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SMS Surveys for OpticiansSMS Survey Module

Use feedback to keep patients coming back.
Research demonstrates that customer surveys influence buying habits and increase customer loyalty. The SMS Survey Module allows practices to generate and send surveys directly to their patientsí smart phones.

  • Influence buying behaviour and increase dispense values. Surveyed customers are three times more likely to make subsequent purchases.

  • Increase customer loyalty by asking for their feedback.
    Studies have shown that surveys double the rates of
    customer retention.
Gather authentic customer testimonials to endorse your practice.
Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful ways to promote
your goods and services.

In Built and Ready to Use

The SMS Survey Module is fully integrated with the Acuitas 2 and Focus 2 Practice Management System. The SMS messages direct patients to a simple responsive web page where they leave their ratings and optional comments. All resultant feedback is then collated and available from the PMS.

  • Easy to set up, configure and maintain. Surveys are sent directly to patient smart phones, prompting them to rate and comment on their most recent visit/purchase.

  • Compiled feedback provides general and filtered statistics on patient satisfaction, and access to a cache of individual patient comments.

  • Help to identify trends within your practice, create informed strategies to optimise your patientsí experience, and measure your effectiveness

Proven to Get Results

Separate studies demonstrate that online surveys return the most candid results, and SMS receive the highest and fastest read and response rates. Combining both, the SMS Survey Module ensures your practice the most honest feedback in the shortest time. Contact us for more information today.

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