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April 4th - 6th April 20/20

Optrafair 2020 now

Optrafair 20/20 following its success of 2019 the show will maximise this very important date in the Calendar of 20/20!

An important number in Visual Acuity with special new features to celebrate everything in Optics and Vision Care past, present but mostly future!

Keep the date April 4th for 3 days, this is one show, the 20/20 show you must not miss.

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Take a look at last year's successful event in this video. Click here

Click here to a post show page of 2019

Optrafair 20/20 will be bigger and better than ever, and we invite you to join us at the leading and most established optical event catering for the entire sector since 1978!

Full speed ahead for next year’s exciting and upgraded Optrafair 20/20 April 4th 2020

November 2019

Optrafair 2019Following the recent FMO General Meeting, FMO and Mark Allen Group came together to hold two Optrafair 20/20 Transformation events to update companies on a host of new features for 20/20.

Led by FMO chair-elect, Stuart Burn, the event provided the perfect environment for companies old and new to Optrafair to discover what had been happening behind the scenes in preparation for 2020’s transformative event.

The new Iris stage generated a great deal of excitement, with 2019’s dynamic catwalk stage being integrated with thought-provoking keynote lectures from industry leaders such as

Pearse Keane. Keane is a consultant ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital and was placed 4th on a worldwide ranking of up-and-coming ophthalmologists by The Ophthalmologist journal, making him a key draw for visitors to the 2020 show.

Also new for 2020 is the Practice Owners’ Lounge, which will provide space for practice owners to gather and network over complimentary refreshments. Attendees to the

Transformation meetings were pleased to see this on the floorplan, with many of the surrounding stands already booked up.

Due to the calibre of speakers already confirmed for 2020, the show floor also features Profs Corner, a dedicated area allowing visitors to meet and network with selected Optrafair speakers.

No other event provides professionals this level of access to speakers, giving Optrafair exclusive domain over this exciting networking opportunity.

Optrafair 2019The popularity of 2019’s catwalk and Eyewear Boutique confirmed continued interest in frames, leading to a new opportunity for frames exhibitors being built into Optrafair 2020: Frames Boulevard. From high-end fashion to popular collections, this space will showcase the latest trends in a rustic set up with low costs for exhibitors.

Optrafair’s renowned CET programme will be back once again, curated by a newly appointed Conference Director alongside a highly experienced Advisory Board. To respond to exhibitor feedback, this year the CET will feature an intelligent structure designed to periodically release visitors onto the floor, ensuring exhibitors have quality face-to-face time with attendees.

The programme includes the new-for-2020 Ophthalmology Theatre, sponsored by SpaMedica, which will spearhead Optrafair’s move to diversify content this year. Leading speakers will explore topics such as the relationship between optometry and ophthalmology, and how optics professionals can expand their practice.

As Optrafair expands its horizons for 20/20, the programme will also cover other topical global subjects, including audiology, dementia, sustainability, AI and emerging technology, the future relationship with the NHS and much more. This revamped programme will sit alongside sessions on topics such as optometry and business as well as ABDO’s dedicated CET programme, drawing in optical professionals at all levels.

If you’re interested in becoming part of next year's exciting opportunities at Optrafair 20/20, please get in touch with Victoria Gould at or on +44 (0)20 7333 1743. (FMO members receive discounted rates on stands at the show, so secure yours now – limited space remaining.)

For the 5th year running Primary Health Net who publish Opchat News have been recognised by the FMO as its chosen media partners. As usual this working together will allow free publication to all exhibitors on the Optrafair Preview Pages as it was last year.

Our relationship also provides reduced priced eblasts to those registered and subscribed to receive them.

We will provide news and coverage both within these pages and on our special Optrafair 20/20 pages as received.

First look at the forthcoming educational line up for next year's big Optrafair 20/20 in April 2020

November 2019

How AI is transforming the optical industry: Pearse Keane provides an update at Optrafair 20/20 ‘AI and its likely impact on optometry and ophthalmology’

Pearse Keane Automation is everywhere. Amazon now has more than 100,000 robots inside its warehouses around the world. Driverless cars are being driven in the US and in a couple of months’ time will be tested on a public road near you here in the UK, courtesy of the Government. However, there are sometimes bumps in the road. You might have seen that half the 243 robots in Japan’s “Strange” hotel have been laid off!

A step up from automation is AI (Artificial Intelligence), which is simply technology, from machine learning to natural language processing, that allows machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn. The crucial factor here is that machine-learning algorithms can learn to build other machine-learning systems! But don’t worry, humans are still in control – at least for the foreseeable future.

Machine learning allows computers to study algorithms to perform specific tasks without being given specific instructions, and deep learning allows networks to learn unsupervised from unstructured data. Deep learning is the key here, giving us the ability to use AI in all areas of health care, including eye care.

Back in 2016, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust announced a 5 year partnership with British tech company DeepMind, the world’s leading AI organisation, which had joined forces with Google in 2014 to accelerate their work. The partnership’s aim was to determine if AI could help improve patient care. A breakthrough in their research involved machine learning technology analysing over a million anonymised retinal scans to automatically diagnose eye diseases such as AMD (age-related macular degeneration) and diabetic retinopathy. Crucially, having analysed the scans, the tech is also able to make referral decisions.

Over 50 eye diseases can now be correctly referred via AI with 94% accuracy. In case you’re wondering, this is in line with world class eye experts. The bottom line is that this technology has the potential to recognise eye diseases earlier and prioritise the most serious cases.

Leading the research at Moorfields, the oldest eye hospital in the world, is Pearse Keane. Having graduated to Master of Science and Doctor of Medicine at University College Dublin, Keane is now consultant Ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and NIHR Clinician Scientist at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology.

Keane explains: “The number of eye scans we’re performing is growing at a pace much faster than human experts are able to interpret them. There is a risk that this may cause delays in the diagnosis and treatment of sight-threatening diseases, which can be devastating for patients.

Pearse Keane at Moorfields“The AI technology we’re developing is designed to prioritise patients who need to be seen and treated urgently by a doctor or eye care professional. If we can diagnose and treat eye conditions early, it gives us the best chance of saving people’s sight. With further research it could lead to greater consistency and quality of care for patients with eye problems in the future.

“If this technology can be used more widely – in particular by healthcare professionals without computer programming experience – it will really speed up the development of these systems with the potential for significant patient benefits. The process needs refining and regulation, but our results show promise for the future expansion of AI in medical diagnosis.”

Technological change and innovation are the key themes for Optrafair 20/20, which runs from 4 - 6 April 2020 at Birmingham NEC. Optrafair is owned by FMO, whose Chair Andy Yorke and Vice Chair Stuart Burn have secured a host of keynote lectures from industry leaders including Pearse Keane, who has been awarded the inaugural Optrafair Lecture. Other world-renowned speakers will be announced over the next couple of months.

Regarding his lecture, Keane has said: “I will describe the motivation - and urgent need - to apply deep learning to Optometry and Ophthalmology, the processes required to establish a research collaboration between the NHS and a company like DeepMind, the initial results of our research, and finally, why I believe that Optometry and Ophthalmology could be fundamentally reinvented through the application of artificial intelligence.”

Confirming the importance of the research at Moorfields, Matt Hancock, Health and Social Care Secretary, said: "This is hugely exciting and exactly the type of technology which will benefit the NHS in the long term and improve patient care”.

We look forward to seeing you at Birmingham NEC at midday on 5 April 2020 for Pearse Keane’s lecture.

Live Streaming is another first for this years Optrafair 20/20

Sunil Shah
Watch Prof. Shah perform surgery, live streamed from the Midlands Eye Institute

A key focus of the Optrafair 20/20 programme is how technology is transforming the optical industry.

Laser surgery is seeing enhanced precision and accuracy with new technologies such as Femto-Second Laser Cataract Surgery.

Professor Sunil Shah is a globally recognised Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon and leading exponent of cataract laser surgery.

On Day 3 you can watch him perform surgery, live streamed from the Midlands Eye Institute. Followed by a Q&A and a chance for one-to-one discussions at Profs Corner.

Don't miss this fascinating look into the future of optical care at Optrafair 20/20.

Femto-second laser cataract surgery performed by consultant ophthalmic surgeon professor Sunil Shah at Midland Eye will be streamed live to views in the Iris arena of the exhibition.

The Iris Arena in the centre and heart of this years exhibition will highlight many ways where technology and working together will enliven optics and assist in us fighting vision loss in the UK.

Professor Shah will then host a question and answer session in the new Ophthalmology Theatre.

‘This is a major coup for Optrafair 20/20,’ said David Ellison, FMO operations director. ‘Sunil will be one of many world-class speakers at Optrafair 20/20, where the focus is firmly on technology.’

The recent addition of SpaMedica as the event’s ophthalmology partner bolsters the clinical offering. The company is one of the UK’s main providers of NHS ophthalmology services, providing NHS cataract surgery, AMD treatments and YAG capsulotomy.

It operates a cataract post-op accreditation schemes in conjunction with community optometrists, who provide 71% of post-op assessments for the company.


Opchat News are honoured to once again provide co-media partnering to this key event in Optics UK. We will be there each day, to report online, on facebook and on twitter every memorable moment.


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Opchat News are honoured to once again provide co-media partnering to this key event in Optics UK. We will be there each day, to report online, on facebook and on twitter every memorable moment.

Bring your stories to the press room FAO Opchat News and we will tell your story to over 7500 opticians each day.

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