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Heidelberg Engineering launches new practice marketing campaign at Optrafair
Academy 2019 Orlando and 3rd World Congress of Optometry Education Program Announced
Impressive demonstration of Anterion at Optrafair
Optrafair Exchange, The Post Show pages are published
LOFTxTEF Awards – And the winners are...
2019 Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)
College of Optometrists launches PCA training module
ABDO recognises Optics Key Players at Dinner at Optrafair
Optrafair Exchange 2019, a game of two halves.
Archived News from January to March on Exhibitions and Education

Heidelberg Engineering launches new practice marketing campaign at Optrafair

Heidelberg Marketing

Heidelberg Engineering launched a new practice marketing campaign at Optrafair to support their new and existing customers with advertising the benefits of an extended eye health check to their patients.

“The new campaign references the SPECTRALIS situated on the International Space Station and the importance of having a comprehensive eye health examination to help optometrists set their practice apart from their competitors”, explains Emily Malbon, Marketing Manager, Heidelberg Engineering.

“We are dedicated to providing our customers with the marketing tools and clinical education they need to build their confidence and make implementing multimodal imaging technology into their practice successful”.

The new campaign includes posters, a roll-up banner and patient leaflet and joins the wide range of existing materials already available to SPECTRALIS owners, including the patient mailers, reminder letter templates and practice marketing video.

View the new materials at

Read more about the show's highlights

Academy 2019 Orlando and 3rd World Congress of Optometry Education Program Announced

April 2019

The World Council of Optometry and the American Academy of Optometry have partnered to present an impressive education program taking place at Academy 2019 Orlando and the 3rd World Congress of Optometry, October 23-27, 2019. This joint meeting will bring global optometry together to offer a wide array of clinically relevant CE courses and cutting-edge research in the clinical and vision sciences. Attendees from around the globe can choose from over 450 hours of lectures and workshops, Section and Special Interest Group (SIG) symposia, hundreds of scientific papers and posters, an expansive exhibit hall, and several memorable social events featuring international optometry.

This year’s Plenary Session from 10 AM – 12 Noon on Wednesday, October 23 is titled, “Today’s Research, Tomorrow’s Practice®: WHO World Report on Vision, Opportunities for Optometry to Make an Impact,” and will discuss the World Report on Vision on the distribution of eye disease and blindness across the globe and the disease burden these eye conditions pose on nations and regions. Additionally, the human resource requirements of eyecare providers needed to address this public health crisis will be covered. Optometric representatives, specifically the session speakers, played an instrumental role in developing the report. They will discuss the findings and their implications for optometry internationally and for North America respectively. The keynote speaker from WHO will give attendees an overview of the organization’s efforts to tackle the extensive disease and blindness burdens on society throughout the world and where optometry fits into this effort. Speakers include Kovin Naidoo, OD, PhD, FAAO, Sandra Block, OD, MPH, FAAO, and a speaker from the World Health Organization.

The Monroe J. Hirsch Research Symposium is titled, “Gene Therapy for Ocular and Neurologic Disorders.” Contemporary issues in gene therapy will be discussed including Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis, animal models of glaucoma, and Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. Speakers will include Stephen Russell, MD, Abbott Clark, PhD, and Byron Lam, MD.

Ezell Fellows Present is a symposium where three investigators at different stages of their careers, who were supported early on through the Foundation’s Ezell Fellowships, present their research. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the symposium and is titled, “Public Health / Epidemiology Potpourri.” Included in this session will be discussions on anterior segment infectious eye disease and US national health datasets used to assess vision impairment. Speakers will be Nicole Carnt, BOptom, PhD, FAAO, Charlotte Joslin, OD, PhD, FAAO, and Dean VanNasdale, OD, PhD, FAAO.

The World Council of Optometry President’s Forum is titled, “Optometry’s Role in Addressing the Changing Face of Technology, Public Health and Clinical care.” This invitation-only event provides a platform wherein the highest level of decision makers and key partners of our profession come together to discuss the current development of optometry and the desired impact that it envisages in the broader health agenda across the world.

The Global Summit on Optometric Education, co-sponsored by the World Council of Optometry, American Academy of Optometry, and the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry, will provide educators from optometric educational programs from around the globe the opportunity to share education philosophies/teaching methods and to discuss challenges facing institutions.

The meeting will take place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Registration and housing open on May 6, 2019.

Impressive demonstration of Anterion at Optrafair

April 2019

AnterionPHN's Editor visits Heidelberg Engineering Stand for a demonstration of the ANTERION – the multimodal imaging platform optimized for the anterior segment at Optrafair for the first time.

ANTERION is a comprehensive solution that brings together corneal topography and tomography, anterior segment metrics, axial length measurement, and IOL calculation – all in one single upgradeable device, using Swept Source images.

Anterion Axoal length
The ANTERION provides exceptionally clear swept-source OCT images of the entire anterior segment with longer wavelength 1300nm providing high penetration views through sclera and limbus.

The images provide for a wide and deep view of the anterior chamber with spectacular views of the chamber angle. The images provide for 65 radial scans aggregated automatically.

Thus a 360 degree rotation of the angle provides for detailed inspection.

The amazingly wide cross section of the entire lens and angle shows cataract, keratoconus and angle blockage and with an additional metric add-on precise unitary measurements can be made.

Anterion Cornea Topography

The corneal applications and reports on topography are clear and concise and can be easily compared with previous reports. From the anterior surface of the cornea to the posterior surface of the lens, the ANTERION provides visual confirmation of all measurements for a new level of diagnostic confidence.”

ANTERION has a number of benefits in the primary care setting including assessment of the anterior segment of the eye with extremely high resolution OCT images, chamber angle analysis, keratoconus investigation, and the ability to make more informed decisions about contact lens fitting. The 4-in-1 modular design makes ANTERION ideal for optometrists conducting pre-operative assessment for lens replacement and refractive surgery in glaucoma and cataract patients as part of a shared care scheme with the hospital eye service.

Spectrum Catwalk

"Above all the speed of operation and the simplicity of switching between image views and reports make this machine highly desirable for the keen clinician." said Bob Hutchinson. Editor.

Optrafair Exchange, The Post Show pages are published

April 2019

Following a highly successful Co-Media role at Optrafair Exchange 2019, PHN has published an Optrafair Post Show Page which has retained many of the highlights and contributions provided by exhibiting companies before and after the event.

Exhibitors can add to this with reports of their successful 3 days at the NEC if they wish and the page will be retained throughout the year until we open 2020’s Optrafair Exchange Preview Pages in February 2020.

Read about Seeing Beyond Eyes Pod cast here.

LOFTxTEF Awards – And the winners are...

April 2019

The first edition of the LOFTxTEF Awards (a collaboration between LOFT Eyewear Shows and TEF Magazine) was held on the 22nd of March, at the LOFT Independence Party.

After going through 105 submissions, our grand jury nominated 6 brands for each of the 4 categories, being Fashion Frame, Fashion Sunglass, Technical Frame and Technical Sunglass.

Excitement grew after the online voting by opticians from all over the world, in the facebook groups of both LEF and TEF. Those votes each counted as a single vote that was to be added to the votes of our celebrity judges, which we would like to thank again for their participation:

( Errin Morgan – Eyecare Business Magazine | James Spina – 20/20 Magazine | Christina Frasca – LYF Magazine | Deirdre Carroll – Invision Magazine | Maarten Weidema – TEF Magazine | Louis Fullagar – Luxury Eyewear Forum | Richard Mewha – LOFT Eyewear Shows | Julia Gogosha – Gogosha Optique | Micki Lorelli – Juno Beach Optical | Stephanie Haenes – Art of Optiks | Darryl Glover – Eye See Euphoria | Pierce Voorthuis – Georgetown Opticians | Blaž Oberč – Laibach & York)


In the category Fashion Frame, the TEFFIE went to Blake Kuwahara for his amazing LARABEE design. While expanding on his signature “frame-within-a-frame” laminated construction, Kuwahara deconstructs the inner silhouette and continues to explore negative space this season.

“Deconstruction whether in fashion or food forces us to look at something we often take for granted in a new way. I wanted to explore that same construct by breaking up the normally consistent line of the inner silhouette. I think it does 2 things: the eye fills in the missing void, and the negative space it creates brings modernity to the frame” - BLAKE KUWAHARA


In the category Technical Frame, the new aluminium APOLLO design by Theo Eyewear received the award. Aluminium has created the potential for mankind to fly far away into space and forever change the way it looks at the world, the universe and itself. That got theo thinking… Why not change the way people see the world close by and around them and also use aluminium to achieve

“Our new Space-Frames are very sturdy and over-engineered to take a daily beating, they have an impeccably sharp look and are incredibly light*. And because aluminium is not very flexible (ever seen elastic rockets?), we used flex hinges to guarantee absolute comfort on each and every face. As an extra, they are nickel-free, which makes chances of allergic reactions about as low as finding extra-terrestrial life on the Moon. we also take future generations into consideration: since the aluminium can be fully recycled, they are 100% eco-friendly.

But most importantly, they are sure to completely change the way you see the world as well as the way people see you. Divine”. – THEO LOVES YOU!


Best Technical Sunglass was won by Rolf Spectacles for their new titanium glasses that made the leap from rapid prototyping to crafting a high-end titanium product. Driven by the wish of creating fresh innovations, they found inspiration in a world that is limitless. The result is one of the most exceptional and future-forward collections among the ROLF family.

“We are super happy that our sunglasses model Osaka from the 3D printed Titanium Skyline collection won the LOFTxTEF Award and the whole ROLF team including their two US colleagues Dominik and Molly are thrilled about the victory. Especially while the prize was launched by TEF Magazine and the LOFT Eyewear Shows, which are known for supporting independent eyewear brands.

The event “Awards for Excellence in Eyewear Design” was held for the first time. We are proud to have won the first award with a model of the new
Titanium Skyline collection. Thank you for the great organization of the LOFT fair in New York”. – ROLF SPECTACLES


In the category Fashion Sunglass, a second TEFFIE went to Blake Kuwahara for his uber-cool MOORE frame, that uses the same deconstruction principle of negative space as his LARABEE model.

The winners of the LOFTxTEF Awards represent bold and innovative designers that are setting new standards for excellence in eyewear design. We congratulate the winners of this year, and would like to thank the celebrity judges, as well as the voting retailers of LEF and TEF for their cooperation! Until next year!

2019 Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)

April 2019

Student Travel Fellowship Recipients Announced

The American Academy of Optometry is pleased to congratulate the recipients of the 2019 Student Travel Fellowship Awards. The travel fellowships, generously supported by Johnson and Johnson Vision Care Inc., will allow five students to present their research at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) 2019 annual meeting. The 2019 recipients and their respective schools follow.

• Suman Adhikari, BOptom, University of Houston
• Moonjung Choi, MS, Indiana University
• Justin Courson, University of Houston
• Nicole Karson, University of Houston
• Natalie Stepien-Bernabe, University of California, Berkeley

The American Academy of Optometry administers travel fellowships in order to encourage optometry students, optometric residents, and students in eye and vision related graduate programs to attend key national meetings and exchange scientific ideas on research. Fellowships are awarded primarily for accomplishment and potential in optometric research and education and are evaluated by the American Academy of Optometry’s Research Committee.

Applications for student travel fellowships for Academy 2019 Orlando and the 3rd World Congress of Optometry, will be available in July 2019. For more information visit

About the American Academy of Optometry
The American Academy of Optometry (AAO) enhances excellence in optometric practice by fostering research and disseminating knowledge in vision science through its journal, Optometry and Vision Science, and the continuing education presented at its annual meeting. Fellows of the Academy are committed to the premise that learning is a lifelong obligation of a professional, as is the commitment to expand the profession’s knowledge base through ongoing fellowship and exchange. For more information, visit the website:

The next annual meeting of the Academy will be October 23-27, 2019 in conjunction with the 3rd World Congress of Optometry at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. For more information, visit:

College of Optometrists launches PCA training module

April 2019

The College of Optometrists has launched a new training course for its members 'which test is best? Managing patients with Posterior Cortical Atrophy' (PCA).

The training is based on College funded research into PCA which aims to help clinicians differentiate between vision problems with neurological origins, from those with optical/ocular causes. The research was published in the BMJ Open on 21 March 2019, you can read the paper in full here.

ABDO recognises Optics' Key Players at Dinner at Optrafair

April 2019

The Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) recognised a number of key contributors to the profession during its annual dinner which took place on 31st March in Birmingham.

The Medal of Excellence was awarded to ABDO Regional Lead for the South West Max Halford. In a career in optics which has spanned more than 25 years, Max has made a significant contribution both clinically and politically.

Since 2009 Max has been on Devon LOC in roles including Chair, Commissioning Lead and Lead on Diabetic Retinal Screening.

He works in MECS clinics three days a week and encourages and supports CLOs to undertake the qualification. He has also been asked to work within the Urgent Care Eye Department of the local Acute Hospital to see how improvements can be made to this secondary care service. Max has lead a group of opticians across the south of England to help support, coach and develop them onto LOCs.

As a Regional Lead for ABDO, he manages a group of DOs who sit on LOCs across the South, as well as advising and supporting colleagues on all aspects of primary and secondary care, community and Enhanced Services.

The Hamblin Memorial Prize was awarded by Boots’ Professional Programmes Tutor for Dispensing, Les Thomas to Paula Stevens.

This prize was instigated by Paul Hamblin when chairman of Theodore Hamblin opticians in memory of family members whose profession had been dispensing optics.

Paul Hamblin understood the importance of optics and its place in providing patients with vision at its best. Paula Stevens was nominated for the award in recognition for everything she has done to help fellow dispensing opticians since she started as ABDO Head of CET in 1999, setting up the department in advance of CET becoming mandatory for dispensing opticians.

When required she has always taken the time to explain things with utmost patience to non-optical members of staff, making their own tasks more interesting. Since stepping down from her full time role, Paula has continued to contribute to the distance learning programme and ensured a seamless handover

Earlier in the month ABDO President Clive Marchant had also awarded Life Membership to Andrew Keirl for his enormous contribution and dedication to optical education as author of numerous publications, principal examiner in Professional Conduct, Abnormal Ocular Conditions and Standards of Optical Practice and as an ABDO Dispensing Practical Examiner.

Andrew Keirl has worked in optics for more than 35 years and has been a Dispensing Practical Examiner for more than 30 years. Alongside his longstanding and continuing support to students, Andrew has provided invaluable help and support to the Malaysian staff teaching professional conduct. He has also provided advice and guidance on standards of practice to ABDO when revising the syllabus and new examinations.

Optrafair Exchange 2019, a game of two halves.

April 2019

Spectrum Catwalk

First impressions on entering Hall 20 were of clean, smartly designed stands of many varying shapes and sizes. So, what, you might say but in years gone by all shows have suffered from the standard design cubicle in rows.

The other interesting change in this year’s format was that the various company foci (frames, equipment, PMS etc.) were not all lumped together in one area. It has become fashionable to do this as we see on the high streets with banks and estate agents but with equipment maybe an element of surprise around the corner works best!

Spectrum Catwalk

We await the figures of attendance and will let you know when we receive them. There were the normal lows and highs with Sunday being better than Saturday which was maybe just ahead of the final day. But we will find out.

Its not all about numbers however and whilst to the casual observer it was never overcrowded and so some mumbling was overheard, when we asked the exhibitors about the quality of engagement with visitors, they were much more positive.

Show and Exhibition skills are as much about the quality of the mix of attendees, ensuring that the people with a purpose to buy are not swamped by multiples’ s employees, students and family. Of course, it’s a balance and we all remember the days when walking the aisles was as painful as walking the UK Motor show, but the FMO/MA Group made a very good fist of this show.

They have learnt a lot since taking over the show with positive additions like the first day exhibitors party in the networking area. That was a popular meeting place on all 3 days and let’s not forget networking is a vital part of the show.

Spectrum Catwalk a Triumph.

Spectrum Catwalk

Congratulations go to who designed the Spectrum Catwalk Show. It was a clever mix of great dancing interrupted by an excellent compere who gave clear and concise information on the brand intentions of the frame companies and their histories and ethos for each that had provided the frames for the show.

Also, a great digital backdrop image changed whenever the dancers changed the scenes with each different companies’ products and logos.

Each dance routine was unique and highly entertaining, so it felt like a 4-act display. Not sure how you could have bettered that.... Cirque du Soleil next!
Spectrum Catwalk

Opchat enjoys being part of this show as media partners and was pleased to hear that they the organisers like working with us.

Together we will discuss how we can improve more media focus during the show next year and will aim to continue to improve the show in 2020, keep April 4th to the 6th free and put it in your diary.

We couldn’t resist using images from the catwalk in this report. Come and see the real thing next year!

The preview pages will be amended to a post-show report as the images and stats flow in to us.

Optrafair Exchange Post Show pages here

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