it’s never too late to benefit from stopping smoking, despite over half of the public (51%) saying they aren’t sure whether long-term smokers would see an improvement in their eye health if they quit.

An additional 11% believe there would be no improvement as the damage has already been done.

Optometrist and AOP Head of Clinical and Regulatory, Henry Leonard said: “Smokers are up to four times more likely to develop age-related macular degeneration[iii] – the leading cause of sight loss in the UK and twice as likely to develop conditions which can lead to glaucoma and cataracts. There are of course numerous health reasons to stop smoking but we hope that highlighting these additional risks will give many smokers who are considering quitting, that last little push.

“Whether you are a smoker or not, it’s important to visit your optometrist regularly to have a full eye health check – so any conditions can be identified and treated early.”

The AOP is launching its national Stub it out campaign on 2 July. An outdoor advertising campaign will be rolled out in areas that have some of the highest levels of smoking in the UK including London, Glasgow and Manchester.

As part of the campaign, the AOP are calling on the sector to support by downloading and sharing materials from the Stub it out campaign pages,


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