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100% Header 2019

100% Optical Preview Pages for the "Stupendous Sixth"


The 2019 show promises to be even Bigger, Better and the BEST yet!

Upcoming Show Dates are 12, 13, and 14 January 2019 at London ExCeL


As Media Partners of the Show for the 6th year PHN brings you all the news about new and favourite exhibitors and what you can expect to see.


Latest Exhibition Previews from 100% Optical’s Exhibitors Page is now open

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Index of Preview Stories.

Myers La Roche ready to help you at 100%
Mondottica at 100% Optical are delighted to showcase their new technical division which incorporates new and trusted brands.
A strong Business Presence including Newbies to the show Optisoft awaits your visit
Gain a business advnatage at 100% OPTICAL includes
The Hearing Care Partnership,
Bloom Hearing Specialists,
The Brain Tumour Charity,
100% visitors will be first to see the new Bear Grylls sunglass collection
Birmingham Optical
Macular Pigment scanning deivice offers an ability to prevent AMD to primary care practitioners, The MPeye.
Preview page Introduction

100% Optical Preview Pages Introduction

This years preview pages will contain additional news on products, services and highlight some of the ground breaking lectures that will explain how we can use the latest equipment to prevent, diagnose and monitor conditions. All bona fide exhibitors at 100% Optical 2019 can provide short descriptions (700 words max) and images/logos of the highlights on their stands here under the co-media agreement between Opchat News published by PHN and Media 10, the show organsisers. (Email copy to

Latest Press Release Dec 31st 100% Special Offwers 100% Special Offwers Only 12 days to go and Show releases exciting special offers over the 3 days of FUN

Shelby Templeand So Much More

Macular Pigment scanning device offers an ability to prevent AMD to primary care practitioners' patients, The MPeye.

Shelby Temple
And we will start 2019’s preview pages with a perfect example of this by way of introducing Dr Shelby Temple Shelby a man with a real passion for science. And BBSRC’s winner of the ‘Innovator of the Year’ title who is now focussed on turning his latest invention into a viable commercial product that could hugely benefit everyone undergoing their normal eye test.

The 45-year-old grew up on a small farm in Canada, and now lives with his family in Bristol. He’s recently made the transition from science into the commercial world in a bid to ensure the success of a device that assesses eye health and risk of blindness.

The “MPeye” is a highly innovative scanning device which assesses the risk of AMD manifesting in a patient by measuring the volume of macular pigment with the use of polarised light. In doing so, this can highlight areas where patients can change their lifestyles and make more positive choices accordingly to improve their own eye health and mitigate the risks of suffering from AMD.

This is a powerful example of new equipment that touches on early prevention, the link between eye health and general good health and patient self-responsibility.

You can here Dr Shelby Temple explain the possibilities of using the MPeye in primary vision care in a CET talk 14.00 100% main stage

Monday 14th January Main Stage 14.00 Is blue light dangerous, can macular pigments help protect the retina, and can we measure macular pigments? Dr Shelby Temple


The 100% Optical Equipment Hub will be the biggest and best yet as it represents a particular area of growth and interest for the industry.

100% Optical event director Nathan Garnett said: “The Equipment Hub will be our largest yet with over 20 suppliers present and Topcon, Mainline Instruments, Hanson Instruments, Visionix, Eyoto and Diopsys new for 2019. Visitors will get to demo new equipment whilst quizzing experts about the science and latest technological advances.”


Cerium Visual Technologies

Cerium Visual Technologies will be exhibiting the Intuitive Colorimeter™ ‘Curve’ at 100% Optical 2019; the innovative digital instrument shortlisted by the Association of Optometrists for Product of the Year 2019. Characterised by sleek design, dramatically increased functionality and a streamlined assessment process, the ‘Curve’ has fast become the go to instrument for the modern vision professional since its launch at 100% Optical in early 2018.

Come and see for yourself at 100% Optical how the ‘Curve’ is revolutionising Colorimetry assessment in the digital age.


Optos, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of retinal imaging technology and part of Nikon Corporation, is launching its latest ultra-widefield device to the European ophthalmic market at 100% Optical, which is set to revolutionise the way eyecare professionals examine the eye.

Monaco, the latest device in the Optos range is the only ultra-widefield retinal imaging system with integrated Optical Coherence Tomography. It produces a 200° single-capture optomap® image in less than ½ second but is unique as it also provides cross-sectional Optical Coherence Tomography views of retinal structures.

The device enables rapid multi-modality capture featuring colour, autofluorescence and Optical Coherence Tomography scans for both eyes in just 90 seconds.

Both the optomap images and Optical Coherence Tomography scans are correlated to facilitate a more in-depth pathology exam. This means optometrists can perform a comprehensive examination on patients knowing ocular disease and potential issues are tested for.

The 2-in-1 compact desk-top retinal imaging device also benefits optometrists as the device saves space in the practice compared to multi-devices and provides increased clinical information, improving overall practice efficiency.

Heidelberg Engineering

Stand M155

Join Heidelberg Engineering at 100% Optical on 12th - 14th January 2019 at stand M155 to find out more about the Love Your OCT Guarantee and enjoy two CET workshops on glaucoma and retinal disease.

Andrew TathamImproving Glaucoma Detection with OCT

Saturday 12th January, Main Stage, 15:00
CET points: 1 lecture (OO)

Dr. Andrew Tatham, Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion Edinburgh

Discover how to use OCT to spot the early signs of glaucoma, monitor progression of the disease and gain advice on referral protocols.

OCT LIVE: Retinal Disease

Sunday 13Tim Coleth January, Future Practice Hub, 12:30

CET points: 3 peer review (OO and DO)

Tim Cole, Clinical Market Development Manager, Heidelberg Engineering

OCT clinical evaluation will be brought to life with OCT LIVE. You will be guided through the patient journey, from scanning the patient live in HD on the big screen to interpreting the images and making a decision on patient management.

Looking for a new OCT?

Visit stand M155 to find out more about the Heidelberg Engineering Love Your OCT Guarantee when you purchase a SPECTRALIS®. We are so confident you will love your SPECTRALIS that if for any reason you don't, we will guarantee to take it back with no further obligation*.

* Terms and conditions of the offer
The offer is valid when you rent your SPECTRALIS from Heidelberg Engineering Limited over an 18 month term or lease hire purchase it through Performance Finance Limited, a third party finance provider, over a term of 5 years.
Offer not valid on orders for NHS sites.
Other terms and conditions apply. See

Heidelberg Engineering has reintroduced their unique “Love Your OCT Guarantee” due to popular demand and ready for 100% Optical.

The Love Your OCT Guarantee provides peace of mind for the optometrist, allowing them to concentrate on making more informed referrals and improving patient care in their community.

The opportunity to purchase a refurbished SPECTRALIS for a special discounted price is available at the show. These refurbished units are also backed by the Love Your OCT Guarantee, a one-year warranty and a comprehensive training and marketing package.

The Love Your OCT Guarantee makes the same technology that is used on the International Space Station accessible on the high street.

Grafton Optical

Meet with Jawairia Shahid, Grafton Optical’s new Clinical Product Specialist at 100% Optical to learn more about their range of Dry Eye Disease diagnosis and treatment products, including the 100% Optical featured newly released IDRA; the integrated ocular surface analysis system by SBM Sistemi

Grafton Optical is pleased to announce the launch of the IDRA Ocular Surface Analyser at 100% Optical 2019. IDRA is the world’s first fully comprehensive diagnostic system for high quality tear film analysis.

Idra by Grafton
Available in the UK through Grafton Optical, the IDRA Ocular Surface Analyser is the world’s first comprehensive diagnostic system for high quality tear film analysis. Experience the next generation in fully automated, ocular surface analysis with IDRA.

IDRA allows detailed structural analysis of the lipid, aqueous and mucin layers of the tear film composition and allows the operator to identify not only the quality and quantity of a patient’s tear film but also the type of Dry Eye disease present.

IDRA’s intuitive user software efficiently integrates the following complex examinations and allows for quick and detailed examinations, providing the user with easy to read ‘traffic light’ result reports.

• Auto-interferometry
• Tear meniscus height measurement
• Auto-NIBUT (non-invasive break up time)
• BUT staining test
• Blink rate
• Meibography and 3D Meibomian Gland imaging
• Bulbar redness classification
• Pupillometry
• White to white measurement
• Cylindrical dandruff, demodex and blepharitis analysis
• Surface pattern visualisation
• Lifestyle questionnaire
• Hyperaemia classification
• Grading comparisons
• Report generation

Grafton Optical CEO David Thickens commented “IDRA’s extensive features allow clinicians to show their patients how different treatment approaches can benefit them and demonstrate quantifiable improvements throughout their treatment journey. We are very excited to add the IDRA to our growing portfolio of Dry Eye Disease products and devices, offering our customers a comprehensive range of diagnosis and treatment options to enhance their service offerings.”

To book an appointment on the Grafton Optical stand M17 at 100% Optical to demo the IDRA or discuss with a member of the Grafton Optical team, please click here. To view the SBM Sistemi IDRA video, please click here.

For a quotation or to arrange a demonstration of the SBM Sistemi IDRA or any of our other products please contact or call us on +44 (0)1923 233980.

And there's more:

Visit Grafton to stay up to date with industry developments and get to grips with the latest product innovations and how they can benefit your business.

Visitors will be able to pre-book appointments with Grafton’s new Clinical Product Sepcialist, Jawairia Shahid, who will be teaching practices how to invest in the right products and equipment to sucessfully market and run a profitable service for Dry Eye patients.

The show offer includes a chance to purchase the E-Eye IRPL device on stand M17 and receive a huge saving of 50%!!

E-Eye from Grafton
E-Eye is the first and only medical device in the world using IRPL® (Intense Regulated Pulsed Light) that has been specifically designed for the treatment of Dry Eye due to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

E-Eye uses a unique patented Intense Regulated Pulsed Light (IRPL®) technology to regenerate the function of the Meibomian glands and improve the quality of their secretions.

This new type of polychromatic pulsed light produces perfected calibrated and homogenously sequenced light pulses which stimulate the parasympathetic nerves. This in turn encourages the Meibomian glands to restore their natural lipid flow, reducing tear evaporation and preventing the eyes from becoming dry.

In most cases, Dry Eye symptoms will significantly improve after 3 sessions, carried out over 45 days (Day 0/ Day 15/ Day 45). For 60% of patients results can last up to 3 years.
• Painless, non-invasive and affordable
• Fast results – sessions are completed in a matter of minutes
• Clinical studies with a 90% satisfaction rate on the first 2 sessions
• 95.7% of patients recommend the treatment
• 55% of patients don’t use eye drops anymore
• 82.6% of patients have symptom improvements
The E-Eye is 100% developed and made in France by ESW Vision, the world’s largest IPL device manufacturer.

Also learn more about the upcoming launch of Grafton’s newest piece of Dry Eye equipment, the IDRA Integrated Ocular Surface Analysis System. Also made by SBM Sistemi, the IDRA features the same extensive functions as the OSA but also offers advanced automated diagnosis and analysis capabilities for the next generation of Dry Eye Disease analysis.

Visitors will be able to trial the recently launched range of dry eye consumables by I-MED Pharma including the I-LID ‘N LASH ocular hygiene range and the newly released I-RELIEF® Hot & Cold Therapy Eye Mask with Thermabeads™.


EYOTO™, will be at 100% Optical demonstrating its revolutionary lens analysis system for the optical retailer, eMapR2. The eMapR2, with its accompanying tablet app, is a powerful tool which provides lens imaging. It is used to check the quality of glasses ordered from external labs as well as the lens type and condition of your customer’s existing glasses. The tool enables a consultative selling approach, by using the graphical output alongside the catalogue of lens scans within the table app to help demonstrate the features and benefits of different lens choices.


EasyScan is exhibiting at 100% Optical to showcase its examination device. For independent practice owners, EasyScan is a cSLO Eye examination device that requires little to no training and that any employee in your practice can use - with results that are as clinically relevant as they are easy to interpret.

For your patients, the EasyScan is a comfortable eye examination device that requires no dilation, no dark room, and that comes with an engaging software portraying the story of their eyes, thus making the exam more engaging and engrossing, eventually building loyalty and care for their eyes.

Birmingham Optical

With 60 years of experience, Birmingham Optical is a key supplier in the optical industry providing equipment, services and expertise. Its passion for superior quality products is reflected in the exclusive brands they offer, including Nidek, Oculus, Frastema and Keeler – all of which will be available at 100% Optical in 2019. With multiple new product launches planned for next year, the Birmingham Optical stand is a must for any delegate.

In addition to a passion for superior products, Birmingham Optical takes great pride in the support services it provides and leads the market with training and education.
The support team includes qualified optometrists, medical photographers, ophthalmologists, dispensing opticians, contact lens fitters and SMC (Tech) qualified technicians, who will be present at Birmingham Optical’s stand at 100% Optical to answer your questions.

Diopsys, Inc

For the first time, Diopsys, Inc. will be joining thousands of clinicians at 100% Optical. As the leader in office-based visual electrophysiology, the company is excited to introduce the clinical benefits of performing electroretinography (ERG) and visual evoked potential (VEP) right in the eye care practice.

Diopsys provides eye care specialists with objective, functional information of the vision system to aid in the early detection of vision disorders and enhance patient management through ERG and VEP vision testing. Results from these tests are not just for rare disorders, but also for the early diagnosis and management of more common diseases like glaucoma, AMD, and diabetic retinopathy.

For instance, a study out of Bascom Palmer Eye Institute on glaucoma suspects showed that changes in pattern ERG results can be detected approximately 8 years sooner than changes in RNFL thickness as measured by OCT. The authors conclude, “This represents a substantial window for intervention before permanent loss of structure from glaucoma.”

The company’s participation in 100% Optical represents a significant step forward in connecting with UK eye care professionals on both the accessibility and clinical utility of office-based visual.

100% visitors will be first to see the new Bear Grylls sunglass collection

Stand E32

Bear Grylls

Exhibiting for the sixth consecutive year at 100% Optical 2019, Southampton based Waterside Labs have become the preferred Glazing Partner for Menrad Optics UK Ltd, who own the Distribution rights for the Revo brand in Europe.

Waterside Labs will showcase a first opportunity to see the recently launched Bear Grylls Prescription Sunglass collection for the UK Market.

Adventurer Bear Grylls has partnered with performance sunglass brand Revo to develop a co-branded range of products which are made of an ‘almost unbreakable’ flexible plastic material, each featuring signature Revo lenses for an outdoor adventure lifestyle.

Revo lenses are Bear’s first choice for his rugged lifestyle and Waterside are one of only two labs in Europe that are approved to supply Revo RX lenses.

Chris Smith, Waterside’s joint Managing Director said ‘we are really excited to be the only lab in Northern Europe offering the Revo RX program and the addition of the Bear Grylls collection can only increase the profile of the brand in the UK. We carry full inventories of their products, which means Opticians can keep their Revo range on display and just order the sunglass with prescription lenses ‘complete’ from us’.
Andrew Wilkinson, Managing Director at Menrad added “Our focus is to offer a product that has arguably the best lens and a Brand in Revo that is endorsed by a high profile figure as Bear Grylls. Partnering with Chris and Waterside labs will give us the opportunity to offer both this and a first class local RX Customer support”

Revo prescription lenses are made to exacting standards, which offer a high-quality visual experience for those who live an outdoors lifestyle. Waterside will be offering both Single Vision and 2 Progressive options utilising their own UltraThin™ advanced lens design technology to deliver the thinnest and lightest Revo lenses possible.

Guess the Prescription for a chance to win £100 CASH every day at 100%

Visitors to Waterside’s stand E32 will have the chance to win £100 cash each day of the show by entering their ‘Guess the UltraThin™ Lens Prescription’.

Developed primarily for 6 and 8 base sports wrap frames UltraThin’s advanced lens design technology ‘makes the impossible, possible’ and delivers the very thinnest and lightest lenses, in the widest range of prescription powers possible.

UltraThin™ lenses offer the very best solution for complex prescriptions and are offered in Single Vision and 2 Progressive designs, each using compensated powers and incorporating a Dynamically Engineered Visual Zone

Entrants simply need to guess the prescribed (refracted) power without the use of any additional aids.

The winners will be the entrants whose guesses are judged nearest, and they will be notified at the end of each day.

The complete Bear Grylls collection will be on display at the Waterside stand E32.

Gain a business advnatage at 100% OPTICAL

The UK’s largest optical and audiology event, 100% Optical, will showcase an array of business services and partnerships to enrich your New Year USP.

Event director, Nathan Garnett said, “100% Optical is definitely the place to be for practice managers looking to integrate audiology and other new business services and partnerships into their optical practice in 2019.”

“Keeping on top of new services will not only help build business opportunities, boost footfall in practice and add additional revenue streams, it will also help reduce the risk of current optical customers seeking these services and taking their custom elsewhere.”

Round-up of Audiology Services


The Hearing Care Partnership is delighted to be exhibiting at 100% Optical. It recently welcomed Chris Powell to the team, as its new regional business development manager for the South West. He will be supporting partners and their teams with additional training, whilst driving local community marketing and events, to further raise awareness of all The Hearing Care Partnership practices and hearing services available.

The Hearing Care Partnership is currently partnered with 58 practices across the UK, offering a range of audiology services from within our partners optical practices. If you’re an independent optical business interested in becoming a part of the team, you can find out how at 100% Optical.


TuneAmp is a patented hearing device developed to be sold by opticians. It will be showcasing its OTC hearing products at 100% Optical which are already sold by many opticians in Europe at an attractive price level.

Its solution will help 80 per cent of the people with hearing problems and offers a great opportunity for opticians. It is also thrilled to showcase its new intuitive app, available on the App store and Google Play. The new hearing device can be programmed using a smartphone (IOS or ANDROID). Users can compare and fine-tune a variety of acoustic choices and select the one that provides the most natural sound.


Bloom Hearing Specialists are exhibiting for the first time at 100% Optical 2019. It will be explaining how independent opticians can get audiology into their practices and how it works operationally.

It is a small, national provider of hearing care delivered through bloom branches, opticians and a domiciliary network. Its parent company, Widex, is one of the largest hearing aid manufactures in the world and provides the latest and best technology.

Bloom Hearing Specialists work with over 80 independent opticians of all shapes and sizes across the country. Some of its opticians are small chains with multiple shops and others are independent family run businesses.

A strong Business Presence including Newbies to the show Optisoft awaits your visit


ABDO Member Benefits are wide ranging and diverse, from essential insurance cover to discounts on cinema tickets and the popular student discount card. If you want to know more about joining ABDO, or the benefits you get as a member, the ABDO membership team will be at 100% Optical in January to talk about membership benefits and answer queries.

Katie Docker, Head of Membership said, “The membership department will be there to answer any queries you have regarding membership. We can help with advice on any issues with GOS contracts, insurance, or GOC fitness to practice. Also just come along and say hello to us if you would like as we are always very pleased to see the members who we have got to know over the years.”

Further ABDO Member Benefits range from the monthly Dispensing Optics magazine to business advice on the Business Support Hub, and EyecareFAQ content for your social media channels. ABDO members can also access a range of helplines offering legal and tax advice, advice on fitness to practice, and advice on professional indemnity issues. With a new membership brochure in development for 2019, there are more reasons than ever to become an ABDO member, and there are memberships available for DOs, Optometrists, Students and Optical Assistants.
Read about your options to become an ABDO Member at


The Brain Tumour Charity is exhibiting at 100% Optical because optometrists are often a key and pivotal touchpoint in the path for diagnosis of brain tumours, and play an important role in maintaining quality of life for those living with visual impairments as a result of a brain tumour.

The brain tumour charity provides resources for everyone affected by a brain tumour including a new “vision loss and brain tumours” booklet.

Our HeadSmart campaign provides tools and information for healthcare professionals to help recognise signs and symptoms of brain tumours and a ‘Symptoms Card’ for the public. It hopes that all Optometrists will collect and refer to the sub speciality guideline and display the symptoms cards in order to support our goals of doubling survival within 10 years and halving the negative impact that brain tumours have on quality of life. The charity funds pioneering research and provides free information and support services for everyone affected by a brain tumour to improve quality of life.


At 100% Optical, Eyeplan will be showcasing its range of support services for independents. Its newest offering is Eyeplan Opti, a platform on which to create and manage tailor-made eye care schemes.

Opti allows each practice to have its own scheme structure with its own pricing. This encompasses core schemes such as Eyeplan Reward plus additional services e.g. OCT. Opti also allows for fee reductions e.g. for NHS patients and caters for contact lenses and solutions. Opti enables quick, easy configuration of an Eyeplan scheme that exactly meets the needs of the patient with accurate, consistent pricing for care. For the patient, this means they will pay for what they use, offering transparency in charging and optimum value.

Eyeplan Associate practices also have access to a range of free marketing support services.


The Optisoft Team is making their debut at 100% Optical in January 2019, showcasing their latest subscription software, Optisoft.NET at the exhibition.

Optisoft.NET is packed full of features to enable independent opticians increase patient returns, streamline practice management and store customer information securely.

The approach is flexible and transparent, Optisoft.NET allows each practice to tailor their own package in line with current needs, only subscribing to the software features they require. They understand practices can feel overwhelmed and confused by practice management software, and work with customers to ensure they receive great training, installation services and software support every step of the way.


SIAL Healthcare Accountants is exhibiting at 100% Optical show 2019.

Specialising in accountancy for opticians, optometrists, optical practices and optician locums, having acquired its own insights into the pitfalls to avoid and process to follow to maximise your wealth, both on a personal level and for your business.

It offers professional, personalised, tailored solutions because everyone’s circumstances are different. They formulate the most cost-efficient approach and create a package that suits you.


SeeAbility is exhibiting at 100% Optical to offer its expertise in developing and delivering training, consultancy and information resources about eye care and vision for people who have learning disabilities across the UK.

It works with eye health and sight loss professionals to tackle health care inequalities in eye care, providing expert information and advice through awareness raising, peer to peer education and free downloadable resources.

Visit stand B65 to pick up your free guide and to find out how you can champion better eye care for people with learning disabilities.


Specsavers' highly-regarded on-stand CET programme returns to 100% Optical this year, with a combination of discussion workshops, peer discussions and quizzes on topics such as challenging cases in glaucoma and in oculoplastics and paediatric eyecare. Up to 15 interactive or peer discussion points are available each day for optometrists, therapeutic optometrists and dispensing opticians.

Senior colleagues from recruitment will also be on hand to advise delegates who are interested in developing their career as a clinician or as a joint venture partner.
Meanwhile the ‘dream partnership’ between ophthalmology and optometry will be brought to life on the main stage at 13.00 on Saturday by Specsavers clinical services director Giles Edmonds, Newmedica MD Darshak Shah and consultant ophthalmologist Nigel Kirkpatrick.


Ultra at 100%

invites you to discover their latest collections:

January 12 - 14

If you wish to arrange meetings or interviews please do not hesitate to contact me.


Stand D02

British eyewear designer Tom Davies will be unveiling new collections for the 100% Optical show in 2019.

TD new Collections

Tom will be showcasing his new titanium and double bloc titanium frames during the show. These frames are crafted with the finest pure titanium combined with thin and elegant acetate temple arms.

The titanium used are as thin as 0.8mm, resulting in extremely lightweight frames.

“My customers love both the technical details and the colour possibilities of double bloc titanium. I'm really excited to launch this new collection in 2019.”

-Tom Davies

TD new CollectionsNot everything is thin for 2019. Tom will also be revealing some chunky acetate and combination frames.

“I'm seeing a real trend for thicker chunkier frames coming through in my own retail stores. My customers are starting to remember how great they looked 10 years ago and want to go back to their old selves. This collection is a nod to 2009!”

British eyewear designer Tom Davies explains what it means to commit to positive luxury.

Tom’s decision to move the production of his frames back to the UK was not only driven by his desire to personally oversee every step of the design and manufacturing process, but also a conscious effort to make the production of his ready-to-wear and bespoke frames as environmentally friendly as possible.

“I am proud to announce that I have taken a series of steps to reduce wastage and minimise my company’s environmental impact and, in doing so, strengthen my commitment to the positive luxury movement.”

"These steps include the use of recycled acetate and packaging as well as producing frames and bespoke frames ‘just in time’, which means less wastage and no unnecessary inventories.

"In addition, when customers order a bespoke horn frame, they receive a ring or cufflinks made from the same piece of horn which is not only a nice surprise for customers, but also a way to cut down avoidable waste.

"Finally, as frames are now locally produced in Europe, shipping distances have significantly decreased which has made a reduction on their carbon footprint.

“With environmental sustainability being one of my key priority for 2019, I cannot wait to welcome you at my stand to show you some frames made from recycled acetate as well as new high quality colours made from the 75-80% of acetate raw material that is normally wasted during production.”

-Tom Davies

Mondottica at 100% Optical are delighted to showcase their new technical division which incorporates new and trusted brands.

Stand W308 & E35

Ducati2018 has brought a great level of success with the introduction of Ducati by Ducati (formally with Oakley) & the redeveloped Spine 2.0.

We have also made some positive steps with the No1 Kids brand ZooBug London which will also be on show at 100% Optical.

All our technical division brands are exclusive to Independent Opticians and offer an exciting opportunity for point of difference to the Nationals.

Our Award Winning Smart Hinge technologies excite with unique features, premium quality and innovative design, providing a true difference for your prospective clients Spine& Practice.

Check out the below brand information for more details & please also come see us all at STAND W308 & E35 so you can see what all the cool hype is about!

Myers La Roche ready to help you at 100%

Stand B120

Are you ready for the journey ahead?

Myers La Roche

In 2018 we worked with over 200 practice owners to plan, develop, and execute key strategic decisions for their business. In addition to this, we mentored numerous first-time buyers, empowering them to proceed on acquisitions with confidence.

Join us on Stand B120 at 100%Optical (12-14 January, at London's ExCel) to discuss your needs for 2019 and beyond.

To book a confidential and discreet appointment with one of our consultants please email or call 0161 929 8389 as soon as possible to avoid missing out.


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