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ORASIS Practice Management Software

INVEST IN IT: Possibly the most important piece of equipment in your business


Practitioners thinking about getting an updated IT system or even to computerise their practice for the first time are invited to take a look at ORASIS PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE. The value of an IT system as part of your equipment budget is imperative.

Quotes taken from the report ‘UK Opticians Retailing’show:

‘tough times’;‘smaller chains squeezed’;‘Competitive market’;‘downturn from larger businesses’;
‘many customers are migrating from smaller independents to larger opticians as they are more competitive on price’

All of these factors are making it a tough environment for the independent market. In order to survive Independent Practice Owners need to improve their customer service, offers and more than ever before to invest in IT. Orasis will enable you to do all of these things.

• Contact Lens administration is more effective as the database can highlight when lenses are due in and when the patient should collect them.
• Dispensing and Order errors are greatly reduced as they are generated by the computer from the original prescription entry.
• Direct Debit schemes are catered for, as are all financial reports.

Using ORASIS in a modern optical practice, is affordable and with an easy to use layout will result in increased sales, satisfied patients and increased profitability. Customer service is improved because the practice management system is designed to flow easily through the ‘patient/customer journey’.

Your existing database is undoubtedly your biggest profit source. Using ORASIS to market your business helps you to have regular contact with your patients. Recall and direct marketing are all catered for via letter, email or SMS whereby you can send reminders, information and promotions.

Orasis is fully compatible with Windows 7 and is ideally suited to independents and small chains, it is a modular system so you can start with just Patients and Recall but add on your requirements as you so wish. ORASIS modules you can add are: Diary, Financials (including full accounts and VAT), Products (stock control), NEW Improved Dispensing and Ordering including the NEW Contact Lens Module and Marketing (Including KPIs).

For more information visit the ORASIS WEBSITE and telephone 01527 834 740 for a free on-line DEMO.

You can download a case study below:

Orasis Case Study

Download the latest 2017 Brochure now