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MONDOTTICA INTERNATIONAL announces management changes
Blackfin – timeless memories the new advertising campaign
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MONDOTTICA INTERNATIONAL announces management changes

January 2020

Mondottica International announces that its Founder and CEO Michael Jardine has stepped down from his CEO role effective January 1st 2020.

Michael Jardine
The CEO role has been immediately assumed by the company’s CCO Tony Pessok who joined the Group from Perry Ellis International earlier last year.

Michael Jardine will continue as a substantial shareholder and member of the Board of Directors with the title of Founder and Honorary Chairman. He will continue to work from his office at Mondottica’s headquarters in Hong Kong.

According to Michael Jardine, “Mondottica was started by me two decades ago and there is a nice symmetry in handing over the reins on the cusp of the new decade to come. We have accomplished much in twenty years and I am now excited to see the new C Suite bring it to an even greater level in future.”

When asked about his own plans Jardine replied that he will continue to reside in Hong Kong and remain vitally involved with Mondottica on the Board level, while continuing to focus on his vintage eyewear and vintage brands.

Tony PessokTony Pessok (right) says, “I am privileged to be able to step into this role and take the reins of running what is an incredible business, none of which would have been possible without Michael’s guidance and, most importantly, without the dedicated hard work that the whole team perform on a daily basis. We have some incredible Brand Partners and a varied portfolio which will allow Mondottica to achieve significant further growth over the coming years, elevating us to even greater prominence in the world of eyewear.”

Jardine and his wife, Lene Hoegh, will also spend the coming years establishing a consultancy focused on the environment and sustainability as it relates to the global eyewear industry. In Jardine’s words, “Our planet needs help and every industry needs to undergo radical change if we are to ensure a sustainable future for coming generations. Our remaining time in the optical industry will be spent helping our company and the industry at large, to learn to help and not harm the planet we call Home.”

Blackfin – timeless memories the new advertising campaign

January 2020

Blackfin new campaignThe Great Cretto is the largest piece of site-specific land art in the world, created by Alberto Burri between 1984 and 1989 on the spot where the city of Gibellina (in the province of Trapani, Sicily) was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1968.

A vast expanse of white concrete covers the ruins of the town, almost like a shroud upon which the artist reconstructed the map of the historic town center, transforming the streets into crevices, thus creating a sort of labyrinth measuring more than 80,000 square meters.

An intensely emotional work that is a symbolic remembrance of this dramatic event, this is the site Blackfin chose for its new 2020 Timeless Memories ad campaign.

Blackfin new campaign
Burri’s Cretto offers a barren, almost immaterial background populated with three eyewear styles – two women’s and one men’s – that barefoot, tread lightly, respectful of this dreamlike setting.

At the same time, it is also an absolutely real background, imbued with profound historical, emotional and artistic values that tie it to the eyewear brand.The choice of the location is part of a continuum in the brand’s growth process that, in its three main pillars, acknowledges the company’s shared values: neomadeinitaly, the company’s ethical and historic ties to the land it inhabits; titanium, the concrete material aspect of the product that also characterizes the site of the photo shoot; and credo, as in awareness of the campaign’s message that, in this case, is not only a transfiguration of images, but also of deep meaning and substance.

The atmosphere of the shots is symbolic of an almost undefined place – the Great Cretto becomes a narrative space that issues a strong warning and timeless remembrance of our history. A history made up of memories, always ready to remind us that what we are today is a product of what we were then.

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