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Essilor to Present New Results for its Stellest Lens for Children With Myopia
Nominations open for 2021 BCLA Awards
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Essilor to Present New Results for its Stellest Lens for Children With Myopia

April 2021

Essilor will unveil pivotal 2-year clinical trial results of its Stellest lens for myopia. The 2-year results demonstrate that Essilor Stellest lenses slow down myopia progression by 67% on average, when compared to single vision lenses, when worn at least 12 hours a day,1 according to Essilor.

The presentation of the research, entitled gMyopia control with spectacle lenses with aspherical lenslets: a 2-year randomized clinical trial,h will be delivered at the annual meeting of the ARVO, on May 6, 2021, by BAO Jinhua,2 Associate Professor at Wenzhou Medical University, China.

In 2018, Essilorfs research and development team initiated a 3-year clinical trial on 167 myopic children3 in its joint Research and Development Center shared with key partner, the Wenzhou Medical University, in China.

Key outcomes include:

œ After 2 years, children wearing Essilor Stellest lenses saved 0.99 diopters of myopia degree on average (67% slow-down in myopia progression on average), compared to single vision lenses, when worn 12 hours or more per day every day.
œ After the first year, the eye growth of 9 out of 10 children wearing Essilor Stellest lenses was similar or slower than non-myopic children.1
œ Two out of 3 children who wore Essilor Stellest lenses did not need a prescription change after the first year1.
œ 100% of children wearing Essilor Stellest lenses had clear vision, 100% of children adapted to their new lenses within a week; 91% of children fully adapted within three days; and 94% of children felt comfortable with Essilor Stellest lenses, demonstrating that Essilor Stellest lenses were comfortable, and easy to adapt for children.1

gWith such impressive results, Essilorfs Stellest lenses will truly be a catalyst to stem myopia progression and to help children, who continue to be at risk of sight-threatening eye conditions associated with myopia,h Norbert Gorny, Co-Chief Operating Officer, Essilor International, said in a company news release. gEssilor is proud to be at the forefront of myopia management and we will continue to be focused on bringing such innovative advances to move the needle on the fight against myopia.h

The Essilor Stellest lenses provide myopia correction through a single vision lens, which allows for sharp far vision and myopia control through H.A.L.T.4 technology, which consists of a constellation of aspherical lenslets spread on 11 rings and was designed to create for the first time, a volume of signal that slows down the elongation of the eye. The power of lens lets on each ring has been determined to guarantee a volume of signal always in front of the retina and following its shape, to achieve consistent myopia slowdown.

Nominations open for 2021 BCLA Awards

April 2021

Nominations are now open for the 2021 BCLA Awards, with the nationfs leading eye care practitioners vying for some of the professionfs most coveted crowns.

C2019 Winner Saleel  Jivraj
Held as part of this yearfs Virtual Clinical Conference and Exhibition, the awards will honour those who have a track record for excellence in eye care and a passion for pioneering new techniques that are transforming everyday practice.

The flagship event is being held online due to COVID-19 restrictions, with a groundbreaking live-streaming service beaming coverage around the world across multiple timezones.

BCLA chief executive Luke Stevens-Burt said: gRecognition from your peers is arguably the ultimate accolade and the BCLA Awards are held in incredibly high esteem across the profession.

gWe look forward to receiving a high standard of nominations and submissions and the competition is sure to be strong.h

Categories include the BCLA Dry Eye Practitioner of the Year Award, to be given to an individual working in practice, with a proven record in managing dry eye. It is aimed to honour and recognise the work of an eye care professional who has set up and runs a successful dry eye clinic.

The BCLA Young Contact Lens Practitioner Award will be given to an individual working in practice, just starting out in their career. It is aimed to honour and recognise the work of an eye care professional who has been qualified for no more than five years operating within the field of contact lenses.

Eleanor Hill Young 2019 winner The BCLA Industry Award will be given to an individual or team working within industry who has made an outstanding contribution to the contact lens profession either in relation to a product/technology or a concept. It is aimed to honour and recognise the entrepreneurial work being carried out by individuals working in contact lens science, research and technology within the industry.

Entries are also invited for the Diane Gould Photography Competition, with submissions able to feature in an online image gallery open to BCLA members.

The deadline for submissions to all categories is 3rd May, 2021. Further details on entry criteria and how to make a nomination for either yourself or a fellow professional can be found online.

As well as the awards, the virtual Clinical Conference and Exhibition will feature a host of passionate speakers who can inspire eye care professionals to make a real difference to patientsf lives, including the lead authors of all papers contained in the CLEAR reports.

Alcon are Partner Sponsors for the event while CooperVision and Johnson & Johnson Visioncare are Platinum Sponsors.

For more information on registering for the BCLAfs virtual Clinical Conference and Exhibition, visit

Photos from the previous awards are also attached, showing Saleel Jivraj and Eleanor Hill collecting their awards for Dry Eye Practitioner of the Year and Young Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year respectively from former BCLA President Professor Sunil Shah.


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