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We have added three new models from Progear to bolster our very successful Active Protection range. The three new models dispense with side arms in favour of a sports band, which we believe will keep these goggles secure in dynamic play. We have also added two great new additional options to the Progear range with the introduction of a Wind/Splash guard insert, which is available in all sizes, in both a standard rubber option for splash and the same rubber option with additional foam outer for wind protection and increased comfort. There is also a booster bridge option for both small-fi tting frames in the Progear range for kids with shallow bridges.

Swimming and cycling eyewear sales have also been very strong over the last year and we are pleased that we can still offer a strong range of options in all areas.

We have also decided this year to offer Trivex lens material as well as Polycarbonate prescription options within our packageprice. This great lightweight material benefits from great optical performance and is lighter than polycarbonate as well asbeing highly chemical resistant.

Swimvision 2 Prescription Swimwear Barracuda Diving Eyewear Progear EG-L 1031 Active eyewear Power Pro Cycle/Ski Frames Aqua Outdoor Eyewear Winner Tradition Specialist Sports Eyewear
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