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The economic climate hasn't rebounded as 2015 reports suggested and you will be hoping for a better 2016 and maybe hoping for a more exciting period of regrowth for SME’s.

Are you going to put up with the same sales and profits achieved last year or are you going to grasp the opportunities that present to us all in retailing?

You know the saying; “when on board the train, as driver, you just stay on the tracks, but when watching it pass by, you realise how you could and should make changes”.

That is what I and my associates are here to provide, strategy, direction and response to monitoring results.

Eros Business Consulting in its 19th year had provided insight and direction to many retail, wholesale and manufacturing industries in Optics UK as well as advice to the 3rd sector.

In every instance in that time no matter how small the task undertaken our work has always been paid for out of increased profits earnt.

Whether from a better VAT percentage, big data monitoring, PMS installation or just training the trainers and staff in practice management, sales and compliance.

We are here for you and your customers.

Eros provides VAT Auto vatcalculator programmes to make annual/quarterly returns more secure and simpler with an automatic de minimis checker. Read more

Thinking about buying equipment or stock then find out more about how that can affect your VAT reclamation of purchase vat. Click here..

What can Eros Business Consulting do for your Business?

• Strategic Planning for Competitive advantage
• Add value to your business through innovation
• Sales & Marketing Development
• Results Measurement & Benchmarking from Big Data
• Leadership & Team Building
• Motivation & Training
• Start Ups & Restructuring
• Compliance, IGT, and commissioning
• Financial Negotiations
• VAT Negotiations
• Acquisition & Disposal

= Customer Satisfaction, Business Growth, Maximising your Potential

Read about the spreadsheet solutions we can provide that will make your VAT return calculations easier and more secure.

Click here


For further information please contact
Bob Hutchinson
Hall Barn
The Street
Preston St Mary
Suffolk CO10 9NG
01787 326468 : 07785 353 681

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