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Opchat Magazine Industry NewsIndustry News, April to June 2018

Varilux X delivers high impact, high street advertising.
ISO standards global survey, let your views be known.
Expansion at Myers La Roche
Younger announce new Transistions wide segment bifocal.
New lenses website is launched by UK’s largest independent lab aiming to make ordering easier
Tom Davies to host a Social Media Workshop
Trusted and admired employee retires at Louis Stone after 17 years
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Varilux X delivers high impact, high street advertising.

June 2018

Essilor has launched a ‘heavyweight’ consumer advertising campaign for Varilux X which independents can customise through its personalised marketing team.

The ‘Empower Your Vision’ campaign will use out of home media channels, cinema, digital and social platforms and drive more consumers to its store locater list of Varilux lens specialists.

Essilor customers will be allocated their own personalised marketing consultant to help them create their own campaign.

Commercial director Randeep Gill, said, “We are majoring on hundreds of carefully selected bus shelters and other outdoor poster sites in the heart of communities, which are highly visible, to offer subliminal messages that have a profound influence on buying decisions.

“We will also use high impact bus advertising to reach consumers in busy high streets in principal cities, to reinforce the brand and key message. We know this works from the 20,000 customers researching for a local independent optician on our consumer website earlier this year.

The campaign includes a multi-pair promotional offer which lets opticians buy a second pair of Crizal lenses in the same prescription at a 50 per cent discount which practices can pass directly to patients.

Gill said, ”Independents can now offer patients the very best lenses, and the best visual solution through multi-pair deals, which can include a second pair for driving, holidays, work, sports or fashion choices.

“We are the independent optician’s best business partner. Our commitment includes helping businesses expand their sales, and there is a lot of growth in multi-pairs.

“We know from independent surveys that opticians running multi-pair promotions can achieve double-digit growth, generate new customers and more satisfied customers by offering great value for money.

“From feedback we also know that that when you combine this with local, personalised marketing, it also results in much higher footfall levels too.
“This is all part of our mission of improving lives by improving sight and supporting wellbeing and quality of life. That starts with driving independent footfall.”

The campaign includes all premium brands including Eyezen, Transitions, Crizal UV and Varilux X.

ISO standards global survey, let your views be known.

June 2018

The ISO is conducting an online global survey to gather data about the actual practices used by industry and the optometric and dispensing professions around the world, in order to improve

The International Standard for Mounted Spectacle Lenses, known in the UK as BS EN ISO21987. This project is supported by the British Standards committee responsible for spectacle frames and lenses (CH/172/3) and, in turn, by ABDO, The College of Optometrists, the FMO, FODO and the WCSM.

The ISO is also seeking lens checkers’ views on where and how the relative prism error (prismatic imbalance) for progressive-power lenses should be measured. Invloved in the lens industry or lens checking then click on the survey below.

ISO are asking companies and practices to complete the survey here.

Expansion at Myers La Roche

June 2018

Paul Walters at Myers La RocheMyers La Roche has appointed Paul Walters (pictured), as its new sales and marketing consultant as part of its expansion plans.

The appointment this month increases the Myers La Roche team to 10 at the practice sales, management, training and marketing company, which is based in Altrincham, Cheshire.

Mr Walters’ new role focuses on helping to match the company’s wide range of services to its customers, from assistance with business start-ups or acquisitions, audiology, growth initiatives, practice streamlining and training, through to exit planning and practice sales.

Mr Walters has previously run his own businesses, as well as operating in a sales and marketing capacity for other fast growth companies.

Commenting on the new appointment, Myers La Roche Director, Dominic Watson, explained: “We felt it was critical to bring someone on board with genuine experience and empathy who had worked at a high level with professionals.

“Paul is highly experienced and is already proving to be a real asset. His inclusion in our team now makes us 10-strong and as a result, we are now in negotiations to move to larger premises to accommodate our continuing expansion.”

Mr Watson added: “Having Paul on board enables me and other members of the senior management team to wear one less hat and to focus on the development and delivery of our niche services.”

Speaking about his new role, Mr Walters said: “Since joining, I have been bowled over by just how passionate the Myers La Roche team is about the work they do. They are totally immersed in their mission of ensuring as strong a future as possible for the independent optical sector.”

“Their passion is contagious, and I am excited about using my skill set and experience to help promote their unique knowledge, cutting-edge techniques and technology to help future-proof independent practices and to assist owners to achieve excellent rewards for their efforts,” he concluded.

Myers La Roche recently entered the audiology market with the launch of its advice booklet, ‘Guide to Audiology for UK Optical Practices’ and its partnership with Hearscreener/MyHearing, announced at Optrafair in April.

Younger announce new Transistions wide segment bifocal.

June 2018

Younger Optics Europe announces the launch of Transitions Signature VII 1.50 FT45 wide segment bi-focal semi-finished lenses.

T7 FT45 lens provides a solution for special demand for wide reading segment on the optical market for variety of ophthalmic patients. They address the demand for children bi-focal lenses when smaller de-centered segment lenses are not suitable. They also provide an opportunity to dispense executive bi-focal eyewear with the full bottom half of the lens for reading.

Until now, FT45 lenses existed only in clear 1.50 material but not with the photochromic treatment. With the T7 FT45 launch, the patients with mentioned requirements will be able to take advantage of the comfort of the superior Transitions photochromic performance.

The T7 FT45 lenses are available in base curves 4,6 and 8 with the add range 0.75 – 3.00 diopters and in Grey and Brown photochromic colours. They can be surfaced by any optical laboratory surfacing equipment.

New lenses website is launched by UK’s largest independent lab aiming to make ordering easier

May 2018

Galaxy Optical Lab has launched a new website at to simplify and streamline the ordering process for Dynamic Digital progressive lenses.

The new website has been launched to enable practitioners to spend less time arranging lens orders and more time focussing on their business.

The initiative is part of several technological developments at the UK’s largest independent lab, which includes the latest generation of robotic machines being used in the eyewear manufacturing process.

The Dynamic Digital lenses supplied by Galaxy Optical Lab are simple to dispense, and their low-level non-tolerance means a maximum return on investment in them, the company highlights. The instant compatibility of Dynamic Digital lenses also means that there is no period of adaptability for the wearer, maximising visual comfort.

The pupillary distance-optimised inset allows the best binocular vision in all distances, the company emphasises. In addition, the Dynamic Digital progressive lenses feature fit-to-frame technology where the progression corridor is matched to the frame and not by a generic, pre-determined corridor length, giving considerably variable corridor lengths.

Retinal focus is more accurate in the lenses than a normal varifocal due to a highly advanced mathematical engine creating compensated power.

Galaxy Optical Lab’s International Director, Sergio Weingarten, is extremely proud of the lenses. He explained: “Until now, varifocals were only made in two corridor lengths, traditional and streamline. Dynamic Digital revolutionise the varifocal.

“These advanced lenses provide the optimum reading position for customers and remove any compromise to their vision, giving them the greatest level of comfort and visual range,” he added.

Galaxy Optical Lab offers practitioners full glazing services, including uncut lens purchasing. All of its frames are directly available in stock to offer faster delivery, as well as shipment savings.
The company is proud of its highly competitive pricing, with new customers receiving their first two glazing orders free.

Tom Davies to host a Social Media Workshop

April 2018

Tom Davies FactoryNew social media workshop dedicated to opticians to be included in next “Day with Tom” programme at london factory

Following a successful start to the ‘A Day With Tom’ workshop programme, Tom is proud to announce that his next workshop will be held in London on May 18th, 2018 at his factory.

This event will be a chance for Tom to share his passion and experience of eyewear design by spending a whole day with his customers. The programme for the day will include a factory tour, selling techniques, bespoke demonstrations and much more.

As a special new feature Tom’s PR team will be hosting the first ever social media workshop as part of the training.

Tom DaviesFollowing the recent launch of a new Social Media Package for Tom Davies customers, the workshop will include an explanation of popular social media channels (including Instagram and Facebook), a step by step tutorial of how to use these channels and how opticians can use social media to increase their following.

Those attending the workshop will also be shown how best to use the new social media package.

Trusted and admired employee retires at Louis Stone after 17 years

April 2018

Alan Slocimbe at Lois Stone Alan Slocombe worked for Louis Stone for over 17 years. He joined Louis Stone in 2001 having previously worked in logistics for Marks and Spencer for over 25 years.

He was not only the warehouse manager at Louis Stone but was adept at doing any task that was thrown at him. Whether it be organizing exhibition stands, proof-reading marketing literature, or answering technical questions from customers, nothing fazed him.

If ever there was a solution needed for a problem, the shout would always go out for Alan. He was very popular both with colleagues, and customers who would often ask for him specially due to his expertise and friendly manner.

Alan will be sorely missed as well as his dogs who also came to work - firstly Jasper and latterly, Oli.

"The Directors and staff would like to wish Alan, his wife Jan and family their very best wishes from everybody at Louis Stone and to Alan, a well deserved retirement." - Paul Gaba, Managing Director, Louis Stone

Pictured (L-R) - Louis Stone's Financial Director - Judith Gaba, Managing Director - Paul Gaba and Alan Slocombe (with Oli the dog!).

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