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Educators call for professional involvement in contact lens fitting and supply worldwide

CLAE Editor Honoured at 1st World Congress of Optometry

IACLE announces new contact lens course

Check out the New BCLA Course for OA's

BCLA reports Key Highlights for 2014 - 2015


SILMO D'ORSilmo 2015 consolidates the successful performance of Safilens and the company’s ongoing commitment to research and innovation: fusion 1day presbyo, the first daily lens for presbyopia based on the patented fusion technology™ which debuted at the last Opti tradeshow, was nominated in the Silmo d’Or “Vision” category.

This prestigious nomination rewards more than 30 years of experience by Safilens in delivering solutions that are always in sync with market developments and the needs of contact lens wearers.

“We are very proud that fusion 1day presbyo, by far our most innovative product, received a Silmo d’Or nomination in the Vision category”, commented Vincenzo Bruno, Managing Director at Safilens. “fusion 1day presbyo is a new-concept lens for presbyopia: it is neither multi-focal nor progressive, but rather takes full advantage of the afocal design patented by Safilens, which increases the depth of field, ensuring exceptionally sharp distance, intermediate and close-up vision. There are many benefits: none of the aberrations associated with the use of multi-focal lenses, fewer parameters (only 61), easier fitting and no adaptation time, even for the most demanding myopes.”

fusion 1 day PresbyoFusion 1day presbyo is based on the innovative fusion technology™, a cutting-edge technology that guarantees extended protection of the eye surface and, given the end users of the new lenses, it is a fail-safe winner. fusion technology™ incorporates a co-polymer made from Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide (TSP) and hyaluronic acid (HA) in the contact lens.

This synergy enhances the well-known properties of TSP and HA in hydrating, lubricating and protecting the eye surface from the mechanical stress caused by wearing contact lenses, thereafter promoting the re-growth of epithelial microvilli. This technology therefore improves wearer comfort by normalizing the tear film and works in harmony with the eye to continuously and consistently release a natural tear film substitute and mineral salts from the lens to the tear film.

Fusion 1day presbyo is available with a 8.60 mm. base curve, 14.10 mm. diameter and powers ranging from + 8.00D to – 10.00D

Educators call for professional involvement in contact lens fitting and supply worldwide

September 2015

The International Association of Contact Lens Educators (IACLE) has released its first-ever position statement, calling for trained professionals to be involved in the fitting and supply of contact lenses in all countries to help ensure their proper use worldwide.

The move follows the recent US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, released to mark Contact Lens Health Week (24-28 August). The report highlights the need for education efforts to improve contact lens hygiene behaviours.

IACLE provides educational and information resources to contact lens educators worldwide. Its mission includes raising the standard of contact lens education throughout the world and promoting the safe use of contact lenses. With nearly 1,000 members in 74 countries, IACLE plays a key role in educating the eye care practitioners of the future.

IACLE points out that contact lenses are enjoyed by over 180 million people worldwide and provide many potential benefits to users.

However, regulations on contact lens fitting and supply vary widely around the world. In some countries, legislation requires that contact lenses only be fitted by a suitably trained and/or qualified eye care or health professional, while in other countries fitting remains unregulated.

Supply of contact lenses may be restricted to specified personnel, or be available via routes such as pharmacies, supermarkets and online suppliers, or from unregulated optical shops.

IACLE’s position is that whenever contact lenses are fitted and supplied, safeguards must be in place to help protect the health and comfort of wearers’ eyes.

The involvement of a trained professional in contact lens fitting and supply is important to the proper use of contact lenses worldwide. Instruction and advice on contact lens wear and care is an essential step in promoting safe use and helping wearers enjoy the many benefits of contact lenses.

The importance of regular check-ups to monitor eye health and compliance cannot be overemphasised. Our view is that this is best achieved when a trained professional is involved in both fitting and supply of lenses, and is able to intervene when necessary.

IACLE’s position relates to any lens that comes into contact with the eye, including zero-powered cosmetic contact lenses designed to change or enhance the eye’s colour or appearance. These lenses require fitting, instruction and ongoing clinical care, just as with contact lenses that correct the wearer’s vision.

Canada, where IACLE’s Secretariat is based, recently became the latest country to announce regulation of the sales of cosmetic contact lenses.

IACLE President Dr Shehzad Naroo commented: ‘It’s appropriate that our first position statement should relate to the role of the trained eye care professional in helping to promote the safe use of contact lenses worldwide. We would urge all countries to examine evidence in the literature for the public health benefits of regulating contact lens fitting and supply.’

CLAE Editor Honoured at 1st World Congress of Optometry

August 2015

Dr Shehzad Naroo award winner


The BCLA is delighted to announce that Dr Shehzad Naroo, Senior Lecturer at Aston University and Editor of Contact Lens and Anterior Eye has been named International Optometrist by the World Council of Optometry at the first World Congress of Optometry in Medellin, Colombia last week.

This award is made to a person who, in the view of the Governing Board, is making an outstanding contribution to the development of the profession of optometry worldwide, and to the community at large.

When announcing the award, the Governing Board highlighted how they were particularly impressed with Dr Naroo’s excellent professional record and strong personal commitment to the profession and his patients.

Responding to the announcement, Dr Naroo said, “I was honoured to receive this award from the World Council of Optometry. I am committed to building expertise across the globe and this is reflected in my current roles at Aston University; with the BCLA as Editor-in-Chief of CLAE; as Global President of the International Association of Contact Lens Educators (IACLE); as visiting Professor to King Saud University in Riyadh; and as an Optometric Advisor to the Pakistan Institute of Ophthalmology. I am passionate to see optometry grow as a global profession, because it is needed to help alleviate global visual problems while at the same time it provides a rewarding career for those involved.”

BCLA CEO, Cheryl Donnelly said, “We were delighted to hear that Shehzad’s hard work and commitment to building the optometry profession globally has been recognised. We send well deserved and heartfelt congratulations. He is always willing to share his knowledge and expertise to assist others in building theirs.”

IACLE announces new contact lens course to educate future practitioners around the world

August 2015

The International Association of Contact Lens Educators has today revealed its New IACLE Contact Lens Course (ICLC), a comprehensive high-quality program for educators and their students compiled by the world’s leading authorities in contact lenses.

The full revision and updating of the ICLC was announced at the 1st World Congress of Optometry taking place in Medellin, Colombia this weekend (14th to 16th August).

In a further announcement at the congress, IACLE President Dr Shehzad Naroo is to receive the International Optometrist Award from the World Council of Optometry in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the development of optometry globally.

The ICLC is the longest established, most popular and most important of IACLE’s teaching resources, and is used by its members in educational institutions worldwide. In its previous form, the course comprised 10 modules and a total of 55 lectures. The New ICLC will cover all aspects of contact lens education – from the anatomy of the cornea to the business of contact lens practice – in just five modules and 30 lectures in PowerPoint format.

IACLE Director of Educational Programs Nilesh Thite explained that feedback from educators has led to a complete restructuring of the course: ‘The ICLC needed a major revamp to keep pace with developments in the contact lens field. We also wanted to make the flow more logical and user friendly.’

Each of the IACLE Executive Board took responsibility for identifying and connecting with experts in the field. The experts reviewed the existing ICLC material before revising it with the latest information. Board members then forwarded the lectures to IACLE’s Educational Committee for a final round of reviewing and formatting by Thite and Director of Educational Development Dr Lewis Williams.

Almost half of the revised lectures have already been completed and further lectures will be rolled out during other events in each of IACLE’s three global regions: Academy 2015 in New Orleans, USA (7th to 10th October), Asia Pacific Optometric Congress (8th to 11th October) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Netherlands Contact Lens Congress (13th to 14th March 2016)

‘This has been a monumental yet rewarding task,’ said Thite. ‘It has made all of us work together along with the experts in each field. IACLE is thankful to them for their time and expertise. Educators and students will benefit immensely from the updated course.’

• For a list of modules and authors, see below. A sample lecture is available to view at IACLE members will have exclusive access to the New ICLC.


1 The Basics of Contact Lenses

Katharine Evans, UK
Tim Bowden, UK
Lewis Williams, Australia
Andrew Mcleod, USA
Andrea Janoff, USA
Martin Conway, UK
Percy Lazon de la Jara, Australia

2 Contact Lens Fitting
Padmaja Sankaridurg, Australia
Shehzad Naroo, Australia
Katherine Clore, USA
Etty Bitton, Canada
Jennifer Harthan, USA
Olivia Hunt, UK
James Wolffsohn, UK
Yeshwant Saoji, India
Ajay Shinde, India
Paul Gifford, Australia
Fabrizio Zeri, Italy
Kristine Dalton, Canada
Caroline Christie, UK

3 Contact Lens Care
Lyndon Jones, Canada
Lewis Williams, Australia
Sruthi Srinivasan, Canada
Daniel Tilia, Australia

4 Complications
William (Bill) Miller, USA
Craig Woods, Australia
Eric Papas, Australia
Robin Chalmers, USA
Caroline Christie, UK
Etty Bitton, Canada

5 Advanced Contact Lens Practice
Bruce Evans, UK
Patrick Caroline, USA
Beth Kinoshita, USA
Matt Lampa, USA
Lacey Haines, Canada
Rajeswari Mahadevan, India
Luigina Sorbara, Canada
Bezalel Schendowich, Israel
James Wolffsohn, UK
Helmer Schweizer, Switzerland

Trying To Build Your Contact Lens Wearer Base? Check out the New BCLA Course

August 2015

A new BCLA course “Gaining, retaining and maintaining your contact lens wearers” will take place on Wednesday 9 September at the Ambassadors Bloomsbury Hotel in London.

Led by optometrist and staff development consultant, Sarah Morgan, this fun and informal educational course aims to help practice staff assist in generating new contact lens wearers, but also helps them to consider strategies to rescue wearers who are about to stop using them.

“Your optical staff are central to maintaining and growing your contact lens customers,” said Sarah Morgan. “An employee who is knowledgeable about contact lenses, is confident talking to customers who are thinking of buying or stopping contact lenses and can proactively support current users is indispensable for your practice.”

The Optical Assistant course is open to BCLA members and non-members.

Full members of the BCLA and their staff will be charged at the member rate. Early bird rates are available for those registering before the 14 August. To book on the course visit

“We all need to gain, retain and maintain our contact lens wearer base, so how can you miss this opportunity? Join the course and take away invaluable tips to ensure you build an expanding contact lens base in your practice,” said BCLA CEO, Cheryl Donnelly. “Investing in practice staff training can be invaluable in the long term, with increased commitment to your practice and an increased knowledge that can assist in the success of your practice.”

The course is suitable for any member of staff — from new starters to more experienced staff who are keen to contribute to the ongoing and long-term success of the practice.


BCLA publishes Annual Report 2014-15

May 2015

BCLA reports Key highlights for 2014-15 among which were:

BCLA Annual Report 2015• The launch of new biennial Clinical Conference and Exhibition
• 2014 BCLA research awards and inaugural Industry Award
• The Introduction of all-new Pioneers & Visionaries Conference
• First-ever overseas Fellowship examinations in India
• Refreshed website and new all-year-round mobile app
• CLAE Impact Factor rating elevated to 2.000

The BCLA invites members to join them at their 2015 AGM taking place at 4.15pm on Sunday 31 May at the ACC Liverpool, during which there will be a special motion to consider a change to the Memorandum & Articles of Association regarding the BCLA Presidential term of office.

Download the BCLA 2014-15 Annual Report to discover what's been happening at the Association over the past 12 months. Click here

Download the 2015 AGM agenda.

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