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Optrafair logoOPTRAFAIR 20/20 Exhibitor's Preview Page

20/20 Optrafair Preview pages, what to see and try and where to see it!


Opchat LogoApril 4th to 6th 2020

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20/20 Optrafair Preview pages, what to see and try and where to see it!

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In True Optrafair style Essilor packs stand with innovation and design
Spectrum Catwalk where Fashion Takes Centre Stage

In True Optrafair style Essilor packs stand with innovation and design

Stand A80

Take a look at just two of the exciting products being shown this weekend

Reinventing refraction at Essilor Instruments, Launched at Optrafair 2019

Vision-R-800Essilor Instruments launched Vision-R 800 at Optrafair 2019 promising a new era of refraction through a digital phoropter that offers continuous power changes to ensure far more accurate, reliable prescriptions.

It will enable professionals to reach a more accurate refraction throuth its ability to control power at 0.01D and includes “smart programs” enabling the refraction procedure to be delegated ensuring patients the best refraction. It is much faster than traditional methods, releasing time for complex cases, binocular vision examinations and patient care.

It contains a breakthrough technology in a patented, automated optical module powered by digitally-controlled motors. It provides simultaneous and instantaneous changes of sphere, cylinder and axis, to reach the final refraction more directly and faster, instead of examining these components individually.

Continuous power variations mean sphere and cylinder values can vary continuously by 0.01 D increments, while most phoropters work in steps of 0.25 D. Back cameras measure vertex distance accurately to control the exact refraction value.

It is designed to simplify the procedure for practitioners, with a series of user-friendly ‘smart tests’, cameras to check the patient’s position and electronic measurement of the near vision chart location.

Head of Instruments Paul Cumber said: “We are reinventing refraction. The old era, where subjective refraction techniques led to an estimate of the prescription, with inaccuracies accumulating, will give way to the new era of digital infinite refraction.

“In the future it will be possible to leverage the full potential of the digital surfacing technology used for lens manufacturing.

“Thanks to user-friendly ‘smart-tests’ the refraction process becomes very easy and refraction time is greatly reduced, freeing up valuable time for the optometrist.

“The patient has a wider field of vision when looking through the Vision R 800 thanks to its thin and compact design compared to traditional phoroptors. The patient also feels less fatigued thanks to a quicker sequence of tests and a shorter examination time. The Vision R 800 makes differences easier to perceive and as a consequence, responses are easier to give.

“This launch is part of our mission of improving lives by improving sight, while continuing in our role to be the best business partner for independent practices.”

Essilor reinvents the measurement experience Visioffice X

Essilor Ltd launches Visioffice X at Optrafair this year, a new generation of optical measuring solutions to reinvent the customer experience.

Essilor's Visioffice X

Visioffice X offers a complete in-store measuring solution that combines fitting, physiological and behavioural measures to build a complete vision diagnostic for patients. Its reinvented customer experience promises to improve patient loyalty by making the process more memorable, meaningful and enjoyable.

Head of Essilor Bespoke, Lyndsay Dickens said: “This model offers brand new functionalities to enhance the measurement journey making it more impressive, interactive and comfortable for the patient.”

“The patient is now fully involved before, during and after the new process, with spoken instructions and animated visuals to guide and engage them, helping to educate them in lens quality and the best visual solution for their needs.”

Markers placed on the frame offer a higher precision of measurements to one tenth of a millimetre or degree, while a precise result is achieved though optimising the measurement protocol, multiple cameras working simultaneously, and the ability to take measurements through tinted lenses.

A huge amount of data is collected from the eye during the measurement process to help deliver a personalised lens through three patented breakthroughs:
• Eyecode technology measures the exact position of the eye rotation centre to give wearers instant clear vision based on the anatomy of the individual eye.

• Near Vision Behaviour measurement recreates a familiar close-up task to understand how wearers naturally use their eyes to provide them with a better and accelerated adaptation to their new lenses.

• H3D analysis measures the natural posture of the client in far vision to ensure a better comfort for the wearer.

When not in use, Visioffice X offers a dynamic point of sale function via its digital screen to help enhance the image of the practice and offer a more compelling experience in the front of the practice.

Lyndsay Dickens said; “Offering this new measuring solution gives opticians something that isn’t otherwise available on the high street, giving them a differentiation factor and helping them to become the go-to place for the future.

“Wearer studies showed a marked increase in satisfaction when patients tested new glasses after being measured in this way.


Take a look at the video showing the Visioffice in action: