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Opchat Magazine Industry NewsIndustry News, July to September 2017

Tim Cole joins Heidelberg Engineering’s team.
Norville announces the release of new polarisation technology.
Mainline Instruments celebrate 20th Anniversary.
FMO Centenary event at Southbank.

Tim Cole joins Heidelberg Engineering’s team.

September 2017

Tim Cole at HeidelbergHeidelberg Engineering has recruited imaging expert Tim Cole – known to many in the optical profession for his OCT knowledge.

Following six years with Topcon, Tim joins Heidelberg Engineering as Clinical Market Development Manager and will be supporting Christopher Mody, Director of Clinical Affairs, in training clinicians and supporting their research projects.

Tim, who trained as an NHS Ophthalmology photographer at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, is highly impressed with the Heidelberg Engineering technology –

“The SPECTRALIS is amazing.  I always knew that it is a very specialised piece of technology but the more I have got to know its functionality the more amazed I am.  Moving from a camera to a laser for image capture is always going to bring a different quality.  The SPECTRALIS’s precision in capturing images of the back of the eye surpasses anything that I have ever seen before.”

Tim, who is well known throughout the High Street optometry world and the eye hospital community, has been warmly welcomed by the Heidelberg Engineering team, as UK Director Krysten Williams, said:


“We are very focused on strengthening our education team, via our Academy, and to hold our position as leaders in clinical education.  Tim comes to us with quite a pedigree and will help us with education at every level from hospital, research and High Street optometry.”

Norville announces the release of Younger Optics Nupolar® Infinite Grey™ lens – a new generation of prescription sun lens products, combining the award-winning Nupolar polarisation technology with state-of-the art photochromic ability.

September 2017

Nupolar® Infinite Grey™ offers the widest possible range of light transmittance while always maintaining 99% polarisation efficiency, therefore not compromising the blocking of blinding glare.

In the lightest state, it has 35% light transmittance providing great vision in overcast weather or even indoors. When fully activated, lens transmittance goes down to the lowest permissible level reaching just 9% transmission (91% absorption). The level of activation depends on the intensity of light surrounding the wearer so lenses always adjust to the most comfortable transmittance level in each situation. The lens also allows application of functional AR or fashionable mirror coatings without any compromise of photochromic performance offering the wearers opportunity to use the most stylish sunwear normally available only in non-corrective sunglasses.

Nupolar® Infinite Grey™ is now available in large 76mm 1.50 index across a wide selection of single vision, HD SV, IRS bifocal and free-form progressive lens options.

Available from all Norville Rx locations.

Mainline Instruments celebrate 20th Anniversary.

August 2017

Mailine Instruments


Mainline Instruments have been celebrating their 20th Anniversary and with that, have announced some exciting expansion news.


They are pleased to confirm the appointment of Garry Clarke as their new Service Director. Garry has been with Mainline since the start of the company back in 1997 and his wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable to our team.


Mainline is also proud to announce two new members of our team:

Jan McCall (Below)

Mailine  Instruments


Jan is joining us as our new Northern Area Sales Manager covering Scotland, Northern England, Northern Ireland and Ireland.
She has experience working in Optics and is looking forward to her new challenge.



Jack Hawkins
Mailine Instruments


Jack will be joining us at the beginning of November having worked in London at a major marketing company dealing with some large accounts.

As Sales and Marketing Executive, his remit is to utilise his background in digital marketing to assist and support the sales team.

"We are looking forward to both Jan and Jack joining our ever expanding team!" Said a company spokesman.

FMO Centenary event at Festival Hall.

July 2017

FMO Past ChairmanFMO celebrated its Centenary year in style on 11 July with an event in the Weston Pavilion at the Southbank Centre attended by FMO members and guests from all of the optical bodies. Despite the disappearance of the sun after the heatwave, the views from the 6th floor towards the river, Big Ben and the London Eye, were enjoyed to the music of Daisy and the Chameleons, and guests enjoyed a convivial atmosphere to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Although the first General Meeting of the Association of Wholesale and Manufacturing Opticians, FMO’s predecessor body, was held on 17 March 1917, it was almost exactly one hundred years ago that the Constitution was signed, on 17 July 1917. (Past Chairman, right)

Ian Crowther
John Street, Chairman of FMO from 1984-1986, spoke movingly about the challenges facing the sector in the past, with protracted haggling with ‘the Ministry’ over what was known as ‘the Schedule’ – which listed the prices FMO members would charge opticians for NHS lenses which the opticians could recover from the NHS.

FMO is proud to be a founder member of the Optical Confederation, and John welcomed Lynda Oliver, Chair of the Confederation, who explained what she called the ‘breathtakingly simple’ reasons why FMO is such an important part of the Confederation: FMO’s members’ technology drives what we do today, FMO’s members R&D shapes what we do tomorrow, and FMO’s survival is key to the Confederation’s survival.

(Ian Crowther pictured above with newest FMO member Joann Bickle of Royal Mail)

FMO new membersBefore the party got underway, the formal part of the evening was concluded by FMO Chair Andy Yorke, who spoke of the challenges facing optics in the future, not just through technological change and innovation, but also as a result of the economic uncertainty for FMO members and their customers as the UK goes through

Andy concluded his speech with an announcement about 2020 Vision, a joint education event involving as many optical education providers as possible, to be held alongside Optrafair 2020 to be held at the NEC from 4-6 April 2020.

(Some of the current FMO members, right)



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